Thanks for shattering my illusions. But I like women who are big and beautiful.

TRAVIS: Hello. You can give me some questions

about what we are doing.

ghjo: How was tour?

TRAVIS: Which tour? We have been on tour so

much. We are on tour now with Ben Folds Five.

chimera: When you were with Oasis?

TRAVIS: Fucking fantastic! Brilliant! Got the

house on fire. We are doing the UK again with Oasis during

Christmas. Come watch it. We have been asked back, it was so


chimera: Are you guys coming to Canada?

TRAVIS: Next year hopefully, a club tour.

Toronto, Vancouver. Maybe February or March.

ghjo: Are the Ben Folds Five proper southern


TRAVIS: Extremely.

funnything10: TRAVIS coming

to Hong Kong ?

TRAVIS: Yes, next January I believe we are

doing Asia.

ghjo: Where are ya'll from in the UK?

TRAVIS: Glasgow in Scotland and Wigis.

ghjo: How does that compare to Edinburgh?

TRAVIS: Glasgow is friendlier. Edinburgh is

the London of the north.

Kelvin: Will there be an official Travis


TRAVIS: We are working on it. You can check

the EPIC one though in the States.

mod: What's your favorite acts these days?

TRAVIS: Travis' favorite act

at the moment is probably Oasis live. They are fantastic. No one


Kelvin: Any more new singles from the album?

TRAVIS: New remix of "Funny Thing"

on an EP next year. With a few new songs that will let you see

what the next album will be like. Massive production.

ghjo: What are influences in the TRAVIS


TRAVIS: The Band, Creedence Clear Water. We

like Pavement and Belle and Sebastian. Anything with soul and


Chris: Are you planning a UK tour?

TRAVIS: We will do a UK tour after our

December Oasis dates. Club dates and hoping to end up in the

Barrow Lands.

ghjo: What currency do you prefer? British or


TRAVIS: It's all the same, but in Scotland

you get pound notes instead of pound coins. So you don't get

holes in your pockets.

Chris: Come to Portsmouth!

TRAVIS: We are going there next year Chris.

soapers: How do you like touring America?

TRAVIS: It's okay except for the shitty bus

that smells like cow pats.

mod: Hey Travis, are you

into the Internet?

TRAVIS: It's okay as long as it's for

conversation. Conversation is what keeps people together. Not

visuals all the time.

ghjo: How do American, Brit and Scotch

audiences compare?

TRAVIS: Americans are appreciative, British

audiences behave like brats most of the time, but some of our

fans are fantastic, we have a huge fan base in Britain. Hopefully

our next record will take it to where it needs to go. We have had

a good start.

Chris: I've been talking to your sound

engineer on the Internet!

TRAVIS: Our sound engineer is like Michael

Palin crossed with James Bond circa George Lazedeby. He is a very

nice man.

mod: Would you prefer computers to say

writing a letter?

TRAVIS: No mod.

mod: What do you ink about all of this

"Free Tibet" stuff going on?

TRAVIS: What is Free Tibet about? Excuse me

for not keeping up with the times. Yeah don't mix politics with

music. Jim Kerr made that mistake and so did Sting.

ghjo: Who do you support?

TRAVIS: Is that football? 'Cause if it is,

it's got to be Glasgow Rangers.

Chris: How does it feel playing larger venues

with Oasis (saw you in Exeter by the way)? Do you prefer it to

smaller gigs?

TRAVIS: It's difficult to come from an Oasis

tour to a club tour. But it keeps your feet on the ground and

makes you realize why you got into music 7 years ago. It's harder

to play in front of 20 people than 20,000.

ghjo: How are these shows doing?

TRAVIS: The shows are getting better.

ghjo: What's been the best so far?

Kelvin: Hey Fran, who do you consider as the

best new band of '97? Apart from Travis?

TRAVIS: The Cornershop album is fantastic.

Fran isn't here, it's just Neil. But the boys say hello and love

and kisses.

mod: Travis, what other

things do you want to do in life other than your music career?

TRAVIS: Personally we are all very art and

creatively-minded. I want to go back to being a carpenter.

Chris: The first thing one of my mates said

when she saw TFI was that she fancied the drummer, Neil!

TRAVIS: Well, well!

ghjo: How do you feel about being lumped into

the whole Brit-pop thing ?

TRAVIS: Brit pop is dead. Its just another

journalistic easy way out. Lazy journalism should be shot dead.

weezerfemme: What do you think of the whole

electronica hype ?

TRAVIS: What's that?

Chris: Who's been the best band to tour with

(apart from Oasis!) on your support slots?

TRAVIS: Probably Beth Orton and Reef.

guest463: How did you get John Squire to do

your artwork?

TRAVIS: That was through our record company,

'cause Andy Macdonald was friends with him. Personally John

should stick to the art work, but don't tell him.

Chris: Best festival this year?

TRAVIS: T in the Park and Reading.

Chris: Do you think you may play T in the

Park next year (I'm hoping to go..)?

TRAVIS: Yes, we will Chris.

ghjo: What's up with the UK scene-good or


TRAVIS: I think the music scene generally

needs something different. This is for everyone, including

ourselves. Music has come full circle.

ghjo: Full circle to what?

TRAVIS: From retro to 80' to hip hop, it's

all come back around again.

guest463: How would you describe your music?

TRAVIS: Catering to people who are real

people. Probably schizophrenic.

Chris: What sort of music influenced you when

you were younger?

TRAVIS: My mom and dad's record collection.

Everything, even albums like the Jazz Singer.

Dion Warwick, Chaka Kahn.

ghjo: Let me rock you Chaka Khan.

TRAVIS: The best thighs in pop music of all


ghjo: They're a little big these days. Though

they were always a little big.

TRAVIS: Thanks for shattering my illusions.

But I like women who are big and beautiful. I like any kind of

women as long as they are not too skinny. I don't like anorexics.

ghjo: Check out Mary J Blige's thighs

sometime, they're pretty ripe.

TRAVIS: I think there is more to check out

than just the thighs! Sex sells.

Chris: What's your favorite drink, and who's

the biggest lightweight in the band?

TRAVIS: Vodka martini. Lightweight is me,

cause I keep fit. I used to be a professional swimmer. I used to

be a fat bastard.

ghjo: What's your best vomit story as a band?

TRAVIS: One night I gave Fran some of my

urine in a bottle and he was sick. He drunk it. It was still

warm, and it smelled like whiskey.

ghjo: That's pretty nasty.

TRAVIS: Yeah, but we love each other. He has

gotten me a few as well.

ghjo: Do you like Haggis?

TRAVIS: Vegetarian haggis is better than the

real thing. It's made by Mc Sweens, I have it on the 25th of

January, Burn's night with whiskey and turnip.

ghjo: I heard they have deep fat fried Mars

bars in the UK now. That shit is nasty.

TRAVIS: And tasty. You should try a frozen

Mars bar on brown bread with jam. The ultimate grass munchie


ghjo: No wonder there's so many vegetarians

over there. I prefer hobnobs.

Kelvin: Neil, where are the other members?

Why are you the only one here?

TRAVIS: They are all doing press. There was

so much to do today.

mod: What advice would you give a band that's

trying to get started ?

TRAVIS: Don't try to get a record deal. Have

fun together and it will come to you. Watch the jungle book.

Chris: Which gig stands out as the best

you've ever played?

TRAVIS: Supporting Oasis in Aberdeen with 9

thousand people jumping up and down.

mod: Do you ever get tired of all the

bullshit? Or do you like the bullshit?

TRAVIS: I must confess my bullshit detector

is always flashing, but take it with a pinch of salt cause that's

life. Everyone is flighty these days.

mod: At least you have a detector. Some

people have to pick up small pieces and put it up to their face.

TRAVIS: Thanks .

mod: What kind of idols do you have (that

have nothing to do with music)?

TRAVIS: Can I have 5 minutes to think about

that? As far as idols go for me, the man who broke the sound

barrier, Chuck Yager.

TRAVIS: Thanks everyone and keep in touch and

we will hopefully have a full-on Travis website