Slack, buy an Internet and you will see it. Like the Spice Girls.

SUPERCHUNK: Hi, this is John, we are ready

for your questions.

Slackluster: OK guys, are you gonna record


SUPERCHUNK: Slack, we did record it. We are

not sure where and when its going to appear. It was recorded for

the Indoor Living Record, but we ended up not

using it.

shonicmod: Are ya'll gonna play SSD's

"Glue" tomorrow night in NYC?

SUPERCHUNK: Shonic, we haven't played that

since 1992 in Boston at the Paradise. Its come full circle.

loaFHEad: Is Laura dating anyone John?

SUPERCHUNK: Loafhead, yes she is dating

Benicio Del Toro.

loaFHEad: Did you like playing recovers of


SUPERCHUNK: Loaf, we haven't done those in

3-4 years. We stopped playing them but they were fun. Those guys

still owe us money.

Slackluster: SUPERCHUNK,

when are you guys gonna do a VIDEO comp?

SUPERCHUNK: Slack, not sure. We have been

talking with Disney. Maybe in the next few years.

hitselfdestruct: John, when are you coming to


SUPERCHUNK: We will be there in mid December.

loaFHEad: Did you write "Sun Shine

State" about Florida?

SUPERCHUNK: Yes, it was about the ABA

basketball team from Florida in the mid to late 70's. Mac was the

ball boy for the team.

loaFHEad: What do you think of the Chapel

Hill scene nowadays?

SUPERCHUNK: We are not around that much. We

haven't heard alot of the newer bands. We hear the Squirrel Nut

Zippers are making a lot of progress.

Groovious: Are you excited about playing DC

on Halloween?

SUPERCHUNK: Very much so, 'cause that's my

birthday and I will be 40.

shonicmod: What's your worst memory of

touring with Seaweed?

SUPERCHUNK: Wow, they showed up at a show in

Cleveland at the Odeon and they had just gotten some brownies.

Unbeknown to Superchunk they were pot brownies.

They gave us some and we didn't know that they were laced with

pot. We ended up playing all our songs backwards. We ate a lot of


loaFHEad: Where is Duck Kee studio located in

Raleigh cause I'd like to record there.

SUPERCHUNK: It moved. It's in Allamance

County near Greensboro.

loaFHEad: I heard that you were a window

washer John, how does it feel to move up in the world and rock

for your fans?

SUPERCHUNK: It feels good and I think that I

am ready to work at a car wash next.

christi: What's the weirdest Halloween

costume you've ever concocted?

SUPERCHUNK: In 4th grade I went as a pack of

Vantage cigarettes.

sushi: Is it true that you guys are on tour

with Pout?

SUPERCHUNK: Pout are doing their own tour.

Next summer. They are trying to get their stage routine


loaFHEad: Would you ever do another Vanish


SUPERCHUNK: Certainly, I can't imagine he

will be alive by the next election.

Groovious: Are you still enjoying the

tour/band thing at your advanced age?

SUPERCHUNK: Yeah, this tour has gone really

quickly for me.

Chrizto: Any opinion on the band Don


SUPERCHUNK: I wasn't a big fan but I am a big

fan of Guy Caballero.

Groovious: Does Chunk enjoy exciting

promotional spectacles such as this chat thingo?

SUPERCHUNK: Very much so.

loaFHEad: John, is it only you that uses the


SUPERCHUNK: Basically, yeah.

Groovious: John, I meant more can you see

doing Chunk as a life-long career? I think about these things a


SUPERCHUNK: I feel like it already is.

Slackluster: How does your live show differ

in terms of not having vibes or pianos and shit... do you just

leave the parts out or adapt them for what you got?

SUPERCHUNK: When we go to Europe we will have

a guy- Rey Cooper. In the States, it's the guy Jez from the

Beatnick Film Stars.

Chrizto: Are you all actively connected to

the Internet, or is this more of an one-off sort of thing?

SUPERCHUNK: I am personally pretty connected.

I don't think that the others are.

Groovious: How will the stock market dip

affect the moods of CHUNK?

SUPERCHUNK: We are all heavy investors. We

almost canceled a show today to keep our eye on the stocks. We

are very nervous.

cadmium: Any chance that you'll be playing

"Cadmium" or "Her Royal Fisticuffs?"

SUPERCHUNK: We haven't been doing

"Cadmium" lately, "Fisticuffs" is a good


loaFHEad: Where did you find that one song

called "Bye Bye Kitty?"

SUPERCHUNK: "Bye Bye Kitty Cat" is

by a band from Cleveland called The Mice. They were around in the

mid 80's we played it the other night in Columbus and Bob from

GBV sang it with us.

SUPERCHUNK: Jim is coming on, thanks for all

the questions.

loaFHEad: What do you think of the Sebadoh


SUPERCHUNK: - I was the member of the band

that discovered Sebadoh.

Groovious: Jim, can YOU play any T Rex songs?

SUPERCHUNK: I can play T Rex, but I won't.

Slackluster: Jim, PLEASE tell us what you did

on this record that was any different form what you did on the

OTHER records.

SUPERCHUNK: There was nothing different about

recording. It was written different than other records. It was

written more pieces arranged we wrote pieces and made them into


Slackluster: I meant YOU in particular. Any

philosophy you were embracing at that time?

SUPERCHUNK: No, we are old people. We are set

in our ways.

loaFHEad: How drunk were you at the Duke

University show?

SUPERCHUNK: Pretty fucking drunk.

Groovious: You ever play with Pine State?

They had gimps when I saw them.

SUPERCHUNK: Never seen them or played with


Chrizto: Jim, do you all have any opinion on

Polvo's new album? A lot of people are terribly disappointed with


SUPERCHUNK: I didn't hear it yet. But I like


loaFHEad: Why don't you guys like


SUPERCHUNK: We like it a lot. We play it

almost every night.

Slackluster: Jim, any numbers off the new

album that you seem NOT to be playing live?

SUPERCHUNK: Every single instinct, can't do

it live.

Groovious: Do you DJ any club nights like

those ace faces in the Make*up? I'd love to hear you spin some

jungle at that club Hell in Chapel Hill.


loaFHEad: Why do you keep saying that this is

your last show everytime I see you play?

SUPERCHUNK: Because you never know it might


loaFHEad: Do you guys have a show tonight?

SUPERCHUNK: In Boston at the Paradise.

loaFHEad: Cool, tell Laura that I am madly in

love with her.


Groovious: It's strange I like the middle of

strings the best but the end of the new one.

SUPERCHUNK: The end is good on the new one I


Slackluster: "Nu Bruises" reminds

Scott of Sonic Youth.

SUPERCHUNK: I don't think that anything that

we do sounds like Sonic Youth at all.

Slackluster: Man, I don't care what the fans

say, "Strings" is SOOO fucking solid.

SUPERCHUNK: It's true slack, probably one of

the best records of the last 30 years.

loaFHEad: Did you ever live in Chapel Hill


SUPERCHUNK: No, never lived there before. YES

we all live there.

brendan: Bob N. of Pavement told me that Mac

could definitely beat Beck at arm wrestling. Any comments?

SUPERCHUNK: Completely but Bob N. could beat

Mac at arm wrestling.

Groovious: Is that Detroit song based on the

movie An Affair to Remember?

SUPERCHUNK: No it's not, it's based on a

thing. Heh heh heh.

brendan: Bob had nothing but praise for Mac's skill as a point

guard. Is a video comp on the way?

SUPERCHUNK: You know truthfully it's in the

works, it has been for years.

Slackluster: CHUNK, tell me the polar bear


SUPERCHUNK: Slack, buy an Internet and you

will see it. Like the Spice Girls.

Groovious: Does any member of Chunk admit to

listen to a Spice Girls song?

SUPERCHUNK: We are totally into it. We play

"Wannabe" all the time.

brendan: Did Butterglory break up or are they

just not touring?

SUPERCHUNK: That's a good question. I don't

want to say they broke up. But they won't be touring anytime


Groovious: Does Superchunk

consider themselves to be Mods or Rockers?


Groovious: Jim, you gotta get with my


SUPERCHUNK: No we won't cover a Spice Girls

song. We wouldn't be able to do the dance moves.

Groovious: Jim, what bands from the 60's and

70's are your biggest interests?

SUPERCHUNK: Grand Funk Railroad.

SUPERCHUNK: Hugs and kisses love you all.

Don't take any of the acid in the back row. Jim.