Scent Of A Manson? Marilyn Considering Launching Unisex Fragrance, Cosmetics Lines

'If it does happen, just know that I'll be laughing,' singer says, adding, 'that doesn't mean I'm not taking it seriously.'

When Marilyn Manson was cornered at the unveiling of designer John Galliano's summer collection last month by a reporter from Women's Wear Daily, he was asked if he'd ever consider lending his name to a commercial fragrance.

The thought of the self-proclaimed Antichrist Superstar delving into the world of celebrity scents — a realm dominated by the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, J. Lo, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen — almost seems too surreal to be true. And at the time of the questioning, it was.

"You know, people ask me questions and sometimes my answers are a little open-ended," Manson explained. "I was asked about my interest in creating a fragrance and I thought, 'There's nothing more absurd than that.' "

But the reporter's question planted a seed in Marilyn's fecund mind — and that seed just might be taking root.

"In the sense that absurdity is a wonderful form of communication — as is confusion and other things that surround it — it's very possible that [the fragrance] could happen," Manson said. "If it does happen, just know that I'll be laughing. That doesn't mean I'm not taking it seriously, but if I had to make a cologne or a fragrance, I would make something that would be for men and women."

Manson wouldn't confirm whether his hinted-at cosmetics line — something he was also asked about in the interview — is indeed a real project he's involved with ("I'm not allowed to say," he cracked), but he did say that "there are people who are very interested, and it's a matter of seeing what happens. I just really have to see what it all entails, because right now, it was just an idea proposed to me — very enthusiastically proposed. I'm open-minded."

But launching a "cosmetics line is something I've always wanted to [do], purely because I wear makeup every day. I wanted to make something of my own for myself and I thought, being that probably I'm the most thought-of male makeup wearer these days aside from TV newscasters, it just seemed like it would make people feel OK to wear lipstick if it had a man's endorsement on it. To me, makeup is just like painting. I have done so many things to my face and to my body with makeup that I feel like it's something I should be able to allow people to rely on my opinion for."

In addition to those prospective endeavors, his forthcoming film projects (see "Marilyn Manson Won't Let Scary Michael Chiklis Stop His Scary Films") and sixth studio LP (see "Marilyn Manson Likens His New Guitar God To A Naked Woman"), Manson also has two books on the horizon. The singer said his "Book of Aphorisms, Essays, and Collected Quotes 1990-2005" is set for release later this year, and there's a fine-art book of his watercolors and paintings coming soon, too.