The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Dickie will run for mayor of Boston and win in the year 2010. Joe and I will be his political spin doctors.

MightyMightyBosstones: Greetings and welcome

to the wonderful Internet, soon to go the way of the 8 track

recorder. It’s Dickie and Nate from The Mighty

Mighty Bosstones.

Spaz_666: Do you guys consider yourselves a

SKA band?

MightyMightyBosstones: Uhh no. Uhh we have a

great love and respect for SKA music, but I wouldn’t

consider ourselves a SKA band.

Vedderfreak12: Why is the dancer part of the

group? He's cool...but I don't understand him.

MightyMightyBosstones: He was such a good

friend of ours when we started the band, but he didn’t have

any marketable talents, not that I did either. We never even

thought that anyone would even bother to ask why.

Justincollege: Why did you pick the bulldog

as your mascot?

MightyMightyBosstones: I don’t know.

Bulldogs have always been a soccer hooligan thing from England.

We had a friend who made up a cool T-shirt. Its one of those

thinks that just kind of stuck.

BillupsFan: Dickie, a new album soon ?

MightyMightyBosstones: Of course, some time

soon. We are going to get in their this fall and start banging

out some ideas.

Balou_6: OK. Yall have girlfriends?

MightyMightyBosstones: It depends on who is


Four_Colours_Red: Have you toured in the UK?

MightyMightyBosstones: Yeah we have. We are

going to England in 2 weeks. It will be our 4th or 5th time over


BillupsFan: Dickie, you're from Boston, ever

been to Al Capones ?

MightyMightyBosstones: Uhhhh- I don’t

think so. Its possible that I just don't remember.

Thumper1980: What do you think of all the

fans and craziness of the business?

MightyMightyBosstones: If it weren’t for

the fans, we wouldn’t be doing this in the first place. The

business doesn’t really matter. F**** the biz.

WikiwikiNicky: Is hard to think of your


MightyMightyBosstones: No I got 7 other guys

in the band with me who do my thinking.

Fadman13: How long have the MIGHTY

MIGHTY BOSTONES been and group?

MightyMightyBosstones: Sometimes it feels

like 30 years. If you believe our bio something like 10/12.

MY92: Is the lead singer married?

MightyMightyBosstones: No.

Balou_6: Coming to Houston, Texas any time


MightyMightyBosstones: I would love to, but

we don’t have any plans yet. Its been awhile since we have

been to TX. I wish that the Warp Tour would go

to TX.

BOSTON_SKA: Hey now what makes the throw down


MightyMightyBosstones: Good question. When

the pipes start sweating the throw down is official.

Tavis737: Hey, what's up with Dave Shod? Is

he the 9th member?

MightyMightyBosstones: For TV he seems to be.

BOSTON_SKA: I have seen you guys about 15

times in the Boston area. You rock the house everytime. But why

doesn't Nate sing more? He can really bust it!

MightyMightyBosstones: I would rather play

guitar. (Nate)

MY92: Boston's my home town, what part are

you from?

MightyMightyBosstones: Cambridge, Harvard

Square. (Nate)

Spaz_666: Are you guys getting paid for doing


MightyMightyBosstones: No we are not getting


Fadman13: How do you 'as the band' deal with

the press ?

MightyMightyBosstones: I don’t know. We

answer questions when they ask us.

Fadman13: What are your favorite TV Shows?

MightyMightyBosstones: Cops

and Court TV. Judge Judy is all

right too. Judge Judy is a feisty little broad.


Dahmarc: If you had everything in the world,

(I said everything) what would you want most?

MightyMightyBosstones: I honestly feel like I

have everything in the world right now. (Dickie)

Lickthatclit: Do you ever get tired of


MightyMightyBosstones: No, I remember what it

is like to do real work and I have no hope of getting back to

that anytime soon.

Dickywho: Any favorite drinks?

MightyMightyBosstones: Yoo-hoo and Moxy

orange drink. (Nate)

Mentos_69: Saw you guys in Delhi College! Was

that one of the rowdiest crowd on tour?

MightyMightyBosstones: Yeah we played there.

No they weren’t. All the crowds are pretty rowdy. Delhi was

the muddiest and most unruly

Theoneguy_13: Hi how are you? Is it cool to

be famous?

MightyMightyBosstones: - I don’t know

what its like to be famous so I couldn’t tell you.

RhiannonGirl: Who was your biggest musical

influence growing up?

MightyMightyBosstones: The Clash.

BillupsFan: Where did the idea from

"Impression That I Get" come from ?

MightyMightyBosstones: I don’t know. I

don’t really like to talk about my lyrics very much. Its

about a lot of things. Personal tragedy and about our generation.

Tavis737: Can we take pictures at your show?

Don't want to annoy anyone.

MightyMightyBosstones: We don’t mind

people taking pictures. Nate is taking over now I am off to see

the Aquabats.

Colol_: What do you do besides play music?

MightyMightyBosstones: Read. I just read this

book a Perfect Storm, Angela's Ashes,

Gold Mountains was good a book about the

Japanese holocaust.

Falsesensezine: What happened in Winston

Salem, North Carolina the last time you guys played there? There

was some kind of argument about skinheads or something. What was

that all about?

MightyMightyBosstones: Wow I don’t even

remember that!

Falsesensezine: What was the weirdest thing a

fan has done?

MightyMightyBosstones: Get naked on stage is

kind of weird.

Terpzo: Do you dig the flick, REPO


MightyMightyBosstones: Repo Man?

Yeah I like that movie- I saw it when it was in the movie


Kelly182: Who are your favorite bands to tour

with? Or who would you like to tour with?

MightyMightyBosstones: We have so many bands.

Pie Tasters Hepcat, Pennywise. I would love to do a tour with


IowaCR: Any embarrassing things that have

happened on the road you wish to share?

MightyMightyBosstones: No!

Skyes13: Where are you located right now?

MightyMightyBosstones: We are in Ottawa

Canada. Playing a show with Blink 182 and Primus and we go on

stage in 1 hour.

Hell_of_a_hat: What do you guys think of

Marilyn Manson?

MightyMightyBosstones: I guess wrote a pretty

lame book. That song the Beautiful People rocks. Its rock and


Ernieguest_118d820: What club is your

favorite to play in Boston?

MightyMightyBosstones: The Middle East Cafe

is my favorite.

Optimus_prime_69: I love Voltron what are

your favorite cartoons?

MightyMightyBosstones: My favorite cartoons?

I don’t know. I really like Josie and the Pussycats. That

whole mystery thing.

Skadattle: Do you have any formal musical


MightyMightyBosstones: Yeah I studied some

jazz and some speed metal.

Spadefoot: Have you guys ever considered

doing a show with Fishbone?

MightyMightyBosstones: We played with

Fishbone in Europe. We first played with them in 1986 and 96 was

the last time we played with them.

Nate: Are you still skateboarding?

MightyMightyBosstones: Snowboarding more now

than skateboarding.

JDM4371: Do you guys get into any arguments,

while on tour and how do you play when your pissed at each other?

MightyMightyBosstones: We have been friends

for so long, we don’t really get that pissed at each other.

We are like an old married couple except there are 8 of us.

Gerigeri: I’ll be in Boston in April for

the first time, recommend any bars?

MightyMightyBosstones: The Middle East.

Glittergal200: What type of music do you guys

listen to?

MightyMightyBosstones: Everything punk, jazz,

Neil Diamond, Burt Bacharach.

Niiquee: Besides Boston do you have another

favorite city?

MightyMightyBosstones: Personally? I like San

Francisco, NYC, Boston is where we are at.

Blak_Fly: Hey take don’t offense, but

how do you respond to people saying that you sold out? I

personally don’t agree because you think you deserve your

success because you have been working forever. I just wanna know

what you think.

MightyMightyBosstones: We have been doing the

same thing for years. Anyone who knows us knows that we are on

the same path. Its kind of flattering that they say that but they

are full of shit.

Mog27: Do you like video games?

MightyMightyBosstones: No.

HempGuyguest_268d843: I noticed that racism

is a big part of Lets Face It. What do you guys

do against racism, besides in your music?

MightyMightyBosstones: We bring the Anti

Racist Action group on tour with us. They hand out

information saying what Neo Nazi's are looking like these days,

so they give out literature and information. They sign up kids

kind of like a network, a clan watch getting kids aware. We do

benefit shows for them.

SonicNetHost: What are Neo Nazi's looking

like these days? You never know where they are hiding.

MightyMightyBosstones: It varies from

different parts of the country. A lot of kids have different

types of symbols these days.

Cugraduate: If you did commercials, what

would it be for?

SonicNetGuest: Public Television. The dental

damn is the other one I would do.

Boston_Lager: Is it tough to keep so much

enthusiasm after touring for so long?

MightyMightyBosstones: Yes and since we are

all friends it is always fun. Its just hard doing anything for a

long time.

CrAzY_BoUt_SkA: What is royal oil?

MightyMightyBosstones: Its heroin.

CJguest_4db91538: Did you get to meet Alicia

Silverstone while on Clueless?

MightyMightyBosstones: Yeah I did and she was

very nice.

Mustrdplgx: What do you think of kids looking

up to you ask heroes?

MightyMightyBosstones: I don’t think

that anybody in a band should be looked at as a hero its about

individuality and respecting yourself.

Mattyp_98: What was your favorite video to


MightyMightyBosstones: "Kinder


Tapanga77: How did you get started?

MightyMightyBosstones: We were all friends

and we wanted to get into clubs and go to shows to see our

favorite bands.

SivaSoma: How was playing at the Tibetan

Freedom Concert?

MightyMightyBosstones: That was great. It was

a beautiful day everyone was on their best behavior. It was a

great event.

Guitarman16: Do you guys write separately or

as a group?

MightyMightyBosstones: Its different for each

song. Dickie writes all the lyrics we get together and bang out

the first part then work out the chord structure. Here is no

formula set in stone.

Morganone: Do you like MTV

in general?

MightyMightyBosstones: I don’t have


Pearlexport: Do you like Reel Big Fish?

MightyMightyBosstones: They are very good


Seaspray_98: First of all I'd like to say

rock on! I love you guys! Now what would you say is the bands

favorite breakfast cereal?

MightyMightyBosstones: That’s a tough

question. How about Frosted Flakes or Musliex.

Life over Total.

Vasco97hcc: Please answer my question, I'm a

Brazilian fan. Do you have plans to come to Brazil?

MightyMightyBosstones: Not that I know of. If

you want to invite us down, we will come visit and play for you.

Rod6669: What kind of drums do you use?

MightyMightyBosstones: Yamaha.

Devilsniteout__: Do you like METALLICA?

MightyMightyBosstones: I love Metallica.

Boston_Lager: Any favorite beer?

MightyMightyBosstones: No

BillupsFan: Do you get mobbed in Beantown?

MightyMightyBosstones: Sometimes.

JLukman: Do you remember your first concert


MightyMightyBosstones: I remember the first

show I went to, and Joe was there to. It was Minor Threat, The

Meatmen and DYS . That’s a sick show.

Fadman13: How do you make time to enjoy


MightyMightyBosstones: Hahahahaha I

don’t know. We are on the road a lot. Last year we toured 11

months. This year it’ll be 7 months. Writing songs is one of

my favorite things.

Ska_punk01: Are any of you straight edge?

MightyMightyBosstones: No.

Venturess: What is your favorite part about

what you do? The writing? Traveling? Performing?

MightyMightyBosstones: Writing and recording

are my favorite. Touring can be fun. But its not as exciting when

you are on the road for 11 months Vs a studio that you are in

every 18 months.

magenta_: Would you guys ever do a show

dressed in drag? You know, kind of like a tribute to Rocky

Horror Picture Show?

MightyMightyBosstones: Maybe, but probably


Oasis_42: Do you like rap?

MightyMightyBosstones: Yeah- ODB, Not the Wu

Just ODB. Whodini, Kurtis Blow.

SonicNetHost: How was the Roseland the other

night? I was there. It was pretty packed.

MightyMightyBosstones: It was great. I think

we had 700 more people in there than there should have been.

There were like 4000 people and the place holds like 3200.

AkaRockeyV: How did you get your scratchy


MightyMightyBosstones: Dickie was born with a

scratchy voice.

Woogabooga: Do you guys smash your stuff at

the end of shows?

MightyMightyBosstones: No I did smash my

guitar a couple times. But its not a routine thing.

skaguest_4eb91636: Where do you buy your


MightyMightyBosstones: All over the place.

Thrift stores. On tour we always check out thrift stores to see

what they have.

honeyguest_40a01383: How do you know a

concert has been successful?

MightyMightyBosstones: If we had a good time.

Ravile: What's the coolest pair of shoes

you've ever owned?

MightyMightyBosstones: I had a really huge

pair of creepers that were purple suede that I got in 8th grade.

I wore them to my graduation.

MMBSKACORE: If you weren't in the Bosstones,

what would you be doing?

MightyMightyBosstones: I would be in a band

on tour.

Max_slug: Do you find your fans a lot younger

now? Or do you have fans who've been around since the 'old' days?

MightyMightyBosstones: No I find them the

same age. We are a lot older.

boredguest_21a01188: When did playing in a

band really start to pay off?

MightyMightyBosstones: The first day we

played together. We didn’t start a band to make money. Any

success we got after that was just crazy.

Something_sexy: How did the plaid thing get


MightyMightyBosstones: 'Dickie came out at a

show in a plaid bathrobe and we just took it from there.

auROARaguest_1aa01429: If you were a woman

who would you be and why?

MightyMightyBosstones: Gloria Steinam cause

she has intellectual juice.

Megan_Erin: Do you feel it's normal to


MightyMightyBosstones: Sure.

Gabinha: Do you like psychobilly?

MightyMightyBosstones: Yeah I love


Lordmarzo2: Letterman or Leno?

MightyMightyBosstones: Letterman.

SonicNetHost: Do you thing Lux Interior is a

piece of ass?

MightyMightyBosstones: I guess he is to some

people sure.

SonicNetHost: What are some of your favorite

new band?

MightyMightyBosstones: Elliot Smith and

Elliot Smith I am really, really digging Elliot Smith and Hepcat.

Dickywho: What really pisses you guys off?

MightyMightyBosstones: I guess the whole Neo

Nazi thing is annoying that is #1 on the list. We are pretty

peaceful zen type characters staying in a constant zone of love.

SonicNetHost: Do you guys have a big problem

with Neo Nazis at the show. Do a lot of them come out to see you


MightyMightyBosstones: Not as much as they

used to. England skins used to listen to SKA. For the most part

they are few and far between these days. Lord have mercy upon

their souls.

Grapeape13: Were you always cool and popular

in school?

MightyMightyBosstones: I went to high school

with Matt Damon. That’s a lot of competition there! I was

always good natured. I spent most of my time skateboarding and

writing songs.

B_harrington: Why won't you knock on wood?

MightyMightyBosstones: Well we haven’t

had to yet but maybe we will.

Satan__666__: If you could have anyone who

would it be?

MightyMightyBosstones: Audrey Hepburn. How

rad is she you know?

Calamazooey: What kind of bass guitars do you


MightyMightyBosstones: I play guitar Joe uses

a Fender. I play Les Paul.

Izer2: Who's your favorite writer?

MightyMightyBosstones: History: Simon Scamay,

Howard Zin. Fiction, I like Cormick Macarthy. I like Kafka.

Skaaface: How do you feel about SKA becoming


MightyMightyBosstones: I don’t know if

it is mainstream. SKA is a great kind of music. If its music it

should be out there.

Madhattie: Are you irritated at the

second-rate Bosstones knockoffs, or flattered?

MightyMightyBosstones: I am more flattered

than irritated.

Plopguest_4a02307: What do you think of the

US Government? Any chance of you guys running for political


MightyMightyBosstones: Dickie will run for

mayor of Boston and win in the year 2010. Joe and I will be his

political spin doctors.

Morganone: Do you consider yourselves rude


MightyMightyBosstones: Hahahahahahahahahah!


Kelly_crowe: Do you guys get to choose the

tracks you like when your new albums come out?

MightyMightyBosstones: Yes we do pick the


Optimus_prime_69: What do you do during a

show if you have to piss or poop really bad?

MightyMightyBosstones: I have never been in

that situation. I am on a catheter so I have no idea.

Sesoa: Do you guys like Pro Wrestling? Who's

your favorite wrestler?

MightyMightyBosstones: The Slim Jim guy-

Macho Man.

boredguest_21a01188: If given the chance,

would play naked on stage?

MightyMightyBosstones: Sure.

MightyMightyBosstones: Thank you for having

me and Dickie. It was great to be on the Internet. I hope that we

didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Bye!