Judge Rules In Case Of The Other R. Kelly Sex Tape

Derrick Mosley found guilty of trying to extort Yankees player Gary Sheffield.

There's now one sex tape R. Kelly doesn't have to worry about.

A jury ruled Monday that Chicago native Derrick Mosley was guilty of trying to extort Yankees slugger Gary Sheffield after he demanded $20,000 from a sports agent to stop the release of a decade-old tape featuring Sheffield's gospel singer wife having sex with Kelly (see "New Sex-Tape Scandal Involves R. Kelly, Gary Sheffield's Wife").

A federal jury took three hours to convict Mosley of extortion and wire fraud, according to a court spokesperson, apparently not buying Mosley's story that he was trying to act as a moral counselor to singer DeLeon Richards-Sheffield, and not really extorting money from her famous husband.

Mosley, who claimed that he used be a spokesperson for Kelly, was charged with communicating a threat across state lines and wire fraud in the case and could face more than 40 years in prison when he returns to court January 18 for sentencing.

Authorities said sports agent Rufus Williams called the FBI in November 2004 after getting a call from Mosley, who told Williams someone had anonymously mailed two videotapes to him that depicted the wife of one of his clients engaging in "very repulsive" sex acts with a musician.

Wearing a wire, Williams met with Mosley and recorded him saying that "someone else would have called the tabloids and could have made millions," according to an FBI affidavit. Mosley said he wasn't seeking that much, but then suggested that Williams hire him to counsel the athlete's wife for $20,000 so that she could "atone." He said he would then destroy the tapes.

Prosecutors in the case did not mention Kelly or Sheffield, but both quickly responded to the allegations, with Sheffield saying he knew his wife had been in a long-term relationship with "a well-known professional" singer a decade earlier. At the time, Kelly's spokesperson would neither confirm nor deny that the man on the tape was the singer; the spokesperson said Kelly had no comment on the verdict.