Cam'ron Says He's Not Sure Incident Was A Failed Carjacking After All

In the meantime, leaked police affidavit reveals D.C. officer witnessed shooting.

NEW YORK — Police say they are still investigating several theories as to why Cam'ron was shot on October 23 in Washington, D.C., and even the Harlem-bred leader of the Diplomats now says he's done speculating until he gets all the facts.

"I don't think anybody would do a carjacking that randomly in front of that many people," he said Tuesday. "For Howard [University's] homecoming, a bunch of people is outside."

Cam, who was in D.C. to party with the Diplomats for homecoming weekend, originally called the incident a botched carjacking (see "Cam'ron Recuperating At Home After Being Shot"). "I felt disrespected. Nobody's going to take a quarter-million-dollar car from me, let alone a five-cent piece of chewing gum," Killa said just 10 hours after the shooting, when he held a press conference at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey.

A police affidavit leaked on Wednesday (November 2) revealed that a D.C. Protective Service Division officer witnessed the crime. The officer says he saw two assailants in a Ford Expedition pull up to Cam, and that one got out and shot at him as he sat in his blue Lamborghini, then also fired at a pink Range Rover some of his crew rode in behind him. The cars were part of Cam's convoy, which rolled through the D.C. streets after leaving a nightclub.

Cam says although he's not fearing for his life, he's trying to be cautious, since he knows what comes with being a famed MC.

"I always move cautiously, like somebody is after me, anyway," he explained. "Not saying somebody is after me, but you gotta realize you in a position of power. It's like the modern day. ... It's like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. I hate to use them as examples, but they both got murdered and they both were great leaders. Right now [rappers are] in a position where people like [Minister Louis] Farrakhan and Dr. Ben [Chavis] call us up to speak to the youth.

"So when you a great leader in a position of power and about to go to a higher step, which I'm about to do, you always keep an eye open," he added. "I never put anything past anybody. I don't know if it was a hit, I don't know if it was a carjacking. Until everything comes to light, it's too early to [make assumptions]."

Cam says he got so much love from fans during his trip to D.C. that he originally thought the shooter was just someone seeking an autograph, a picture or passing along a demo.

"So many [fans] been hopping out on me all weekend, I seen [the assailant] in my peripheral, but I didn't pay too much attention to it," he said about the incident as it first unfolded. "When he hopped out [of his vehicle], I seen him waving something. I wasn't sure if it was a CD or whatever. Then I looked when he came in front of my car and seen it was a gun. I thought he was an undercover [cop]. I'm like, 'Money is waving a gun in front of a lot of people here.' I'm looking like, 'What this dude is bugging for?' He's pulling on my car door like, 'Get out.' I'm like, 'I'm not getting out, you bugging.' Then he shot through the car. That's when I stepped on the gas."

After the assailant shot him twice in his right arm and once in his left, Cam sped off to nearby Howard University hospital. His car gave out, but he was able to get a ride to the hospital from a fan.

"Basically I just wanted to find a hospital," said Cam, who still does not have feeling in his right pinky or ring finger due to one of the bullets hitting a nerve. "I'm not really from D.C., so I don't know the area. I started doing stuff to get the police's attention, so they could direct me to the hospital. I was driving down the wrong way [on a one-way street]. ... It seemed like no cops was around. That's all I was thinking about. I wasn't thinking about [death] because I didn't feel like I got hit in my stomach or my chest or my head or anything."

Cam says the incident won't change how he maneuvers in the street. He still is going to hang out in the same places, mingle with the people and not surround himself with an abundance of police and security.

"I'm not gonna be a prisoner of my own fame," he said. "This'll never change the way I move or the way I act."

Killa's current projects are Juelz Santana's What the Game's Been Missing album on November 22 (see "Dip Set Poised To Conquer: New LPs From Cam'ron, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana On Tap") and "Killa Season," the movie and soundtrack due February 14 and 28, respectively. Cam says he's going to promote them like he planned on before getting shot and added that he's upset some radio personalities have speculated the shooting was a publicity stunt.

"They're like, 'Is this a publicity stunt 'cause his album is about to come out?' " he huffed. "I'm a millionaire. Second of all, on top of that, I'm great without getting shot. I don't know anybody who's stupid enough to use getting shot as a publicity stunt."