Hurricane 1

Cause every American I have met in Scotland has asked "do you know George Macintosh?" And Scotland is a big place.

Hurricane: Hi, this is Andy and Alex!

Becky: Hey Alex and Andy, my friend Miguel

says Hi. He sat with you during the Verve's set in San Francisco.

Hurricane: What did you think about the gig?

Becky: I couldn't go, but Miguel thought it

was brilliant.

Hurricane: We thought that it was brilliant

as well.

AngelChild: Are you guys doing many shows

with The Verve?

Hurricane: No we haven't done any. We went to

their gig cause we were in town.

Becky: What did you think of Popscene?

Hurricane: What is Popscene?

Becky: That's the place you played after The


Hurricane: We were rushed in and out and

didn't have time to think about it. Is it a good place?

Becky: Popscene is a good club, I'm sorry you

didn't see more of it.

Hurricane: We hear that Popscene is really

good. The guy in the cowboy hat was looking after us.

Becky: Next time you're here, you'll have to

go back!

AngelChild: Are you guys touring any time

soon? Will you be coming to Canada?

Hurricane: We will be in Canada next year.

Alex says he used to stay in Canada for 14 years.

AngelChild: Yeah! Just make sure you play an

all ages gig in the Toronto area, okay. Alex, did you like it


Hurricane: Yes.

AngelChild: When did you guys release the

"Step Into My World" single in the UK? I heard the song

once and started looking for it, then I got a friend from England

to send me an extra copy he had! I love "Smoke Rings."

Hurricane: In April. Did you hear the Paul

Oakenfold mix?

AngelChild: No, I haven't, d'ya know where I

can get it?

Hurricane: Probably on import it came out in

England a month or two ago.

Becky: I wish that I lived in England!

Hurricane: I wish that I lived in NY.

AngelChild: How come?

Hurricane: It just seems really cool.

Mark525: I have lived in New York.

Hurricane: Mark, how long did you live in NY?

Mark525: Lived in Manhattan for 15 years.

Hurricane: Do you know Mike Davidson? (From


Mark525: Do I know Mike Davidson? If me. No I

don't, sorry.

Hurricane: 'Cause every American I have met

in Scotland has asked "do you know George Macintosh?"

And Scotland is a big place.

AngelChild: How long have you guys been

playing together?

Hurricane: 1 1/2 years.

Becky: Alex, were you in any bands before

Hurricane #1?

Hurricane: Yes.

AngelChild: Okay, classic question here: Who

do you guys think influenced you the most? What other artists do

you like?

Hurricane: The Stone Roses, Rolling Stones,

Primal Scream, Happy Mondays, Beatles, Curtis Mayfields, Marvin

Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Jayhawks ,The Chates.

AngelChild: Hey Alex, what was that whole

thing between you and Liam from Oasis? (If you don't mind my


Hurricane: No comment. Put it this way, I


Becky: What do you think of The Seahorses?

Hurricane: They are good, the single is good.

AngelChild: How are you guys liking this

Internet thing? Have you done things like this before?

Hurricane: No, it's cool. Alex hates the


Becky: Oh, why Alex?

Hurricane: 'Cause it's too stuck up for my


Hurricane: I have got the Internet at home

and every time I go to a chat site, no one is there. (From Andy).

Becky: Go to #nmechat, Andy.

Hurricane: Thanks Becky, I will try it.

AngelChild: Do you use your real identity? Do

people ever believe you?

Hurricane: I normally use a girl's name.

Becky: Can we e-mail you?

Hurricane: You could, but I have no idea what

my number is.

AngelChild: Alright, if I go

into #NME chat and there's a girl there who knows a hell of a lot

about Hurricane #1 and Ride then I can assume.

Hurricane: I never talk about us on the


Becky: I normally pretend to be a boy, so

that works out.

Mark525: Why' s Hurricane?

Hurricane: What do you mean?

Mark525: Why do you use a woman's name most

of the time?

Hurricane: Because it's fun.

AngelChild: Is there an official Hurricane

#1 page on the net?

Hurricane: It's part of the Creation site.

AngelChild: So, do you guys have any input

into it?

Hurricane: My main criticism is it's never

updated. I wish that they would have someone work on it all time.

Mark525: Hurricane, I ran a

Internet business and know that updated a web site takes a lot of


Hurricane: Yeah, but the last time I looked

at the Hurricane one, they still only had the

first single on it.

Becky: Andy, what's your relation to Idha?

Hurricane: We are married.

Becky: Where are you writing in from?

Hurricane: Becky, we are in NY.

Zartan: What do you guys do when you're not

on tour?

Hurricane: I like eating and sleeping.(Alex)

Mark525: Hurricane , do you have a favorite

song? That you have wrote.

Hurricane: Mine is "Monday

Afternoon." Andy's favorite song is "Step Into My


Becky: What is your favorite song that you

didn't write?

Hurricane: "Across The Universe" by

the Beatles.

Zartan: You should try fucking too. I hear

it's almost as good as eating.

Hurricane: I do a lot of that anyway.

Becky: Get many groupies then?

Hurricane: Yes, lots of groupies, and I love

everyone of them. (From Alex)

Mark525: Did the Beatles inspire you to go in

to the music field?

Hurricane: Yes.

Hurricane: We have to go now we are doing a

gig tonight at the Mercury Lounge. Look for me in the NME chat

room under a girls name.(Andy) Bye.