Tool, Megadeth To Play Ozzfest '98

Metal-heavy lineup including Limp Bizkit and Motorhead set for 16-city tour.

Spurred on by last year's successful outing, organizers for Ozzfest '98 have

assembled a similarly hard-hitting attack -- featuring old favorites such as Tool,

Megadeth and Ozzy Osbourne himself, as well as newer acts, including Snot --

to romp through 16 cities this summer.

Other artists signed on to play during the 18 scheduled dates of the second

consecutive metallic onslaught with the festival's namesake, Osbourne, are

Motorhead, the Melvins, Limp Bizkit, Soulfly, Coal Chamber and


The Ozzfest, which hit the streets last year with a metal-heavy lineup that

brought fans out in droves, is looking forward to another big year, according to

Doreen D'Agostino of Kathryn Schenker Associates, the firm handling the

publicity for the event.

"I think that this year, with the newer acts like Incubus, Snot and Ultraspank, will

make an even bigger difference, and then of course the addition of metal gods

Motorhead, underground legends the Melvins, that will help make it the show

of shows," D'Agostino said. "Ozzfest '98 is probably going to be even bigger

this year. There will be no survivors. This is definitely the summer of Ozz."

Guitarist Wes Borland from the skate-metal act Limp Bizkit said his band wasn't

sold on being part of this year's extravaganza until they found out that Tool were on the bill.

"We have it written in our contract with Ozzfest that every show Tool plays we

will play, but that if Tool does not play, we will not play," Borland said. "We're

doing it mainly just to tour with Tool because we want to see them play, number

one, and we'd like to hang out with those guys, and also we think their fans

might be able to understand us and what we're about."

Ozzy fans such as 24-year-old Mitch VanBeekum, who runs the website, said he can hardly wait for Ozzfest to begin.

"I think this year's Ozzfest is going to be the sickest one yet. There are more

bands than ever before playing and I seem to love every one of them," gushed

VanBeekum. "I will be at the first show in the U.S. at PCN in Holmdel, N.J. Can't

wait. What else can I say?"

Ozzfest '98 Tour Dates:

July 3; Holmdel, N.J., PCN Arts Center

July 5; Holmdel, N.J., PCN Arts Center

July 7; Boston, Mass., Great Woods

July 9; Boston, Mass., Great Woods

July 11; Camden, N.J., Entertainment Center

July 12; Pittsburgh, Pa., Starlake

July 14; Akron, Ohio, Rubber Bowl

July 16; Indianapolis, Ind., Deer Creek

July 18; Minneapolis, Minn., Sommerset Park

July 19; East Troy, Wis., Alpine Valley

July 21; Columbus, Ohio, Polaris Amphitheater

July 23; Detroit, Mich., Pine Knob

July 25; St. Louis, Mo., Riverport

July 26; Kansas City, Mo., Sandstone

July 29; Orlando, Fla., Florida Fairgrounds

July 30; West Palm Beach, Fla., Coral Sky

Aug. 1; Raleigh, N.C., Walnut Creek

Aug. 2; Washington, D.C., Nissan Pavilion