Ol' Dirty Bastard

I love my white fans. The devil is anyone who is wicked.

Adnan_x: Hey ODB, you got

any plans for a new album?

ODB: Yes, it's called Dirty's World.

Crystalizzed: Is Capadonna gonna debut as a

Wu member on the Raekwon CD?

ODB: I can't lie, I don't know.

frequency: Why don't you ever tour with the

rest of the WU?

ODB: I have changed now, I will be touring.

NORWAY: Yo Cyrus, is it true you be 700 years


ODB: Yes.

Adnan_x: When you guys coming to Canada? We

got mad props 4 y'all up here.

ODB: Remember Dirty's World.

We will be in Canada soon.

frequency: I heard about ODB's

legal troubles on MTV, just want to give a shout

of support and that I hope he's able to handle them all right.

ODB: Me too. I am in no trouble, everything

is beautiful.

Adnan_x: How are you guys planning to further

help the homeless?

ODB: By reaching them anyway I can.

NORWAY: What you think about Puffy?

ODB: He is a millionaire.

Infamous: When your album drops will you tour


ODB: Yes.

m0xy: Did Wu Tang ever do any work with Tupac

or wish they had?

ODB: Meth worked with Tu Pac on Tu Pac's last

album. At one time I wanted to do work with him.

GMAN: Yo ODB, what it like

working with Da Alkaholiks?

ODB: It was good.

Infamous: Are you managing anyone right now?

ODB: I got a couple of groups. It's a


frequency: The 5% nation seems to think that

white men are the devil. How do you guys feel about your white


ODB: I love my white fans. The devil is

anyone who is wicked. When God made black and white or whatever

color he made love just by bringing and having it altogether. I

used to not understand now I see the light.

Adnan_x: I am a fan and everything, but how

do I know this is really you man? A lot of us are kind of having

our skepticisms on this. I mean no offense at all to SonicNet.

ODB: Nigga please!

frequency: ODB, COME TO


ODB: One day I will be there. Look, Dirty

loves all and thank you for everything cause I know it comes from


NORWAY: Are you a fast typist?

ODB: I am not typing, I don't even know how

to type.

morgoth: Is Rza Producing your new album?

ODB: Some of it, Dr. Dre is producing some,

myself, who ever got it going on.

morgoth: What's the state of the Wu? Are you

working out the differences?

ODB: Yeah, of course.

NORWAY: How do you feel hip hop has developed

the last 700 years?

ODB: A lot.

Adnan_x: Do you like Pearl Jam? Do you like

others genres of music?

ODB: What the hell is Pearl Jam? I love rock,

I like jungle and techno also, look out for my brother Funk Face

that's the group - rock and roll.

Infamous: What's in your CD player right now?

ODB: All oldies.

m0xy: Would ould you ever do a track with Lil

Kim? I bet it would sound DIRTYYYYYY!

ODB: I love Lil Kim and Mariah too.

morgoth: Is your album gonna be like the 1st

or are you gonna show a different style? What are some of the

cuts from your new album?

ODB: We don't reveal the Wu Tang secrets.

Toad111: Did you like working with Dre?

ODB: I haven't worked with him yet.

Jguzman: You have any work done with the


ODB: No.

Jguzman: Do you plan to do work with

Westcoast artist like MC Eiht and E-40?

ODB: E- 40 will be on my album. Me and his

birthday is on the same day. I love West Coast. All music.

Infamous: I need management, could you help?

ODB: Yeah, for all that got banging tracks,

send it to Razor Sharp 99 University Place, 9th Floor NYC, NY

10003 to my attention.

NORWAY: ODB, you keeping it

real or you keep it right?

ODB: I'm keepin in right.

ish: Yo Dirty, is Meth

always like he was in that movie that RUSSEL SIMMONS made THE


ODB: Answer that yourself.

morgoth: Could you explain the "All In

Together Now Crew" from back in the 80' with you, RZA &


ODB: You remember that, huh? It was just what

it was all together now.

frequency: The Wu has a big Internet

following. The "unofficial Wu-tang mailing list" has

over 5000 members. Would you guys do an interview for it


ODB: I guess so. Call my publicist.

m0xy: What a bout a WU TANG video game or

computer game?

ODB: Soon.

_od_: In your opinion, what up and coming

artists/labels would you say are the ones to watch out for?

ODB: Brooklyn Zoo And Buddha Monk 12:00.

morgoth: I heard Elektra forced you to change

the album title, is this true?

ODB: No.

Infamous: Would you do an R & B album?

ODB: R&B? I'll do singing, everything.

ish: Being from Brooklyn and all, what you

think about WORDSOUND posse?

ODB: It travels.

Jguzman: Which Wu members are you related to?

ODB: RZA, Ghost, GZA.

morgoth: About the 'All In Together Crew'

again, a lot of hype has been going on about it and I was

wondering if you know if there are any recordings of it?

ODB: It's something to old to talk about.

Jguzman: Is there any artist you don't get a

long with??

ODB: I get along with everyone.

Jguzman: What was the main reason Wu canceled

the Tour with Rage?? I spent $400 on sold out tickets and missed


ODB: I love them and I am getting the hell

outta here. Keep your eye on the prize. Let's stay in tune in the

mind. I need you.