Trapped In The Cabinet: Flatulent Little Person Takes R. Kelly Saga To A New Level

Chapters 9-12 feature interracial infidelities, another round of gunplay and even more shocking secrets.

A little person who's packing, two interracial romances, more gunplay and yet another plot twist close out Chapters 9-12 of R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet" saga.

You read here a couple of weeks back that Chapter 8 ends with police officer James' wife hiding her lover in the house (see "The Latest From R. Kelly's 'Closet': Shots Fired — And A Spatula ..."). Could it be that, in the mother of all ironies, he too would conceal himself in the closet? Not quite.

Bridget, who we find out is Caucasian in the video for Chapter 8, has another man in the house, all right — but he's not in the closet. In Chapter 9, we learn that Bridget's other man is actually small enough to find a better hiding place: He's in a cabinet under the sink.

James is shocked, Bridget is upset and her lover — who we later find out is nicknamed "Big Man" because he is well endowed — is so deathly afraid he starts to pass gas. Faced with the fact that his wife is guilty of adultery — just as he is — James goes ballistic and pulls out his gun.

 R. Kelly bring more drama, Justin's got a new clothing line and Game gets nabbed in North Carolina. See this and more in the Week in Pictures.

Chapters 10 and 11 get even funnier and crazier. Sylvester and his brother-in-law Twan wind up at James' house and get into another armed face-off with the cop — joined by shotgun-toting Bridget. And Big Man is just trying to get out alive. This time we learn Bridget's second secret — she's scandalous! — and Big Man's profession (You'll never believe it. Let's just say he can't be shy to do his job).

Chapter 12 closes out back where Chapter 1 started; in the home of Pastor Rufus and his wife, Kathy. Kelly picks up right where he left off: Sylvester has just left the house and husband, wife and gay lover are all quarrelling. Rufus' boyfriend, the former transvestite Chuck, is so tired of Kathy he pulls out a knife and threatens to cut her. And that's just the start of Kathy's problems. In yet another story twist, she gets a phone call and learns that a one-night stand isn't her only connection to Sylvester.

If seeing is believing, you have your chance to peep everything. Kelly released a DVD containing the first 12 chapters of "Trapped in the Closet" on Tuesday (November 1). The singer has at least 10 more sequels recorded (see "R. Kelly To Release Chapters 1-12 Of 'Trapped' On DVD — And It's Not Over Yet"), but no video plans have been disclosed.

Kelly's LP The Classic Remixes, featuring some of his most famous song reworkings, is due November 15.

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