Timberlake Delivers 'Little Baby,' Writes New Tracks With Fellow Ex-Mouseketeer

Singer launches new clothing line, collaborates with Christina Aguilera songwriter.

NEW YORK — Justin Timberlake celebrated the launch of his new clothing line, William Rast, at a little shindig Tuesday night at Bloomingdale's, where he'd already snagged one of the coveted window displays.

(Click here for images from Justin's clothing line launch at Bloomingdale's in New York.)

Recovering from "Black Snake Moan" (see "Christina Ricci Cured Of Nymphomania By Samuel L. Jackson In 'Black Snake Moan' "), which finished shooting just two days prior, the singer/actor expressed amazement that all his work with best friend and business partner Trace Ayala was finally seeing the light of day (see "Timberlake Wants To Rock Your Body With A New Clothing Line").

"This was our little baby," he said. "Can two men have a child in New York together? Is that legal? It's a terrible joke, I'm sorry!"

Along with Ayala, whom he credits as being better at style and design, Timberlake said he was involved with every step of the process, "from buttons to rivets to fit to design to actual washes of the denim," even serving as the men's jeans fit model. And now that he's gone through the whole process with this "little baby," from conception to birth, he likens it to recording an album.

"It's definitely similar," he explained. "You have your initial rough recording, you go back in and you may change some lyrics and melodies, you may record some more vocals, you leave it alone for a minute, come back to it and mix it, put some other sounds on. In that way it's very similar.

"Obviously, this is clothes," he continued, "so a lot of what we did, after designing it, was just wear it around town, asking ourselves, 'Does this work?' You figure out what's good, what's bad, you come back and just keep chipping away at it."

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Timberlake says he halted production briefly to create a special Dixieland T-shirt to benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina; he's planning to sell them in stores as well as auction off signed copies. "So much is being done for the Katrina effort, and that's wonderful," he said, "but it's like, if you see a benefit on television, and then another one, and then another one, probably just that first one is going to have an impact on you. So we wanted to take that into consideration. I mean, I can do music, I can do telethons, but this is a cooler way to do it."

Ayala isn't the only childhood friend Timberlake's teamed up with as of late for his creative ventures — he's also been writing songs with fellow-Mouseketeer-turned-Nashville-songwriter Matt Morris, who co-wrote five tracks on Christina Aguilera's Stripped album. "We see and hear music in the same way," Timberlake said, "so I've been working with him. We just get together and write songs, and since we've got similar voices, we figure out, 'Does this work better for you or for me?' "

After squeezing in a few writing sessions this past summer, Timberlake's excited about the 15-20 songs he's got so far, which he plans to finesse with Timbaland. "It moves in a different direction than the last record," Timberlake said. "I'm really happy with that."