Steel A Glimpse Of The 'Superman Returns' Teaser Trailer

Director Bryan Singer's latest superhero efforts revealed in brand-new montage.

A hero who hasn't saved the day in far too long. A world that has changed substantially since the last time he visited. A strong, rugged face new to most, yet familiar to all.

As the world turns its gaze to the debut of the official "Superman Returns" teaser trailer, it's easy to sympathize with the plight of the imperiled residents of Metropolis — like them, fans can hardly wait for the big guy to get here and save the day once again.

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With the new teaser trailer, the most revealing collection of images yet assembled from "Returns," audiences can glimpse the latest superhero efforts of former "X-Men" overseer Bryan Singer (see " 'Superman Returns' Director Feels Completely Overwhelmed"). Avoiding the overly heroic images typically expected from Superman, Singer instead shows us a montage of Clark Kent arriving on Earth, ignominiously landing face-down in the dirt. As anyone who hasn't spent the last few years buried beneath a kryptonite rock already knows, "Returns" will tell the story of the world's most powerful hero as he returns to his adopted home after a mysterious absence of several years. Quickly, Superman (newcomer Brandon Routh) learns that the people of Earth (including Lois Lane, played by Kate Bosworth) have managed to move on without him. But with Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey) plotting to rob the red-and-blue hero of his powers, he must embark on an adventure that will test, endanger and redefine him.

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In the trailer, Superman fans get to see the Man of Steel leap across a cornfield, stride confidently toward Lois Lane and hang around in space, pondering the intertwined futures of himself and the blue planet below. The trumpet-heavy score, mixed with the controversial Marlon Brando narration (the deceased legend's performance has been lifted from the Christopher Reeve "Superman" movies) and epic feel evoke several previous incarnations of the character. Yet when you watch Superman rocketing toward Earth at the end of the trailer, exploding as he enters the atmosphere, there is little doubt that Singer's vision is very much his own.

"Superman Returns" will arrive in theaters June 30.

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—Larry Carroll