Jungle Brothers

Women are much wiser than men. They should run the planet then we wouldn't have killing and all that.

JungleBros: Yeah, what’s up? This is

Afrika from the JB's. Check out the album Raw Deluxe.

3000: So Afrika what’s up with that


JungleBros: We have a new video for Jungle

Brother. Its a drum and base mix done by Aphrodite. Its

on the Senseless sound track.

3000: Yeah I saw it how come just two of

y’all are in it?

JungleBros: Sammy’s no longer in the

group. Its all love though.

trueblue1: How did you guys hook up with

Aphrodite and Mickey Finn?

JungleBros: V2 record company, they did a


3000: On the real? Why did he leave?

JungleBros: Sammy didn’t want to be an

entertainer anymore. Its hard living on the road. Sammy was not

down with the road life.

trueblue1: Its a dope jungle track, one of

the best.

JungleBros: Thank you. We feel the same.

trueblue1: I love the JB's and when I heard

the jungle remix, I was like "that shit is banging'" I

had to go and find it.

JungleBros: Did you find it yet? Ha Ha.

trueblue1: Yep, one week later.

JungleBros: Congrats my your listening. Be


3000: So you all really tight with Tribe?

JungleBros: Not as much as before but we are

still family and adventurous.

3000: Are you gonna be on the Love


JungleBros: You mean the new TCQ album, 3000?

We are not going to be on Tribes new album.

3000: I heard Q-Tips house burnt and its


JungleBros: I don't know about the Tribe

album. But our album should be dropping near the end of summer on

Gee Street Records.

wako: Mike G. why did you chop your


JungleBros: Had to make a change in life.

sonicmod: How do you guys keep yourselves

separate from the evils all around you (in the business that is).

JungleBros: We stay focused with the family.

Family is first.

3000: Yo if I gave you all my web address

will you sign my guestbook? Its a Tribe sight and I got some info

on you guys there too.

JungleBros: You can leave your web address

and we will do our best to get back to you.

sonicmod: Isn’t there an irony in

preaching against the evils of money, in a forum that is all

about money?

JungleBros: Who says its all about money.

Long live Hip Hop.

wako: What do you feel about the

"resurrection" of the "real" hip hop?

JungleBros: Its all banging.

3000: I think its phat they way you all keep

it positive and keep God first.

JungleBros: Yea 3000 your right.

wako: Now it seems like some kind of

"APOCALYPTIC" movement.

JungleBros: What do you mean by that Wacko?

Underground hip hop will never go away.

3000: You all heard of Danja Mowf and


wako: Mad Skillz's crew.

JungleBros: Not really familiar. Only with

Mad Skillz and he’s a dope MC. One of the best.

wako: What I mean is that the

"underground" practitioners seem sort of

"prophetic" nowadays.

JungleBros: I think its just MC's reaching

for the feel of the past.

3000: We need intelligence in a world of

Puffy and cars and riches.

wako: I agree.

JungleBros: I agree also. We have to lead by

example and that’s why we do what we do.

wako: Biggie's anniversary of death is around

now, how do you feel?

JungleBros: About Biggie’s death? There

is a void. Biggie was one of the best lyricist. But the hip hop

nation will continue to live on.

3000: I think its sad that he focused so much

on riches. At least in his lyrics.

JungleBros: Only more towards the end of his


sonicmod: I heard the temple of hip hop burnt

down, is that true?

JungleBros: Laughter. I don't know ask KRS -


3000: So you know when the De La album is


JungleBros: I don't know. DE LA is just

starting work on a new album.

wako: What groups inspired you all from all


JungleBros: Little Richard to Grand Master

Flash and The Furious 5 to Prince to Stevie Wonder to the Wu

Tang, Sun Ra, Miles Davis, and Marvin Gaye. He was a real jazz

guy and John Coletrane and Monk and Billie Holiday.

3000: That brain video was nice.

JungleBros: Thank you for the complement on

the video.

BreezeBoogie: Afrika, you still vegetarian?

JungleBros: Yes Afrika is still a vegetarian

trueblue1: Besides yourselves and Tribe and

De La, who are your favorite hip-hop/ rap groups?

JungleBros: I like Wu, Red Man, Pharycide,


wako: Do you think Hip-Hop culture eases

racial tensions?

JungleBros: Yes.

3000: You like Canibus?

JungleBros: I like Canibus. He’s a fat

MC from the killa dimension.

BreezeBoogie: "Feelin' alright"

still makes a brotha smile on bad day. Thanx.

JungleBros: Thank you. It does the same for

me too breeze.

3000: What about Common? You heard his album?

JungleBros: Slammin 3000. Sorry I didn’t

mention it.

3000: Where are you all touring?

JungleBros: Uh, only God knows.

3000: You ever coming to Florida?

JungleBros: We will be in Florida this

weekend for the Winter Music Conference.

3000: Where’s that?

JungleBros: In Miami. Check us out, we'll be

by the pool.

BreezeBoogie: Saw you guys w/ MOP last year.


JungleBros: Breeze, thanks for the complement

always got to rock a show.

trueblue1: What about Boston or DC?

JungleBros: We won't be in DC or Boston, till


BreezeBoogie: Once and for all, who are the


JungleBros: The world of Hip Hop? The

Violators are a group of brothers who used to hold down our backs

and steal all our girls. That’s how they got the name.

sonicmod: This is kind of a big question but,

where do you think the world is going?

JungleBros: That’s a hard one to

say...but its very warm in NYC for the end of winter. Is that a

sign? We have to take care of the planet now

sonicmod: But on an individual level, how can

we stop the momentum?

JungleBros: Of what going on in the planet?


JungleBros: What’s the best computer to

buy? I'm in the market for a lap top.

sonicmod: The kind that comes with a woman.

JungleBros: No, on the real.

3000: Probably compact.

JungleBros: I need a computer not a Mac.

wako: Mac is actually good for music


JungleBros: Really?

JungleBros: We are taking care of business.

Or in the studio cranking out hits. We don't get to chat much ya


3000: Why do you need a laptop then?

JungleBros: I need a lap top so I can yell at

my lawyer from the road.

sonicmod: I guess you got it like that huh?

JungleBros: No just trying to stay afloat.

Well yea I got it like that

BreezeBoogie: Who was the group that opened

with you and MOP last year?

JungleBros: Hyenas in the Dessert.

3000: You all heard of the black eyed peas?

JungleBros: And rice? Yeah they are cool.

They got signed to Interscope

trueblue1: If you guys get a chance check out

It is mad under

construction but getting dope. Sign my guestbook, drop me a line,

check back again soon, do it all of you. Peace to the JB's keep

it right.

JungleBros: Peace true. See you soon, don't

know only the truth.

JungleBros: Thanks everybody for coming. May

the true blue be with you. PEACE. Gotta go my daughter is calling

me! Women are much wiser than men. They should run the planet

then we wouldn't have killing and all that. Thanks for the

support . The JB's have left the building.