Cos I have the hairline of a sleazy accountant and I'm not proud of it. sniff. sniff:

SonicNetHost: Hello everyone.

We're chatting with Moby, the man who invented Techno and Dance

Music as we know it. Be sure to send in your all your questions

about his new album, I Like to Score and his

track on the new James Bond Soundtrack, Tomorrow

Never Dies.

Moby: Howdy.

ExoticBirds : How do you feel

about music censorship?

Moby: OK, censorship. Simply

put, I believe in freedom of speech and freedom of expression,

irregardless of how offensive someone might find it.

ExoticBirds : Where did you

grow up? Where do you reside now?

Moby: Born in Manhattan. Grew

up in Darien, Connecticut. Currently reside in Manhattan.

ExoticBirds : Has your fame

changed your life in any way? Is a little fame dangerous?

Moby: I can go out to dinner

now and not worry about paying the rent. I've seen parts of the

world that I otherwise would never have seen.

ExoticBirds : Do you have an

all-time favorite song to play?

Moby: A favorite song to

perform? Maybe 'Feeling So Real.' Sorry I'm so predictable.

ExoticBirds : Have you ever

been abducted by aliens?

Moby: My butt is constantly

sore from all of that anal probing. I hope it's aliens.

ExoticBirds : How do you feel

about making MTV videos?

Moby: It's better than working

at Fotomat.

ExoticBirds : Who was your

first love? At what age was your first kiss?

Moby: My first love, real

love, was Louise Stoner (real name, I swear) first kiss at 12, it

was weird.

Duster_man : How did you get

the name Moby?

Moby: I'm, supposedly, related

to Herman Melville. Real name-Richard. My parents thought that

Richard was too big a name for a little guy like me.

_chickorama_ : Hey Moby,

if you could redo any Cat Stevens song, which would it be?

Moby: Umm, maybe 'Morning Has

Broken'. I'm a woosie.

Joer : Your latest album seems

like a big departure from your others less

"electronic", more kind of "grungy" Why is


Moby: Which album? Animal

Rights? I like To Score? Or Voodoo

Child? I'm fairly prolific.

Eyeball_jerry: Who did the

original "Revolver?"

Moby: Mission of Burma. From

Connecticut and Boston.

TunnelHead: Moby,

what's with the violence? "That's When I Reach For My

Revolver"? You always seemed like the pacifist type.

Moby: I maintain that there's

a big difference between figurative, fictional violence and real

world violence.

Katgc : Moby,

What time is your TV show on?

Moby: My TV show? 7:30 PM on

Saturdays on UPN. It's called In The

House about me and my homies.

ArleenCo: What inspired you to

release I Like To Score?

Moby: I had a lot of film

music that I wanted to share with the world.

PezKing7: How long have you

been a vegan?

Moby: Vegan-12 years with one

exception. 7 years ago when I ate yogurt.

SuburbanTitan: Why did you

feel that the video for Prodigy’s "Smack My

….Up" was advocating women’s violence when the

main character IS a woman?

Moby: The video for 'Smack' I

like. I just think that the song is misogynist trash. And keep in

mind that I love the Prodigy. But I hate that fucking song.

Rynorhino: What do you think

about all the Moby websites popping up?

Moby: I'm kind of overwhelmed

and humbled.

KingboyD: What one person or

philosophy has influenced you the most and why?

Moby: Probably Christ.

Wittgenstein, too. And my old hero Van Gogh. And Starship

Troopers. The best movie ever made.

Axljaz: What do you think of

the sudden surge of techno, now being called electronica, in the

past year?

Moby: It's been going on for a

long time (electronica) and it's been hugely popular in Europe

for ever, so I don't take it's new popularity in the states

(media wise) too seriously.

StainlessSteelProvider: Has

the Christian coalition attacked you for what you said about them

in your CD booklets?

Moby: Not directly,

unfortunately. I'd love to mud wrestle Ralph Reed.

Thumbs2167: Do you like beans?

Moby: Oh yes, I do love a good


Littledrummercapsistr: What do

you think about fellow electroman Beck?

Moby: I think that Beck is

terrific. A great guy, too.

Rynorhino: Who do you see as

some of the most promising new acts in the so-called

"electronica" genre?

Moby: To be honest, I don't

know. There's so much, and it's so hard to pay attention to.

Clonejunkyz: You say that you

an unconvententional Christian, what do you mean?

Moby: We live in a strange,

consumerist world, it's troubling and interesting, too.

Unconventional Christian meaning that I love Christ but don't

feel much allegiance to any specific doctrine or Christian dogma.

ArleenCo: How do your cats

react to your music?

Moby: Sadly I have no cats. I

would like to have some cats. I like cats.

SuburbanTitan: What is your

take on the SKA revival?

Moby: I like early SKA a lot

more. Sorry.

Pin125: Because techno has

taken America by storm and become a fad now, do you think that

it'll lose its older listeners?

Moby: To be honest I have no

idea. I would hope that people would respond to the music and not

worry about who else is listening to it.

Clonejunkyz: What are your

thoughts on fornication? Is it wrong? Under what circumstances?

Moby: That's a toughie as a

fornicator I think that my opinion is probably invalid. I also

try not to make too many generalizations about something so


Scott_Steg : Who would you

most like to have as an opening act?

Moby: Juno Reactor, who

coincidentally opened up for me on the tour we just finished.

What luck!

Littledrummercapsistr: People

see you as a very serious person. Do you have a goofy side?

Moby: Fuck no.

SCAPE200: Moby,

I know you have your opinions on the Christian coalition, how do

you feel about the other coalitions? Such as the coalition for

America's children?

Moby: I don't know of any

other coalitions. I'm ignorant.

Che18: Do you think guitar

rock is dead.

Moby: Oh no, I love heavy

guitars. Don't you? We love to rock, me and Shelby here.

Hardjam2: Your Everything

is Wrong album appear very vocal on political,

environmental issues. What do you think of the Free Tibet

movement currently getting lots of attention in the US ?

Moby: Free Tibet is important,

but there's about a trillion other issues that demand out

attention, too.

SonicNetHost: Did you check

out the rebroadcast of the festival on SonicNet?

Moby: No, thank you for the

shameless plug Mr. Host.

Axljaz: Moby,

what were your first words?

Moby: Worms. Pronounce


SuburbanTitan: Why does Goldie

look so freaky? Just Curious.

Moby: I don't know, drugs?

Genetics? Fluoride?

DJProto: How long does it

usually take for you to write a song/track?

Moby: Sometimes a day,

sometimes 6 months.

Stipe808: Hey! Moby!

I've named my cat after you ! Do you feel humbled now or what!

Moby: Yes, thank you.

Trek_Man: Wanting a family?

Moby: With the right genetic

provider, yes.

Blinthehouse: Why haven't you

dated Bjork yet? I think It's your turn.

Moby: I tried. Sadly I'm

Caucasian and American. Two Bjork no-no's.

Thumbs2167: I like rice, do


Moby: Oh yes, along with the

bean I do love rice. Mmm-hmmm!

Oenone_oya: What room of your

home do you compose in? Any special accouterments to help the


Moby: I have a designated

studio in my home(lucky me). Special accouterments? Child


Littledrummercapsistr: Do you

listen to any jazz?

Moby: I love John Coltrane and

early Billy Holiday. Yes.

Madman420: Do you like Pink


Moby: In fact I have some good

child pornography, just contact me and I'll send it to over the

web. Yes, I live Pink Floyd.

UsefulIdiot462: Is it easy to

get drugs as a star?

Moby: I've done drugs once in

the last 12 years, so I'm not exactly an expert.

IAmMorrissey: What's your take

on gay rights?

Moby: I'm in full support of

equal rights for everyone, irregardless of race color creed or

sexual preference.

Littledrummercapsistr: Do you

have a significant other?

Moby: No. I'm a bachelor and a

bit of a ho.

Thumbs2167: Do think rap is

gonna die??

Moby: I hope not, and in the

future I'd like to be referred to as 'the syphilitic father of


Silverist: What kind of music

do you listen to?

Moby: I listen to everything.

Lots of pop music. I LOVE pop music like Hanson and Puff Daddy

and All Saints, and you might think I'm kidding, but I'm not.

UsefulIdiot462: Do you have a

set format for your songs?

Moby: No specific format that

I know of.

Scott_Steg: What is your

favorite James Bond film?

Moby: Live and Let Die.

Especially the alligators.

Che18: Where is your favorite

place to give a concert?

Moby: Favorite place? Probably

Chicago or Minneapolis or Milwaukee.

Decoy_Boy: WHAT"S YOUR


Moby: 'Cletus the slack jawed


Adesousa: What type of guitar

do you play?

Moby: Uh oh, some sort of

stall. I have a few guitars, nothing too special, no name brands.

Oops, I mean Carvin.

Kmfdm3: How do we really know

this is really Mody and not some Yahoo! employee?

Moby: It's me, Mody.

Rabies_97: So Moby are ever

going to do work with any members from Skinny Puppy?

Moby: I like Skinny Puppy, but

I have no plans to work with them. I'm kind of a solo fellow.

Kris26p: Do you think that the

rave scene, electronic music and E becoming more mainstream is a

good thing for the scene and the artists?

Moby: I think it's hard to

generalize at this point.

Oenone_oya: Hey, I love it

when a man admits to ho-ing...much respect! Do you have any

"ho" qualifications?

Moby: Oh my, you don't even

want to know.

TB_ACiD_303: So, have you been

taking many drugs lately?

Moby: Well, once in the last

12 years, so I guess that means no.

Tacticz: any thoughts on

American Drum and Bass?

Moby: I don't know much US

drum and bass. But I'm sure it's good.

Zombie65: Do you anticipate

releasing another CD-Rom like Disk?

Moby: Not in the near future.

DJProto: Do you prefer writing

music at night or does it matter?

Moby: Controversial questions,

please. Time of day doesn't matter for creative process for me.

ArleenCo: How do you feel

about the AIDS issue? I remember seeing a picture of you at the

LES needle exchange, an article in the Voice, I


Moby: I don't know enough

about the current state of HIV in the USA to have an opinion

right now.

StainlessSteelProvider: Have

you ever worked with Aphex Twin?

Moby: We toured together and

he was not a particularly nice guy. But I like Ambient

Works 89-92 or whatever it's called.

The_Oddity: Do you plan to be

collaborating with any heavy metal stars anytime in the near


Moby: I've done my heavy metal

collaborations for the time being, so no.

Nirvana1313: You’re

probably shooting up right now aren’t you?

Moby: Fuck you, I finished at

least two minutttttttttttttttttttttttts.

Scott_Steg: If you could,

would you ever perform naked?

Moby: I have performed naked,

lots of times. Really. No joke. Except for my genitals, they're


Kmfdm3: What is your

philosophy on balancing Christianity and humanity? How do you

prioritize? And sorry about Mody it was a type - o!

Moby: Hmm, difficult question.

I don't see a contradiction between Christianity and humanity.

Trek_Man: Ever fight with a

fan on stage before?

Moby: No. Never. I had my

penis bitten once and it hurt. Surprised me, too. By a very, very

fat woman.

Glasnouv: What's the latest

book you have read?

Moby: The River Why

by David somebody or other.

Cracker20: If you could kiss

one, and only one Spice Girl, which one would you kiss?

Moby: I think Posh Spice.

Sorry if I'm so predictable.

Drywall_UT: What are your

favorite sites to visit on the Internet?

Moby: I don't have an Internet

account, so I don't know.

ExoticBirds: Do you think the

government should be allowed to censor music because a few people

supposedly killed themselves because of it?

Moby: No.

Pin125: If others wanted to

sound like you, would you consider it flattery or an encroachment

of your personal space?

Moby: Flattery. I would be

honored. Even if people rip me off and sample me. Please


Kmfdm3: The emphasis of

Christianity is denying the flesh and humanity is pleasing the

flesh how is that not a contradiction?

Moby: I don't think that it's

that simple.

Henro2: Your personal drive

and inspirations on Voodoo Child creation?

Moby: To make a beautiful

record that people could use in their daily lives and fall in

love with.

Idamian: Did anything or

anyone stand out in particular on the MOBILITY

comp CD?

Moby: It was all wonderful,

but 'god moving..' was impressive because he learned all of the

parts. Wow. that was impressive.

TB_ACiD_303: Who's idea was it

to call you the father of techno as we know it?

Moby: Certainly not mine.

Deephymn: I Like To Score is

subtitled "Music From Films Vol.1". Will there be a

volume 2? When?

Moby: I hope there'll be a

vol. 2, when? 2 years? 3 years?

DJProto: If you were alive at

the time would you have dropped everything and followed Jesus

like others?

Moby: Probably not,

unfortunately. Just like I haven't done that now. I'm flawed.

Drywall_UT: What do you like

to do in your spare time besides music?

Moby: Simple, simple stuff.

like eating and reading. I'm very dull.

TunnelHead : Do you get many

demo tapes from aspiring techno artists? If so, do you listen to


Moby: I listen to them, yes,

many good ones, too.

Siltyfine: You've said a

hooker is a great, carefree job. Don't you find it odd that

you're more concerned with the abuse of animals for human

pleasure than you are concerned with abuse of women?

Moby: Oh, come on. some women

work in the adult entertainment world and they love it and some

women do it and they hate it. It's very hard to generalize. And

I'm terribly concerned with abuse towards anybody, especially


Tiddlay: Some guy said you

sucked, so I whooped his ass.

Moby: Figuratively, I hope.

Kris26p: What do you think of

the women who want to f*ck you because you are "MOBY."

Moby: I wish that I know some

of them. Or rather, 'knew', excuse the typo.

TunnelHead : You're considered

the "father of modern techno"...who are some of your

favorite techno artists?

Moby: Fave techno artists? Too

many to list.

Littledrummercapsistr: What do

you think of the Church of Euthanasia?

Moby: I don't know of the


SonicMonk: When you your time

comes and you die . How would you like to be remembered?

Moby: As a striving and open

minded person.

Che18: Do you celebrate


Moby: You know, Christ was

probably born in the summer. But yes, Christmas is nice. Except

it's way too cold in NYC. I like warm.



Moby: Like sweaty pennies.

Zombie65: Did you compose

"God Moving..." with film in mind. It's a very visual


Moby: No, but with the image

that the title suggests.

Idamian: Any goals for the NEW


Moby: To learn stuff. And

maybe move to Northern Arizona. And to maybe fall in love for the

first time in my life.

Glasnouv : If you arrived at

heaven, what would you want God to say to you?

Moby: You're forgiven.

Littledrummercapsistr : What

can we vegans eat at holidays?

Moby: Anything without


Born_slippery : what where

influences for the lyrics in Animal Rights?

Moby: Simple, visceral,

primitive, pre-cognitive me.

Kris26p: If you weren't making

music for a living, what would you do?

Moby: Hmm, walking around.

seriously, that's what I think I'd be doing.

Kiss_me_Kill_me: Do approve of

this thing that U2 is doing ?

Moby: I love U2. Bono even

kissed my hands once and told me that he loved me.

Clonejunkyz: Do you believe


Moby: I don't know enough

about the nature of the universe to know about something as

complicated asre-incarnation. Moby shameless

plug for himself-I made a record under the name voodoo child that

is called THE END OF EVERYTHING and it's my

favorite record that I've ever made. it's beautiful and I listen

to it all the time. So buy it or tape it or steal it or call

Elektra and lie and say that you're a journalist and have them

send you one.

DJProto: Do you believe heaven

is a place or more of a different state of being?

Moby: It's beyond my

understanding at this point.

TunnelHead: If you had to

choose your 3 favorite albums of all time, what would they be?

Moby: Bad Brains-Roir

cassette. Prince-Purple Rain. Joy Division-Closer.


the phone number for Elektra?

Moby: 212-275-4000, ask for


Extem : What's your idea of

the perfect woman?

Moby: Smart, open minded,

compassionate, exuberant, sexual, musical.

Idamian: Any new released

forthcoming from your label TROPHY?

Moby: None planned, sadly. I'm

too busy with other stuff.

Kiss_me_Kill_me: Do you think

that there are any band that have made a mark on the 90's if so


Moby: Prodigy.

Kapsize: If you could start

over, would you be a boy or a girl?

Moby: Well, I've been a boy.

So it would be fun to be a girl. Especially with what I know

about being a boy.

Thrine13: Do you believe

people are inherently good or bad?

Moby: Neither.

Rabies_97: SO MOBY


Moby: No. Sniff.

Littledrummercapsistr: How do

you weed out the phonies in your life?

Moby: I don't, I pay them.

Glasnouv : Who are your

favorite author's?

Moby: David James Duncan,

Tennessee William’s, Flannery O'Connor, Walt Whitman, Yeats,


Kris26p: Why the shaved head?

Moby: Cos I have the hairline

of a sleazy accountant and I'm not proud of it. sniff. sniff:(

Sky_69: So if you were a girl

would you be lesbian?

Moby: I would be fiercely


Cor_Man222: Do you like to


Moby: I love to dance, but I

suck as a dancer.

Born_slippery : Where was the

picture on "the end of everything" taken?

Moby: In Barbados. I was

terribly depressed. it's supposed to look desolate and horrific.

DJProto: Do you plan on ever

getting married?

Moby: I would love to. Just

ain't met that special someone as of yet.

Madman420: I am asking what

you thou