We are not interested in breaking America. We are interested in mending it.

Longpigs: Hello! It's Crispin from The

Longpigs. Here we are Richard, Simon and Dee is here as

well but he is running around in the corridor.

thesmokingcannon: So how's the touring going?

Longpigs: We are pretty well. We are pretty

fried. We have been living from 4 PM to 4AM, everyday we see the

insides of night clubs. We like being in America, it's like being

in your own episode of The Player.

bird: Hey, how is it like playing with Echo

and the Bunnymen, greatest live band in the world?

Longpigs: The second best live band in the

world. It's all great. We are all big Echo fans. We have had a

lot of problems trying to blow them away. In the 80's Echo gave

me hope. It's cool to tour with them cause they are all top


AngelChild: When are you coming to Toronto?

Longpigs: We have been to Toronto. We are

doing the Dandy Warhols tour next. I am not sure though. The

first Dandy's tour is in Atlanta.

thesmokingcannon: Did you guys make a video

for "On and On"?

Longpigs: We did, yeah. It's going to MTV.

It's being played on VH1 right now.

sonicmod: What other bands gave you hope in

your youth?

Longpigs: The Velvet Underground. Bands in

the 80's were so bad. I spent all my youth listening to punk

music and Elvis, Robert Johnson, The Beatles. I listen to lounge

music and doo wop now.

bird: I saw you guys in Chicago on the first

of the month with Echo And The Bunnymen and it was brilliant.

Longpigs: Thank you very much! Excellent!

Chicago , SF and NY were all great. I would consider living in

any of those cities if I lived in America. Maybe a flat on a

mountain in LA.

breath: And what about European tour?

Longpigs: We have done a lot of Europe. After

we are done in America, we are going to make another record.

thesmokingcannon: What can we expect from the

new album?

Longpigs: It's going to be a quadruple

concept. Dion Warwick crossed with Metallica. But with out the

Metallica. Okay, maybe Motorhead.

breath: Is there some dates in Eastern


Longpigs: I would love to go over there. It's

a brilliant place. We haven't had a chance yet. You get huge

raves with 10 thousand punk rockers dressed like Elvis. 'Cause

they can pick anything from the past 50 years to get into. It's


AngelChild: How about today's bands? Are

there any current bands that you really like?

Longpigs: There is a lot of dance stuff,

Bentley Rhythm Ace, Prodigy, Coldcut, Chemical Brothers, Verve,

Oasis, Blur, Pavement, the Lo Fi scene. I am a huge Henry Rollins

fan. Generally we listen to everything from Sister Sledge to

Frank Sinatra with a little bit of hard core techo shoved in.

Kieran: Guys, can you tell us about the

mystery track at the end of your album? It is a really sweet


Longpigs: Thanks, it's called

"Sleep," for the few people who fall asleep listening

to the record get pushed into dreamland they go a little further

into the secret track. I am glad that you liked it. It's a

"You Bastard tune", when I wrote it I patted myself on

the back and said "you bastard."

AngelChild: What do you guys think about the

whole "breaking America" thing? Do you think it's hard

for British bands to become big in the US? How come?

Longpigs: We are not interested in breaking

America. We are interested in mending it. But I think a lot of

other bands do, bands lately have been extremely English. Pulp,

who I am a fan of, write songs that are very English about eating

fish and chips in a bed in Sheffield but that doesn't make any

sense to a kid in Whichitaw, Kansas.

sonicmod: What US bands do well in the UK?

Longpigs: Guns N Roses. They are the same

ones that are huge in America are huge in UK. Pavement and the

horrible ones like Mariah Carey.

AngelChild: Horrible ones. You mean like the

Spice Girls right? (Sorry, I couldn't resist!)

Longpigs: The Spice Girls are criminally huge

all over the world. They are a bunch of ropy old cows.

mpverba: What is the name of the hidden track

on Sun Is Often Out? And who is singing?

Longpigs: It's me, Crispin, the singer. Call

me old fashioned. It's called "Sleep."

kel: Do you guys write any new stuff yet?

It's been a long time since last album.

Longpigs: We are getting it together. We are

amassing a well of stuff. We have all the ingredients, we just

need to cook it. After we mended America we will go off and do


julie: New single(s) before the new album,

and if so, when?

Longpigs: We don't know yet. We are just

going to concentrate on getting the album made. There will be a

single before it comes out.

Kieran: Guys, whichever of you wrote "On

and On," how personal were the lyrics to you? That song

really gets to me emotionally.

Longpigs: It was very personal. It was the

real thing, like a blues track. It's about someone far away.


blava: Can we expect some remixes of your


Longpigs: There is two, one of "On and

On" and one of "Jesus Christ. " We used to be

quite purists, but we have had our scruples taken away as we

tried to mend America.

julie: Any chance of following the techno

remix trend with new material?

Longpigs: It will beyond techno remix with

the new stuff.

thesmokingcannon: Do you guys have any plans

as to which producer you are going to be working with on the next


Longpigs: No, there are a few people

involved. Steven Spielberg is a good producer.

blava: What do you think about Roni Size?

Longpigs: I think Roni is fantastic! He


AngelChild: How long have you guys been

playing together?

Longpigs: AC- 5 years now, it's along time we

know each other alarmingly well

sonicmod: Where does the name LONGPIGS

come from? Is it a literary reference, a drunken in-joker?

Longpigs: It's from a book. It means human

flesh. Cannibals from New Guinea call white people longpigs.

It's like cows calling themselves beef.

AngelChild: Where are you all from?

Longpigs: All over. Richard and DEE are from

Sheffield. I am from London.

bird: Do you guys have an official website?

Longpigs: We are just getting one together at

the moment. We need to there is a lot of unofficial stuff on the

web. You have to look up Sheffield and drugs and we are the first

thing to come up. We don't know why.

blava: Isn't it boring, still same questions

about U2 ?

Longpigs: Yes, it is boring.

AngelChild: So you guys are all in favor of

having your stuff on the net? Cos I know some other bands have

not been too happy about some of the content of their fan sites

(*cough* won't mention any names!)?

Longpigs: We are into freedom of speech,

anyone can say whatever they want. We certainly do.

blava: What is better for you, big stadium or

small club?

Longpigs: Small club. Small stadium.

thesmokingcannon: What's your least favorite

thing about America?

Longpigs: Baseball caps and golf , poverty,

bigotry is another and hamburgers.

sonicmod: No poverty in England?

Longpigs: There is loads but people seem to

give a shirt more in England. People in England are still shocked

by poverty.

thesmokingcannon: OK, what do you like about


Longpigs: The food, hamburgers, the movies,

people are more enthusiastic. The British usually ask why and

Americans ask why not.

Longpigs: We have some more interviews to do.

Thanks for coming and asking questions. Come see us on tour. Cry

and have sex to our records.