With Backward Guitars, Kasabian's Next LP Might Not Be As 'Reason'-Able

Singer says next record will be 'like Marc Bolan [on drugs] ... with Dr. Hook.'

"Our next record is gonna be like Marc Bolan [on drugs] ... with Dr. Hook, you know what I mean?" Kasabian singer Tom Meighan asked recently.

Um ... yeah ... sure. (Both somewhat prominent in the '70s, Bolan was the frontman of British glam-rock stars T. Rex, while Dr. Hook led a satirical country-pop band called Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show. But together and on drugs?) Perhaps you could expand?

"It's gonna be a sexier album," Meighan continued. "It's gonna be organic, not gonna be so choppy as the first record. We're looking forward to it man, it's gonna be a good challenge for us."

Kasabian, the U.K. dance-rockers whose self-titled debut has sold a million copies worldwide with help from the singles "Club Foot" and "L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever)" (see "Kasabian Mix Big Riffs And Dance Beats To Make Noisy Love During War"), have talked with Noel Gallagher about collaborating (see "Oasis Might Work With Kasabian, Unless It Was Just The Beer Talking"), but will more likely work again with Jim Abbiss (the Music, David Gray).

"Our first record, we had all the songs on computer man," Meighan said. "We thought we'd just chop it up a bit and play it back instead of being the same old plug-in. [With the new tunes] the drums are live ... and we've got these beautiful backward guitars. ... It's a vibe album. This record is gonna be incredible."

Kasabian are not exactly moving on to the next record yet, however. First the band will release Stateside single "Reason Is Treason," named after a quote guitarist/singer Sergio Pizzorno read while recording.

"I wouldn't say we're political, but at the time we'd written that song, things were going on in the world that wasn't right," Meighan said. "I think Sergio just put that in a rock and roll record, with this kind of uptempo, honky-tonk style."

The band is piecing together live footage for the "Reason Is Treason" video and released a concert album, Live From Brixton Academy, on their Web site.

"It's kind of a treat for the fans," Meighan said. "It's just something nice to have [to mark the end of the tour]. We've been playing the same songs for the last year and a half, [and we've] been on the road [for] 18 months, so it's been quite an adventure."

Once the new album is finished sometime next year, Kasabian plan to spend even more time touring America than with their debut.

"We're just putting our foot in the door and if we don't get it this time, we'll get it the next time we come around," Meighan said. "There's still people who haven't heard us and it's so f---ing huge, but we'll get it. We've just gotta keep working. America's about working. You gotta work here."