Fugazi Mini-Tour In May

Punk legends will hit the road for eight-show mini-tour following release of End Hits.

Experimental punk veterans Fugazi will embark on an eight-date mini-tour in

early May, following the release of their sixth album, End Hits, later

this month, according to Dischord Records publicist Cynthia Connelly.

Although Fugazi guitarist Guy Picciotto told SonicNet Music News

that much of End Hits was honed on the road, there are as yet no

plans to tour behind the album after the May outing, which will take the

Washington, D.C., band through Pennsylvania and Ohio before moving to the

Great Lakes region.

"We definitely have labored over every aspect of it," Picciotto said last

year while the band was still recording End Hits. "We re-recorded a

bunch of the songs because we realized they were getting much better live."

The time off will allow Fugazi drummer Brendan Canty to spend time with his

new son and will afford the band as a whole the opportunity to complete

the film it's been assembling with director Jem Cohen.

The documentary movie, which includes footage shot both by Cohen and fans

during the group's 11-year career, will feature some portions shot in

silent super-8, with newly recorded Fugazi music dubbed over it.

"We get sent so much footage of ourselves that we never have gotten through

any of it," Picciotto said last year. "It's interesting to go back now 10

years and look at footage from the band's first shows. It's interesting to

see the way things have changed."

The final work will be more experimental than the average documentary,

according to Cohen. "If I were to make an analogy with music, it's more

of a kind of dub film project, in that it's loose, and it has more to do

with different grooves and different experiences," he said last October.

"It's not an attempt to tell people the history of the band and have people

talk about how great they are."

Fugazi Tour Dates:

May 1; Hagerstown, Md., 180 Club

May 2; Pittsburgh, Pa., Carnegie Mellon University

May 3; Columbus, Ohio, The Newport

May 4; Kent, Ohio, To Be Announced

May 5; Cleveland, Ohio, The Agora

May 6; Cincinnati, Ohio, Bogarts

May 8; Chicago, Ill., Congress Theatre

May 9; Detroit, Mich., State Theater