I was gonna write on Homogenic these big letters "THIS ALBUM WAS NOT PRODUCED, IT WAS DONE."

BJORK: Hallo, my name is Bjork

and I've come here to communicate.

wilhelm: How aware are you of the various

manifestations on the Internet of fans of yours? Do you ever

spend much time "surfing" - either fan sites or more

general explorations and do you ever read the


BJORK: No, but I got a computer yesterday.

saucytrt: Dear Bjork, can

you tell us about your biggest source of inspiration for Homogenic?

BJORK: Daily life.

lunargirll: This is just a rumor, but is it

true that you didn't put "So Broken" on the album

'cause Howie B found it too emotional to hear it?

BJORK: That's rubbish.

Ahura: How have you been lately, Bjrk?

BJORK: I have been brilliant.

TZB: Bjork, have you ever

tried your hair in the same style as on the cover of Homogenic?

BJORK: I flirted with it when I was in the


Robbie: My favorite songs on Post

were the ones with string arrangements by Eumir Deotato. Although

I don't have a copy of Homogenic yet I'm pleased

to see that there are more songs with string arrangements by

Deotato. How did Bjork become involved with

Deotato and are these recordings about all that Deotato has been

doing recently?

BJORK: Well. I called him in '95, and asked

him if he would arrange with me some songs. I did that after I

heard Travessia with Milton Nascimento. But on this album I

arranged half and Deotato the other half and I am getting better

and better in being self sufficient in these things.

gunnar_a: What happened to the Bond cover

"You Only Live Twice?" (it's actually a favorite of

mine, kind of reminds me of Isobel, It's the strings I guess).

BJORK: I learned the hard way that you should

never cover your favorite tunes because they are good already.

Cover bad tunes and make them good.

tvguide: Do you enjoy producing or creating

the music more?

BJORK: I look at it as the same thing

sometimes. People enter a studio already to take part in creating

something exciting and then afterwards you have to sit down and

label who did what, which can be quite tricky sometimes. Most of

the time I think its unnecessary.

Chile: What's your favorite music in Homogenic?


BJORK: I can't pick.

_mikha_: Bjork, are u

planning to visit RUSSIA / MOSCOW?

BJORK: Yeah, maybe next summer, but it


zoo2: Why does Bjork not

wear shoes on stage?

BJORK: Ever since I started singing I found

it difficult to wear jewelry, hats, make up, shoes, and speak

language while I sing. It gets in the way. I am getting better

with the language thing.

MeisterK: Do you like to communicate with

your fans? Or is it "part of the job"?

BJORK: I am very curious, that's why I am

here. But also I have strong opinions on keeping the proportions

of your time spending healthy. Most of the time I prefer writing

songs and playing them to people than talking to them.

Cloth: What are your present musical

influences, if any?

BJORK: The ocean and looking forward to the


Amazing: Was it your decision to use no

producer on Homogenic, and will this trend

continue for future albums?

BJORK: I was gonna write on Homogenic


DONE." I prefer that way of looking at things.

_mikha_: Bjork , who is

author of "Joga" video and is all landscapes computer


BJORK: Michel Gondry.

TheLonePsycho: What is your favorite song to


BJORK: I have got tons, it depends what mood

I am in that evening.

Adi: How is Sindri?

BJORK: He is great.

rilka: Have you done anything with RZA yet?

BJORK: We did one tune. We just have to see

where it goes.

gunnar_a: Hi Bjrk! My name

is Gunnar. First of all thanks a million for all the great music

you've created. Are you still excited about the new album and the

songs, or are you already thinking of and working on the next


BJORK: I still want to tour this one, and

arranging for live gigs is exciting so the songs are still

growing. I have written 5 tunes for the next album. It's a bit of

both I guess.

zoo2: Has Bjork turned away

from songs like "It's Oh So Quiet" on purpose? Because

she was gaining too big a fan base? Or was there a different


BJORK: I haven't turned away from it.

AHTOH: Why did you choose the word Homogenic

as a title of your album?

BJORK: Because it's one flavor instead of a

collection of different things.

dubstar: Are Venus, Isobel and Joga in any


BJORK: Yeah, they have loads of connections.

It's hard for me to pick any out.

Nickolausi: Bjork, what are

the criteria after which you pick people to remix your songs? Do

you decide?

BJORK: I decide and it's just the ones that

turn me on, the ones I would be listening to myself.

niko: How does your son feel about you being

so successful in what you do?

BJORK: I guess he doesn't know anything else.

But he was brought up with most of the people around him. having

obsessions. work-wise so I am not really odd one out.

HyperTech: Bjork, can you

tell us who Joga is ? Your credit her/him on Post

and Homogenic!

BJORK: She is my best friend.

over: Can anyone even endure true love?

BJORK: Yeah.

Miho: What was the most beautiful scenery

that you have ever seen besides Iceland?

BJORK: Corsica.

Andrew: Bjork, will you ever

release the work you did with Kent Nagano?

BJORK: We are going to do more work. It's

just a problem finding time.

Morrisine: When will the USA tour begin?

BJORK: In December.

alucila: Do you plan to do any more things

with other hip hoppers?

BJORK: I don't know, I guess I am a bit

retarded when it comes to styles I don't think in styles, rather

if people have got integrity and creativity, I get excited.

MsMorrisine: What future sacrifices do you

think you'll need to make while managing a busy singing career

with the "Hunt" for and "Holding" of the Love

you often sing about?

BJORK: Live in Iceland for a start, that's

what I am made of.

lunargirll: Would you reckon it is healthier

with having your "fans" online so they can express

their feelings and talk it all out or would you rather have it

they mind their own business and keep it all cooped up inside?

BJORK: A bit of both. I guess communicating

takes both parties to make an effort.

MeisterK: Besides music and Sindri, what is

the most important for you?

BJORK: Friends and family, it's hard to pick.

I don't want to sound cold but Iceland, nature is very high on

the list.

Animuz: Bjork, do you plan

on releasing more remix albums like telegram?

BJORK: I don't know, I try not to plan to far


Jenna: Are there any specific roots to the

lyrics of your songs?

BJORK: Reaction to daily life.

dubstar: What's going to be your next single?

BJORK: "Bachelorette"

BJORK: I have to go off now off to my

gorgeous private life to cuddles and that bye bye to nobs and the

buttons bye bye.