Bow Wow Wow

I am now dating Anthony Keidis. (Leigh)

SuperMod: Hi we are now chatting with Bow

Wow Wow.

BowWowWow: Hey this is Annabella

and Leigh from Bow Wow Wow.

Kewpie: Hey Annabella and Leigh. It's great

that you're back!

BowWowWow: Thank you. (Annabella)

mkzz: Are you coming to the UK?

BowWowWow: I'd have to come back, cause I

have a home there at present. (Annabella)

mkzz: But will you be doing gigs?

BowWowWow: Who knows? (Annabella)

mkzz: I wish you would.

BowWowWow: Be careful what you wish for it

may come true!! (Annabella)

Kewpie: Can you tell us about the guitarist

and drummer who've been touring with you?

BowWowWow: Yeah, the guitarists name is Dave

Calhoun and the drummers name is Eshan K.

mkzz: Tell us what happened to your solo

album? (not Fever) but the alleged one on Sony?

BowWowWow: It hasn’t seen the light of

day yet. (Annabella)

Kewpie: Leigh, what have you been doing the

past 14 years?

BowWowWow: I have been producing , doing

dance music sessions. The usual stuff. (Leigh)

Kewpie: Oh, did you work with Voice of the

Beehive? I thought I saw your name on one of their albums.

BowWowWow: I did. (Leigh)

C30: Annabella, they say you're as sexy as

ever. I can't find any pictures of you online that are less than

15 years old though.

BowWowWow: Thank you very much. Catch our

live show then you will really know how old I am. (Annabella)

Kewpie: Annabella, there was

a rumor that you have been working as an aerobics instructor.

After seeing you in concert, I'd believe it!

BowWowWow: PPPPlease!!!!!! (Annabella)

C30: Are you still available, Annabella?

Rumor has it that you're married with at least one child.

BowWowWow: Please, but thank you. What do you

mean by available? As in for work? Or as a taxi driver? (Annabella)

Kewpie: Are you planning on recording

anything new?

BowWowWow: Yes. (Annabella)

C30: Are you single or married?

BowWowWow: Yes C30!! (Annabella)

C30: Yes, single or married?

BowWowWow: I am single. Just teasing. (Annabella)

Scootsnoot: Thanks for the great show in

Richmond and for signing autographs afterwards.

BowWowWow: It was our pleasure. (Annabella)

Kewpie: How have the crowds been for this


BowWowWow: The crowds have been great.


Kewpie: Is it mostly an older audience?

BowWowWow: No. Its mixed. It depends on what

you mean by old. Since we have had crowds from 14 to 70 at our

shows. (Annabella)

C30: Annabella, this chat

has an opening room which asks the question about how long the

average male takes for orgasm. What do you think?

BowWowWow: In my experience 3 seconds. But

only in my experience. (Annabella)

BowWowWow: six hours in my experience (Leigh)

C30: I imagine at your show it would be much


mkzz: You need a new experience Annabella.

BowWowWow: We got a wise guy now have we?

Scootsnoot: There is a great picture in the

new issue of Rolling Stone of you guys and

Anthony Kiedis. Is it true, as they say in the article, that you

will be touring with Culture Club this summer?

BowWowWow: No, not that we know about. (Leigh)

Kewpie: Leigh, I understand that Boy George

hates your guts.

BowWowWow: No he doesn’t he loves me

passionately. (Leigh)

BowWowWow: Annabella says

"When and where Leigh does he love you


BowWowWow: Every night when I get home! (Leigh)

C30: Do you expect to tour again after this?

Why did you decide to tour now? Was it more than a question of

needing the money (we all do)?

BowWowWow: We aren’t earning money.(Leigh)

Kewpie: I heard that Dave Calhoun was in the

Vapors. This isn't the same Vapors that did "Turning

Japanese," is it? He looks too young.

BowWowWow : Yes. He was in a recent

incarnation. (Leigh)

Scootsnoot: Rolling Stone

lies then. Did you meet Scott Weiland and Billy Corgan at you LA

show at the Viper Room?

BowWowWow: They were there but we didn’t

meet them. (Leigh)

Kewpie: Eshan did an incredible job, and he

had some pretty big shoes to fill. What did he do before touring

with you?

BowWowWow: He was in a band called Acacia. (Leigh)

Kewpie: Leigh, I hear you

have a kid now. Is s/he going to follow your footsteps into


BowWowWow: Oh probably, he is going to. (Leigh)

mkzz:: Do visit spiritual advisors Annabella?

BowWowWow: Do you mean Tarot readers? I have

visited Tarot readers.

Kewpie: You said earlier that you were

planning on recording together again. When might we expect

something new?

BowWowWow: It depends on lots of things to

say exactly. When? Maybe after the tour. That’s when we

would do it . We will have something new for everyone to see and

hear. (Leigh)

Kewpie: I saw your show last week, and I have

to say that you were incredible.

BowWowWow: Thank you very much. (Annabella)

Kewpie: You don't get enough credit for the

musicianship and vocals.

BowWowWow: Who are you talking to now?

Scootsnoot: What are some of your influences,

musically and otherwise?

BowWowWow: I have too many to mention really


BowWowWow: I go by styles rather than artists


BowWowWow: Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner, The

Ronnettes, James Brown, etc... etc... etc.. (Annabella)

Kewpie: What do you do for fun on tour?

BowWowWow: The tour is fun. The gig. (Leigh)

C30: What time do you go onstage here in NYC,

and how long is the set?

BowWowWow: 11 PM. And the set is one hour. (Annabella)

Kewpie: You have so much material, how did

you decide which songs to play in concert?

BowWowWow: The songs to make you move and

groove!!!! (Annabella)

Zartan: When was the last time you played NY?

BowWowWow: In 1983 (14 years ago). (Leigh)

C30: But you must play a lot of songs in just

one hour, since many of them are about 2-2.5 minutes.

BowWowWow: are you the one that wears the

watch in the audience?! (Annabella)

Bonedoggy: Yup, that'd be me.

Kewpie: I was a bit disappointed that you

didn't play more off When the Going Gets Tough?

BowWowWow: Leigh didn’t

want to. (Annabella)

BowWowWow: The early stuff was a bit more gig

friendly. (Leigh)

Kewpie: Leigh, why do you

say that?

BowWowWow: Cause I suppose the early stuff

was more rhythmically based. (Leigh)

Kewpie: Annabella, which is

your favorite song to perform now? (Or are you sick of all of


BowWowWow: I like c30, and Baby Oh No. (Annabella)

mkzz: I saw you first time around lots and

this is making me feel old

BowWowWow: Why how old are you? (Annabella)

mkzz: Your age. 32.

BowWowWow: Right ON!! (Annabella)

Bonedoggy: Do you still sport a mohawk, Annabella?

BowWowWow: Come to our show and you will see.


Kewpie: Annabella, do you

get sick of guys fawning all over you?

BowWowWow: I hadn’t noticed. (Annabella)

Bonedoggy: Weren't you supposed to do a tour

last summer with Howard Jones?

BowWowWow: We were. But it fell through so we

did our own one. (Leigh)

Kewpie: Do you regret the sex symbol image?

BowWowWow: What sex symbol image? Beauty is

in the eye of the beholder. (Annabella)

Kewpie: Annabella, what have

you been doing for the past 14 years?

BowWowWow: Singing, writing songs. Following

a spiritual path which I am still on. As we all are eventually in

our short lifetime here on earth in this great cosmos of the

universe. And now touring in America. (Annabella)

C30: Do you have any younger fans under 30? I

imagine most of us who remember you are in our 30's.

BowWowWow: We still have lots fans under 30.


Kewpie: Leigh, how long have you been playing

the bass? And did you teach yourself?

BowWowWow: 24 years. And I did. (Leigh)

C30: I found only 1 website dedicated to Bow

Wow Wow. Is there an official site and if not, do you

plan to create one for us hungry fans?

BowWowWow: Yes. (Leigh)

mkzz: I needed fake id to see most of your


BowWowWow: That’s naughty. (Leigh)

Kewpie: Are you going to vary the set list

much throughout the tour or play the same songs?

BowWowWow: We already are.(Annabella)

C30: The website I found had small CD

pictures. Is there a better site?

BowWowWow: I don’t think so but there

will be.

Zartan: So... Where did you get the name


BowWowWow: Some dog said it to me in the

street. (Leigh)

Zartan: C'mon.. l´ ß heå® it.

BowWowWow: Is that some kind of Internet code

Zartan? (Annabella)

Scootsnoot: You guys got an excellent concert

review in the Richmond Times Dispatch newspaper.

Do you pay attention to reviews or ignore them?

BowWowWow: Of course we pay attention to

reviews. We just weigh them. Like Salvador Dali. (Leigh)

Bonedoggy: Favorably, hopefully?

BowWowWow: They have been great. (Annabella)

Kewpie: Annabella and Leigh,

have you spent any time on the Internet?

BowWowWow: I haven’t yet but Leigh

has. (Annabella)

decon: How's Anthony K?

BowWowWow: I couldn’t answer that

question since I am not in touch with the man. (Annabella)

BowWowWow: I am now dating Anthony Keidis. (Leigh)

Kewpie: What do you online -- look to see

what people are saying about you?

BowWowWow: Okay, can we do that? (Annabella)

Bonedoggy: While we're on the subject of the

music media, has the climate changed toward BWW

in reviews since the 80s?

BowWowWow: Yes. Big time.(Annabella)

mzkk: Do you miss journalists asking you the

same questions over and over?

BowWowWow: What do you think? What do you

think ? What do you think? (Annabella)

decon: I was just wondering because I saw a

picture of him with the band in a magazine.

BowWowWow: He came to one of our shows, along

with a lot of other musicians.(Annabella)

Bonedoggy: What was he wearing... just a


BowWowWow: I wasn’t looking. (Annabella)

Zartan: So BWW...what music

do you listen to nowadays?

BowWowWow: I listen to M'Chello endge Ocello,

Alanis, Fiona Apple. (Annabella)

Bonedoggy: Sucks having to spell her name,

don't it?

BowWowWow: I can spell here name matey!

Me'shell N'degeocello. (Annabella)

BowWowWow: Chemical Brothers, Eryka Badu,

Prodigy. (Leigh)

Scootsnoot: I read that Dave Barbarossa

tutored Eshan K on drums. Is that true?

BowWowWow: He came down for like 1/2 an hour.


Kewpie: Leigh, you used to

wear a military helmet in a lot of photos. Was there some story

to it?

BowWowWow It was an ex- German military

helmet and it was painted in the colors of the Simba Warriors of

the Congo, who used to kill the German mercenaries and wear their

uniforms. But with their colors to taunt them. (Leigh)

C30: Several critics recently still refer to

you as posers. What do you think of that?

BowWowWow: PPPPLEASE! (Annabella)

C30: Any chance of an online concert?

BowWowWow: We did one at the Billboard

Live in LA (10,000 people). (Leigh)

Scootsnoot: Who would your dream producer of

your next album be?

BowWowWow: Its difficult question. (Leigh)

BowWowWow: Jam and Lewis would be nice.

Prince. (Annabella)

Bonedoggy: What about getting down and dirty

with Albini?

BowWowWow: Who is Steve Albini? (Annabella


Bonedoggy: Albini could do wonders with you

guys. Although he made the PJ Harvey album grimy.

BowWowWow: Its a thought. Who knows. Its


Scootsnoot: Albini wouldn't fit with Bow Wow

Wow, I don't think.

BowWowWow: Next question.

C30: what do you think of Real Audio, if

you've seen it? I can listen to live radio from London, Brazil,

Vancouver, etc. from NYC.

BowWowWow: I use my computer for recording

but I haven’t got Real Audio set up to listen to music.(Leigh)

C30: If you need help setting up real audio

contact me :) (I do tech support work).

BowWowWow: All right thanks. We have only got

a little lap top on the road and my eyes are bad. (Leigh)

sonicmod: Was all that success back in the

eighties rough on you guys ?

BowWowWow: We had fun.

Kewpie: Annabella, have you

been taking voice lessons or just working out on your own?

BowWowWow: No and yes. RE: voice lessons. (Annabella)

Bonedoggy: How about the transition between

the 80s and the 90s?

BowWowWow: What about it? (Annabella)

Bonedoggy: A lot of bands from the 80s had a

hard time adapting and updating.

BowWowWow: That because they used a lot of

old technology I think. (Leigh)

Kewpie: What do you do for fun (besides


BowWowWow: Have sex. (Annabella)

BowWowWow: Now I am getting tired. (Annabella)

C30: Are you free at midnight or shortly


BowWowWow: When and where? (Annabella)

BowWowWow: I am free!(Leigh)

Bonedoggy: If someone were to say to you back

in the mid-80s that you'd still be touring as Bow Wow Wow,

would you believe them?

BowWowWow: No. (Annabella)

Scootsnoot: Do you think your success now has

anything to do with people being fed up with depressing grunge


BowWowWow: A little yeah. (Leigh)

sonicmod: If you were never in a famous

band...what would you prolly' be?

BowWowWow: Famous one man band! (Annabella)

Kewpie: What kinds of expectations did you

have for this tour? Has it been more or less successful than you


BowWowWow: We had no expectations. And we

haven’t finished it yet. (Annabella)

C30: Anything of interest for sale at your


BowWowWow: T-shirts and CD's, which are

helping to pay for this tour.

Scootsnoot: I bought the T-shirt. Didn't see

any CD's.

BowWowWow: That cause we sold out probably.

But we are getting more. (Annabella)

Bonedoggy: Back in the 80s, Fashion was so

pivotal in music... Do you think music today needs to get the

fashion back or do you think that'd be detrimental?

BowWowWow: Yes. Not necessarily fashion, but

style. (Leigh)

Bonedoggy: But isn't Fashion what Malcolm

McLaren pushed? His sense of "style" was rather whack.

BowWowWow: That’s true. (Leigh)

Bonedoggy: I think you guys were beyond

fashion... that style was paramount. That’s what separated

you from other bands around that same time.

BowWowWow: Thank you very, very much. (Annabella)

C30: Fashion just makes you posers. You look

good and sound good.

BowWowWow: Thank you tres, tres much! (Annabella)

C30: What does the T-shirt look like?

BowWowWow: as you would expect barking mad! (Annabella)

Scootsnoot: Do you regret initially breaking

up in the 80's?

BowWowWow: Yeah it was a stupid thing to do.


C30: What do you wear at your current shows?

The pirate look was played out years ago.

BowWowWow: I wear a rubber jock strap,

fireman's boots and a feather boa. (Leigh)

BowWowWow: Truth loves to go naked! (Annabella)

Kewpie: What have you been doing on your off

days between shows?

BowWowWow: Traveling. (Leigh)

C30: So, you wear a body suit?

BowWowWow: I am a body. (Annabella)

BowWowWow: We have to go guys. All the

answers will be revealed at our shows! (Annabella)

Bonedoggy: Bye.... it was great chatting with


BowWowWow: It was great chatting with you

too! (Annabella)

C30: Is it fair to ask your weight and

measurements, Annabella?

BowWowWow: 5'4. 46D- 24- 36. Can you