Wait for my book for gig from hell stories. Hopefully it'll have a movie deal. The working title(book) is "Spinal Tap 5: Still Can't Get A Life."

CONSOLIDATED: Hey everyone Adam from Consolidated

here how you guys and girls doing?

SoniKKMod: Adam, Tell us a little bit about

the new record!

CONSOLIDATED: Its called Dropped

and its basically inspired by the work of NY activist and author

John Stoltenberg. It's a loose soundtrack for his screenplay Cocklash

which describes many of the pathological consequences of manhood.

Including domestic and sexual violence, homophobia, porn and

prostitution, incest, and violent male rites of passage.

SoniKKMod: I was in London recently and Consolidated

was everywhere, are you guys going on a major tour of the UK

anytime soon?

CONSOLIDATED: We played one London date in

early November as part of a European tour we just finished.

MdrnPrmitv: You guy's going on tour anytime

soon? Coming to TEXAS if you do?

CONSOLIDATED: We're coming to Texas around

the 20th of January. We're playing El Paso, San Antonio, Dallas,

Austin, and Houston. Come check us out.

SoniKKMod: If you could be any animal who

would it be?

CONSOLIDATED: A human being. Assuming I could


cramer: When will you be in NY ?

CONSOLIDATED: Planning a tour of the East

Coast some time in March and April.

SoniKKMod: What got you so involved in all

these causes?

CONSOLIDATED: If there had to be one original

motivating factor it's probably raising two daughters in a really

fucked up violent male society.

MdrnPrmitv: You are involved in a lot of

different organizations. I think that is so cool.


MdrnPrmitv: How did you get involved with


CONSOLIDATED: I’m a big fan of Paris and

contacted him to guest on our record Play More Music.

He's also from the Bay Area and I share a lot of his political

commitments and beliefs and he accepted our proposal to do a song

with us.

SoniKKMod: Are you guys vegan?

CONSOLIDATED: Yes. There's probably beer and

gasoline I consume in my gas tank that’s not vegan though.

Just trying to get past nazi vegan stage into more of a tolerant


MdrnPrmitv: What other things are you

involved in? Besides music? What are some hobbies you have?

CONSOLIDATED: I'm involved in the feminist

community of Portland Oregon doing volunteer work for the Women’s

Crisis Line and doing Animal Rights activism in

conjunction with that. My hobbies include alcoholism , and

midnight skating.

cramer: How do you stay sane on the road ?

CONSOLIDATED: Good question. Alcoholism and

midnight skating.

SoniKKMod: I bet there is a lot of midnight

skating in Portland, Do you bowl too?

CONSOLIDATED: Alcoholic Midnight Bowling.

MdrnPrmitv: Favorite brew?

CONSOLIDATED: Schlitz Malt Liquor 40 Oz. wide

top and I also like real Guinness.

cramer: Wow a friend of mine works in

Portland for the WCL.


. Right on. Its a brilliant organization and I encourage people

who have concern for women and children to support it.

MdrnPrmitv: How can I get involved in that?


CONSOLIDATED: Call them up they're in the

phone book.

SoniKKMod: If there was one major corporation

that you could protest against, who would it be and why?

CONSOLIDATED: Most corporations function

similarly in respect to their interest in global market monopoly

and are therefore all related in the way that they de-stabilize

regional and community market autonomy. I can't site just one but

the harm done to millions in the name of profit is a shared

consequence of corporate imperialism.

cramer: What are you listening to these days?

CONSOLIDATED: These days I'm listening to my

middle school aged daughter playing Usher , Puff Daddy, and Busta

Rhymes and I'm listening to Jimi Hendrix if I can ever use the


cramer: I grew up copying licks from his


CONSOLIDATED: Mitch Mitchell's a great

drummer to cop from.

MdrnPrmitv: Does she ever listen to your

stuff (your daughter)? Do you not want her to? Or she just


CONSOLIDATED: No. She doesn't.

SoniKKMod: Do you have an email that fans

could write to?


MdrnPrmitv: Dropped is already out, right?

CONSOLIDATED: Yes and Yes. Dropped is out in

mom and pops.

cramer: How has raising children influenced

your song writing ?

CONSOLIDATED: Raising children is my song


MdrnPrmitv: What was the best show you ever

put on? If you could name one?

CONSOLIDATED: Explaining to my father how I

wrecked his car when I was 18 and not being imprisoned for life.

MdrnPrmitv: Did he buy it?

CONSOLIDATED: Hook, line and I never got the

sinker. I had to replant my next door neighbors garden.

MdrnPrmitv: Favorite bands to play with?

CONSOLIDATED: Semisweet and The Spinsters,

and Spoonman.

cramer: Do you have any Gig From Hell stories

to share with us ?

CONSOLIDATED: Wait for my book for gig from

hell stories. Hopefully it'll have a movie deal. The working

title(book) is "Spinal Tap 5: Still Can't Get A Life."

cramer: Spinal Tap? Have any of your drummers

spontaneously combusted ?

CONSOLIDATED: All drummers have I've kept a

collection of little green globules. See my book the chapter on

bizarre gardening accidents.

MdrnPrmitv: What's up with the Yeastie Girls?

How did you hook up with them?

CONSOLIDATED: Hooked up with the Yeasties

pretty much the same way we hooked up with Paris. Big fan. I

understand they're not together anymore. Either their 15 minutes

of Andy Warhol left them with sour aftertaste or they managed to

get a life.

Ryan_Taylor: Are you guys still hypocrites

for the left?

CONSOLIDATED: Categorically yes.

MdrnPrmitv: How can I get CONSOLIDATED


CONSOLIDATED: Come see us on tour or esquire

at my record label:

ExoticBirds: If you weren’t in a band,

what would you be doing right now?

CONSOLIDATED: Paying a lower therapy bill.

Ryan_Taylor: Any reason you picked Sol3 over

all the others?

CONSOLIDATED: They were the only label that

liked me in the entire world.

ExoticBirds: Have you ever been abducted by


CONSOLIDATED: Yes I have but I agreed to pay

my taxes and they let me go home.

Ryan_Taylor: Have you ever hooked up w/ POWER

considering they were on Nettwerk, and from Portland as well?

CONSOLIDATED: I do know them and

unfortunately we've never had the opportunity to work together.

ExoticBirds: If you could go on tour with

anyone, who would it be?

CONSOLIDATED: Curtis Mayfield.

Ryan_Taylor: What will be played on tour? Can

we expect stuff from older records.

CONSOLIDATED: Old songs, songs from the

current album and material from the next album.

MdrnPrmitv: What does everyone think of Chris

Farley's death today?

CONSOLIDATED: Did not know. That's horrible.

ExoticBirds: I think it's terrible.

MdrnPrmitv: How do you think he died?

Ryan_Taylor: Heart Attack?

cramer: Native Americans believe it is not

polite to speak of the dead.


Ryan_Taylor: Already plans for another album?

CONSOLIDATED: The other half of dropped to be

released in September 98.

ExoticBirds: Where do you see yourselves

going musically with your next album?

CONSOLIDATED: More uplift, more beats and

more feeling and healing and less wheeling and dealing.

Ryan_Taylor: How can there be a good part.

Most of it is all about pimping yourself to get your product out


CONSOLIDATED: I couldn't agree more.

Ryan_Taylor: True. But it's just sad when the

good bands get passed over for bands that don't contribute


ExoticBirds: You get to meet all sorts of new


CONSOLIDATED: Good parts-communicating simple

feelings to other people and cranking up your Marshall and

beating off onstage.

CONSOLIDATED: Thanks for having me on the

chat show. Just a word to all the men; if you love and care about

women children, stop consuming them sexually and if you love and

care about animals stop consuming them literally. Bye now.