My Chemical Romance Get Dolled Up: Action Figures Unleashed Next Month

'I think that was the goal of starting this band in the first place,' says guitarist Frank Iero.

You can call My Chemical Romance pretty much anything you want. Chances are, they've heard it all before, and they've developed pretty thick skins as a result. But there's one term that annoys them to no end.

"We hate when people call us 'dolls,' " frontman Gerard Way laughed. "We're definitely action figures. We're a little bigger than 'Star Wars' [figures] and fully articulated, and our faces are digitally scanned. We're rad."

Maybe we should clear something up: Way is referring to the brand-new set of MCR action figures made by SEG Toys (which has done figures for acts like Green Day, Metallica and Good Charlotte in the past), and due in stores next month — just in time for the holidays.

"They're very realistic. We're wearing suits and we've got elbow joints. They're really poseable and rad," Way added. "You can make them do things like shake violently or save a cat from a tree."

According to SEG, the MCR figures — due in stores next month — stand nearly five inches tall and have 16 points of articulation. Each member of the band is sold separately and comes with a red handgun and a coffin as accessories. Versions of the figures sold at Goth-punk haven Hot Topic will also be packaged with an exclusive "prayer card" that Way himself designed, while those sold at Spencer Gifts come with limited-edition Jim Dunlop guitar picks.

There will also be extremely rare "zombie" versions of the figures inserted randomly into one out of every eight cases.

Of course, the news of MCR action figures should come as no surprise to fans of the band — after all, they seem to take pride in their self-described "ultra-geekiness." Often, the most debauched behavior on the My Chem bus involves some serious discussions of comic books or a few marathon sessions of World of Warcraft (see "Backstage at the Punk-Rock Circus: Warped Tour '05").

"Nobody was really surprised when they found out we were getting action figures of ourselves," Way said. "They were like, 'Oh, finally.'

"It just kind of makes sense for us, because we collect so many toys anyway, and the ultimate collection is to have your own figure," guitarist Frank Iero laughed. "I think that was the goal of starting this band in the first place."