Mary Lou Lord

By playing in the subway, and often.

MaryLouLord: Hello this Mary Lou.

I am at the Westbeth Theater in NY, I hope that some of you come

down so I can see you. Get here early cause you don't want to

miss the opening act- The Raging Teens, featuring: Miss Amy,

Boston's most rocking Rock A Billy guitarist.

SkyBlueBell: How do you get the pace of

change? My copy of Got No Shadow didn't come

with it. I’m mad. I heard you could send away for it but

how? Where?

MaryLouLord: Gosh I think that there are

directions in the CD how to get it. They are giving it out at

certain stores but I am not sure which ones.

Pat_Bat: I heard the album will be out in

Canada only on March 3 rd. Is this true?

MaryLouLord: I believe it comes out in Canada

on March 1st. I just played in Vancouver at the Star Fish Room. I

wish that I had merch to sell in Canada. I was hoping it would

have been out for the Vancouver show.

Pat_Bat: Will you play in Calgary soon?

MaryLouLord: I am not sure but I hope so.

blake_babie: Your coming to Athens the 27th


MaryLouLord: I believe so. I don’t have

the itinerary in front of me.

amestr: Mary Lou, how's ole

Nick Salomon?

MaryLouLord: He is fine is currently on tour

in Germany. He will be playing in the states in April around

Minneapolis. About 10 shows.

MaryLouLord: I am hoping that you guys are

all good little Elliot Smith fans.

Brandon: Any plans for a tour outside of the

states and Canada?

MaryLouLord: I think I might go to Japan


SkyBlueBell: Are you gonna be playing any

shows this summer? I’m turning 18 in June and I’d

travel quite a long way to go see you.

MaryLouLord: I am hoping to get on the Lilith

Fair tour. If not I am sure that I will be doing a whole

load of busking around the country. Where are you Sky?

SkyBlueBell: Flin Flon, Manitoba (closest

city is Winnipeg).

MaryLouLord: Wow! Neil Young country!

Pat_Bat: Will you be appearing on talk shows

or Much Music soon? If so when?

MaryLouLord: I am going to be on MTV

Saturday, on the news and the news special thing that they have

which is a bit longer than the news. I am not sure of the name.

Brandon: Mary Lou, just

wanted to thank you for your support with the Safe and Sound

benefit. It's such a great cause.

MaryLouLord: Definitely. I was proud to be

part of it.

sonicmod: Who are your biggest musical


MaryLouLord: Joni Mitchell, Shawn Colvin,

Neil Young, Elliot Smith , Bob Dylan and Lesta Bangs.

DaveFromBoston: Mary Lou ! Is it really You!?

MaryLouLord: Uh... yeah.

MaryLouLord: Can I ask a trivia question? Who

was the lead singer for Neil Young's first band called the

Squires? They were signed to Mowtown. Does anyone know?

sonicmod: Ummmm....

MaryLouLord: The band were from Winnipeg.

sonicmod: The band?

MaryLouLord: That’s a good one. Cute.

MaryLouLord: Nope, The Band weren't Neil

Young's first singer. It was Rick James. He was AWOL in Canada

from the army. Him and old Neil struck up a band. I think that's

the coolest. Old Jail bird James.

sonicmod: Fact IS stranger than fiction.

Pat_Bat: How about an all Boston female

"underground Lilith Fair type tour? Boston

girls have the cutest voices.

MaryLouLord: That would be cool.

Pat_Bat: would you take part of something

like that?

MaryLouLord: Yes, if I could have Juliana

Hatfield, Kay Hanalee, Jules Verdone Amee Mann and Miss Amy come

with me.

MaryLouLord: I forgot Mary Timmy - on Guitar

and Vocals, Julianana on guitar and Vocals, Amee Mann on Bass and

Vocals and Kay Hanaley on drums

Pat_Bat: Kay can play drums?

MaryLouLord: Pat- That would be the best.

probably - in my dream band yes

sonicmod: Do you ever play around with the

Internet Mary?

MaryLouLord: I used to but my modem broke.

sonicmod: Is there are goal or destination

that you are shooting for? Or do you just enjoy things as they


MaryLouLord: I definitely enjoy things as

they come. But I am hoping someday, to break into publishing.

blake_babie: When is your video going to

start playing?

MaryLouLord: Blake- March 5th.

sonicmod: Have you ever hung out with Juliana


MaryLouLord: Yes, and I was in the Blake

Babies for about 5 seconds and they broke up about 5 seconds

later. I have done a few acoustic shows with her.

Pat_Bat: You could even play "Lights Are

Changing Together" again.

DaveFromBoston: Mary Lou. . . Why don't you

play more acoustic (and older) songs at the shows? I'm so used to

the oldies. . . I miss them.

MaryLouLord: Dave- I will now that I am


sonicmod: Is there any popular music in the

world today that you like? Or are you more into the fundamentals

of music?

MaryLouLord: Yes I like a band from Scotland

called Del Amitri. They are very poppy.

SkyBlueBell: Girl singer?

MaryLouLord: No. All boys.

Akuma: Where was your last concert held?

MaryLouLord: It was in Fez in NYC the night

before last.

geoff: Mary Lou, why did you

cancel your Providence show? Add many fans in CT upset about it.

Any chance of rescheduling soon?

MaryLouLord: I hope so, because the show that

I did at Fez was recorded for HBO, and we thought it would be

good exposure. It was the same night as Providence. But I will be

back soon enough I am sure.

sonicmod: What is the funniest thing to

happen to you on stage?

MaryLouLord: I don't remember!

Brandon: Is that for the HBO

program Reverb?

MaryLouLord: I am not sure.

SkyBlueBell: You are so incredibly talented

at guitar, I’ve been playing for 3 years and I still cant

figure out most of your songs. Do you like, make up your own

chords or something?

MaryLouLord: They are mostly D, A, B Minor

and G, with a capo. Its the capo! Its the Capo!

DaveFromBoston: Speaking of Mary Lou chords.

What is the progression to "The Bridge" (the best song


MaryLouLord: Probably A, E, B Minor, D, E and

then add an F Sharp Minor somewhere later.

Pat_Bat: Where can I get that tape with"Smells

Like Teen Spirit?"

MaryLouLord: I don’t want to talk about

that. No where.

SkyBlueBell: I just found out what a capo was


MaryLouLord: Uh huh. Good mechanisms for the

feeble fingered.

Akuma: I would like to know when was the last

time you recorded a single.

MaryLouLord: Uhhhhhh. Probably. I don't


sonicmod: How do you combat the evils of the

music industry and stay true to yourself?

MaryLouLord: By playing in the subway, and


SkyBlueBell: I have this one recording of a

show and you're like , "I lost my capo! that's my favorite

word, capo!" it was too cute.

MaryLouLord: That’s cute Sky.

MaryLouLord: I can only do 2 more questions

because I have to get ready for my show tonight.

DaveFromBoston: Promise to play in the subway


MaryLouLord: Oh yes I promise.

Brandon: Still touring in a van? If so, how

long until the big upgrade to Bus? Next tour maybe?

MaryLouLord: Yeah. But Whiskytown’s bus

instead of being the big bus, was the big DEBT.

Pat_Bat: Try to play in Calgary, OK?

MaryLouLord: No problem.

MaryLouLord: Thanks for coming by to chat.

See you in your town soon!