I don’t think we need it (the luck that is).

Swervedriver: Hello! Its Jimmy from Swervedriver.

I am here for your questions.

junior: You guys rocked in Canada. How did

you like it?

Swervedriver: We loved it- last time I was in

Canada we didn’t enjoy it. But this time we really enjoyed

it. Really nice people.

robbm: So Jimmy, what's on the set list for


Swervedriver: We haven’t written it yet.

Kuiack: Jimmy, what was your favorite show on

this tour so far?

Swervedriver: The one last night in Montreal.

We played the best.

Hellblazer: Jimmy, do you have a favorite Swervedriver


Swervedriver: Mescalhead.

But I haven’t had a chance to look back on the new one yet.

BucketRider: What's the name of the band that

Graham joined up in San Francisco?

Swervedriver: It was called the Brian Jones

Town Massacre.

Juk: It's been a long wait for 99th

Dream. I imagine you have a lot more material by now.

Are you guys gonna be working on a new album soon?

Swervedriver: Yeah when we finish this tour,

we will go back to the UK and work in the studio then go back out

on the road.

junior: Hey Jimmy, are you still wearing your


Swervedriver: I wore it the other day. Its a

bit smelly now. We all have one. Next time we go to Milwaukee I

will get another one.

Kuiack: A roadie was wearing it last night.

You guys share clothes?

Swervedriver: No he has the same shirt.

sciflyer: Is the Chicago show going to be a


Swervedriver: Yeah, we love Chicago. Its

great. The Metro is the best venue in the USA.

junior: Are you guys going to make any videos

for the new album?

Swervedriver: We are a bit behind, we are

though and we have started filming stuff, we have a camera with


junior: So the video is going to mainly made

up of live clips? What song will it be for?

Swervedriver: Its hard to say, maybe road

clips. We don’t know if we are going to film it in America.

Juk: I have not seen you guys live yet, I

heard from Zero Hour that you may be playing Seattle, WA on the

28th of March and the in Portland, OR the next day. I want to

make both shows. Are these dates correct?

Swervedriver: We are doing the Rock Candy in

Seattle. We are doing Portland on the 31. We play EJ's in


Bean: What about San Francisco?

Swervedriver: That is April 1 at Slims.

swervie: Do you think this trend towards a

more pop-oriented format is going to continue for Swervedriver?

Swervedriver: Well I don’t think it was

pop oriented, but probably not. Much harder on the next album.

BucketRider: The other day, I saw list of

Jez's top ten albums on Zero Hour's web site. Could you possibly

make a list of your top ten or just your current favorites,

contemporary or all time?

Swervedriver: Revolver by

the Beatles is my favorite. Funhouse- The

Stooges, Clear Spot by Captain Beefheart, Heaven

or Las Vegas by the Coctaue Twins.

Kuiack: How are you getting along with Hum?

Swervedriver: We like them, they are very

accommodating. Its going to be a good tour.

sciflyer: Is the "Wall Of Sound"

deal gonna resurface on the new record? Something like what was

done on Mezcal? Like in "Never Learn?"

Swervedriver: Yeah it will. We didn’t

quite finishing developing that.

harry: Alan Moulder has worked with you guys

on most of your albums. Has he had any influence on your sound?

His production style is usually kind of noise-oriented.

Swervedriver: No not really we know what we

are going to do, he just helps us get the right sound.

robbm: Jimmy, what time are you all due to go

on tonight?

Swervedriver: 10:30PM.

jhornak: Jez said in Hamilton that Hum wanted

to switch the bill but you guys wanted to stay first has this


Swervedriver: I think that's a complete lie.

I know nothing about that.

swervie: Is "Electric 77" going to

make it to the Irving Plaza show tomorrow? Great song.

Swervedriver: Don’t know I would say

probably not. We haven’t rehearsed it enough really.

junior: So Jimmy, what is the coolest venue

you have played?

Swervedriver: CBGB's is really classically

cool. My favorite place is the Chicago Metro.

Mills: Are you still coming to Australia

again in April.

Swervedriver: Yeah we are in May.

Bean: Do you guys wear ear protection? My

ears were ringing for days after your last Cattle Club show.

Protect the goods, guys!

Swervedriver: No but we should.

randyj: From what I've seen of your

itinerary, it looks like a light week between Dallas and

Minneapolis. I'm going to see you in Lawrence, but any chance of

another regional show, like Columbia or Kansas City?

Swervedriver: If there is a day off its cause

we are traveling.

jhornak: Is Gaz your full time roadie cause

he's the man. He's the fastest roadie I’ve ever seen.

Swervedriver: Really? I will tell him that.

Gaz is full time and he is a good boy.

BucketRider: Jimmy, why the change with

"These Times" for the Zero Hour release.

Swervedriver: We just didn’t like the

original version.

harry: Noticed on "Space Travel Rock N

Roll" the Zeppelinish sound of hate your kind, not to

mention the obvious spelling, is that intentional?

Swervedriver: No, its kind of American

country style. More like Neil Young.

jhornak: Steve told me you recorded it in

your new studio is this true?

Swervedriver: Yeah we have our own studio in

London, we mixed it someplace else though. Its a great studio.

Kuiack: How frustrated are you with the scene

in England where good bands like the Neds are breaking up and the

Megas couldn't even swing a record deal?

Swervedriver: I think its good in England at

the moment. Its better than in America at the moment.

Juk: Have any singles planned from 99th


Swervedriver: We aren’t really sure of

what the single is going to be.

jhornak: By they way congrats on the best

album of 1997.

Swervedriver: You must have gotten it early.

swervie: Is Swervedriver on

zero hour to stay now? Hopefully there wont be any more of that

commercial bullshit.

Swervedriver: I certainly hope so . We don't

really want move around or anything

milke: When can we expect first single from 99th...?

Swervedriver: I have no idea.

BucketRider: How bout the addition of lyrics

to Duress. Was that planned addition or something Adam just does


Swervedriver: Just something we did live.

junior: Do you guys have a lot of unreleased

tracks sitting in storage?

Swervedriver: Loads. But I don’t know if

were going to release it.

Juk: Where are the other band members right


Swervedriver: They’ve gone to a bar

around the corner. I'm just about to join them actually.

jhornak: Jez said that you guys have some 8

track live recordings that you don't know what do with. Is that


Swervedriver: I don’t think that’s

right. Most of what we have are actually digital.

BucketRider: Actually before you join them,

when are the birthdays of Swervedriver members.

Not years, just months. Sorry to ask this but I’m really


Swervedriver: I can give you mine, but I

don’t really know all the others. Mine is November 27, 1965.

milke: Any show in South Europe?

Swervedriver: I hope so. But I’m not

really sure though.

junior: Have you guys been itching to get on

the road in N. America?

Swervedriver: Ya pretty much. We’ve been

hanging around doing nothing pretty much. Its nice to finally get

it all together.

Kuiack: What did you think of the first band

in Transistor and Montreal?

Swervedriver: I thought they were good. We

liked 'em.

junior: Do you guys get to see much of the

cities you go to or are you forced to sleep whenever you are not


Swervedriver: Ya we kind of check out the

city. It depends on when we arrive actually.

Kuiack: Can we expect some new songs if you

come back this summer?

Swervedriver: We'll be getting down to some

new writing after this tour ya know.

junior: How did you like Toronto?

Swervedriver: We had a great time stuff is

pretty cheap there isn't it?

Swervedriver: We’ve got some record

people here at the moment. I’ve got go in a minute. Any last


Donovan: Good Luck and keep up the great work

I really appreciate your music!

Swervedriver: I don’t think we need it

(the luck that is).

Swervedriver: See you all at the gigs.

Cheers! Bye.