Jacko Wins $2.7 Million Slander Suit

Michael Jackson, Delinquent Habits, Wayne Kramer, Pearl Jam, Flesh-N-Bone...

Pop superstar Michael Jackson won a slander lawsuit yesterday

against a freelance writer who claimed that he had a videotape of Jackson

having sex with a teen-age boy, the Associated Press reports.

According to the report, Jackson filed suit against Victor Gutierrez in

1995 after Gutierrez told "Hard Copy" reporter Diane Dimond that he had a

videotape of the King of Pop having sex with a 13-year-old boy; a charge

that Dimond repeated on KABC-AM. "Jurors told us that they not only

wanted to compensate Mr. Jackson and punish Victor Gutierrez," the

Associated Press quotes Jackson's lawyer Zia Modabber as saying,

"but to send a message that they are tired of tabloids lying about

celebrities for money."