Yeah, that's the only time we get to see things. From bars and hotels.

sonicmod: Hello, we are in with the Stereophonics!

Stereophonics: Hello, this is the Stereophonics.

And this is Kelly speaking.

Nataly: When will you come back in France?

Stereophonics: We will be back in France in

February on the 30th.

Nataly: Did you remember your showcase in

Paris ?

Stereophonics: Yes, I think it was a strange

night. The gig was good but we lost our guitar tech, he crossed

the road and he got banged over the head and he woke up in a

hospital 2 days later.

CronicPhonicFan: So, how's the recording


Stereophonics: It's good. We have been doing

new songs, and some demos. We would like to release a new record


Nige_Sachdev: Kelly ask Stuart how he feels

finally being in the USA?

Stereophonics: He says it's quite nice. Very

much as I thought it would be. Very big and I like the food.


Nige_Sachdev: Been to Taco Bell yet?

Stereophonics: Yeah, we went to one in

Boston. I didn't eat there. Kelly and Richard did. (Stuart)

sonicmod: How long have you guys been out on


Stereophonics: We have had about 4 weeks off

this year. We have been constantly touring.

Nataly: Do you like French food?

Stereophonics: Very much. It's very good


Nige_Sachdev: So, what's next on the

itinerary guys?

Stereophonics: NYC tomorrow, then we have a

day off Sunday. So we will have some fun.

sonicmod: Do you like it that way? Would you

like some more time off?

Stereophonics: It would be nice to have more

time to see the sites. You get to go to all these places that you

have always wanted to go to. It would be nice to take some time


Chigger: How's Scotland?

Stereophonics: It's very cold right now, but

very picturesque.

sonicmod: You don't enjoy seeing the world

from the inside of bars and clubs?

Stereophonics: Yeah, that's the only time we

get to see things. From bars and hotels. We couldn't see too much

last time in NY 'cause it was too foggy.

CronicPhonicFan: Kelly, where do you get the

inspiration for your lyrics from?

Stereophonics: People, public transport,

phrases and life.

CronicPhonicFan: How do you feel about the

way Cardiff is changing at the moment?

Stereophonics: I think that Cardiff has come

around a lot. There are a lot of magazines taking off and

television taking off.

Chigger: What do you think of the English?

Stereophonics: When you grow up you are

prejudice against everything. Every country has their dickheads,

and every country has cool people.

CronicPhonicFan: So, who do you see as your

artistic influences??

Stereophonics: Lots of people, films, books,

musically- CCR, Kinks, Bob Dylan everyone. Sex Pistols, AC/DC...

if they had good songs it didn't matter. The art work is

influenced by Jasper Johns and Andy Warhol.

CronicPhonicFan: Do you like marmite??

Stereophonics: No, but Stuart does.

Nataly: Do you like Radiohead?

Stereophonics: I prefer The Bends,

the new album is a little too Pink Floyd for my liking.

CronicPhonicFan: What do you think of groups

like the Furries, Manics or Catatonia??

Stereophonics: I think the new Furries album

is really good. I think that the Furries are in a new league and

have expanded themselves.

CronicPhonicFan: Do you like Stella or


Stereophonics: Stella. You can never remember

anything you do after drinking it.

Nige_Sachdev: What type of movies are you

influenced by, and what are your favorites?

Stereophonics: I like the film Kiss,

Cool Hand Luke, One Flew Over the

Cuckoo's Nest, Woody Allen, Debbie Does Dallas.

Nige_Sachdev: Good call. Especially the last

one. So what do you think of Tarantino flicks?

Stereophonics: I thought that Pulp

Fiction was brilliant. He opened dialogue doors.

All the films are based on dialogue rather than stories. It will

be interesting to see how he follows it up.

Nataly: Don't you ever think of making a song

for a movie soundtrack ?

Stereophonics: We have been asked a few

times, but they would always end up being covers because they

were period films.

Stereophonics: We have to go to a dinner now,

but please come see our shows, we are on the road until the 17th

and we will be back to play the K Rock Xmas