Reel Big Fish

After Europe we tour to support the new record and then dinner at your mom's house.

ReelBigFish: Hey its Dan from Reel

Big Fish and thanks for talking on my cooking show! We

will be making Spaghetti O’s and Frosted Flakes cereal. Any


jizzmack: Dan your a pimp. Hey I want to know

what happened to Aaron’s Spice Girls?

ReelBigFish: He traded them in for the

complete Liza Minelli Box Set.

Arcana: You guys are in the Warped


ReelBigFish: We don’t know. We are going

to Australia with the Warp tour next month. I

don’t know. Probably.

Arcana: Are you guys ever going to tour?

ReelBigFish: We are going to tour in February

until April.

timo: Do you have a new single coming out?

ReelBigFish: The new single is "She Has

a Girl Friend Now."

Arcana: SKA is really good music! It's really

good feel-good music.

ReelBigFish: Glad you feel good.

ImCool: Who's idea was it to let the Florida

Marlins use "Trendy?"

ReelBigFish: The Florida Marlins.

Bosstone: Why don’t you ever play

"Boyfriend" or "Hate You" in concert?

ReelBigFish: Because "Boyfriend" is

written by someone else and actually we've played "Hate

You" recently.

xallisonx: Is it true you like Dance music?

How is your new NEON, and what color is it?

ReelBigFish: I love all music and the Neon's

white with a gray bumper and a black bumper.

PBall_Guy: Do you ever have any free time? Or

are you always at concerts?

ReelBigFish: We're in the middle of a break

right now but it'll only last two weeks. It's like school.

ExoticBirds: Do you ever get sick of


ReelBigFish: No, because I find new ways to

make it interesting, like eating really bad food before I go


MoonStomper: Any truth to the rumors that you

guys are gonna tour with Less Than Jake?

ReelBigFish: We'd like to but nothings been

formally done.

Arcana: So what did you eat for lunch?

ReelBigFish: 2 Burritos. Homemade.

xallisonx: DAN do you hate your name

backwards? My name backwards is NOSILLA so don’t feel bad

that yours is NAD.

ReelBigFish: Well, it only mattered in junior

high but now I'm kind of proud of my name.

Skavuvi: You know your Fish Market

Catalog? What happened to the videos? I never got one.

ReelBigFish: Mojo records blew it and we're

trying to fix the problem. Do not fret.

Arcana: Hey guys what's the song you like

playing the most, or do you have a favorite?

ReelBigFish: "She Has A Girlfriend


eclips5755: Why did you change the words to


ReelBigFish: Its a constantly changing song

depending on Aaron's mood. No Doubt hated us for three years

because of the first lyrics.

PBall_Guy: Do you play paintball?

ReelBigFish: Never. Not yet. Laser Tag is

cool though.

timo: Where did you get your cool sunglasses


ReelBigFish: I borrow them off of all the


ExoticBirds: Who do you think is the biggest


ReelBigFish: Ex-Daryl Strawberry. Michael


Bosstone: Are you guys pals with No Doubt, if

so, what do you think about the Gwen and Gavin thing?

ReelBigFish: We are pals with No Doubt . Gwen

and Gavin can do what they want. We're jealous of Gwen.

timo: Did the record company give you lots of

money and everything was all right?

ReelBigFish: They didn't give us lots of

money but everything’s pretty good.

jizzmack: When you were on tour with

Goldfinger. Did you drink a lot and who did you like best that

you met on that tour?

ReelBigFish: I liked Kip, the sax player for

the Skeletones. Yes I drank a fuck of a lot and because of that I

don't drink anymore.

ExoticBirds: Who's the craziest band you've

toured with? If you could go on tour with anyone, who would it


ReelBigFish: Craziest-The Aquabats. If we

could tour with anybody it'd be Radiohead. They're my favorite

band in the world. Not that I think Reel Big Fish

would sound good with Radiohead.

ExoticBirds: Have aliens ever abducted you?

ReelBigFish: I can't answer that. The

cybernetic implant in my neck would explode killing everyone

within a three mile radius.

AmherstBoy: Do you guys have plans to record

anything any time soon?

ReelBigFish: Yes in May we'll record a new

record that should be out by September and it'll be amazing.

Arcana: What religion do you guys follow? I'm

an agnostic.

ReelBigFish: I am atheist.

julie: Do you like giraffes?

ReelBigFish: I love giraffes. RBF

is all the giraffe.

Arcana: How do you guys come up with such

sarcastic and interesting lyrics?

ReelBigFish: We don't take anything anybody

says seriously including ourselves.

jizzmack: What took you so long to play in

Santa Cruz?

ReelBigFish: We were afraid to see our old

sax player again.

ReelBigFish: Aaron writes the lyrics and

guitar part and then we collaborate on the rest of it.

MoonStomper: Did you ever get to see Op. Ivy

perform live?

ReelBigFish: No, never and I regret it.

dwf3: When will we get "Take on Me"

on record? (Sorry if this appears again.)

ReelBigFish: "Take On Me" is on a

split 7" with GoldFinger "The Teen Beef" 7."

Bosstone: Do you have a sexual relation ship

with Darrin from Goldfinger? He says you do.

ReelBigFish: Darrin from Goldfinger has a

sexual relationship with everyone on the planet.

eclips5755: What's next after going to


ReelBigFish: After Europe we tour to support

the new record and then dinner at your mom's house.

SoMuchTooSay: I have a History final tomorrow

any advice?

ReelBigFish: Practice comparing the

Chesapeake Bay Areas traveling habits versus the original

Jamestown Colonies traveling habits.

Arcana: Hey Dan if I order a CD from you can

I ask the RBF guys to sign it too?

ReelBigFish: I 'll sign anything man or


ImCool: Who's the craziest guy in the band?

ReelBigFish: Grant Perry.

ExoticBirds: What were your favorite toys

when you were young?

ReelBigFish: Star Wars

action figures.

ReelBigFish: Hey kids Thanks for being so

cool. I gotta go. Bye.