I was paid before this. I don't throw all my eggs in the rap basket.

MoD: O.C. is logged on under

the name Mush so if you want to ask him questions ask them to


Mush: Hey this is OC- I am

using my nickname, cause they wouldn't let me log in with my

name. You can ask me questions.

BeAsT: Wassup OC?

Mush: I am just chillin', my back hurts. What

do you recommend to kill the pain?

HARLEMWORLD1: Hennessey.

Mush: That's my shit. You musta read my mind!

HARLEMWORLD1: When is the D.I.T.C album

coming out?

Mush: It comes out in January- everybody is

working on their solo shit so it's taking a little bit of time.

HARLEMWORLD1: What's up with Big L?

Mush: Big L is chillin trying to get another

deal and we are about to do a video.

DITCSite_Rep: O.C. me and

some peeps got an DITC site hooked up. How about making it


Mush: I might do a site, do your thing, you

got permission.

HARLEMWORLD1: "Dangerous" is hot.

Mush: Thanks, we got the Lost Boyz remix, the

Lord Tariq, and Peter Gunns remix too. Just working and busting

my ass.

DITCSite_Rep: Yeah, did you peep it though?

My man spoke with Finesse but he's hesitating.

Mush: Oh, word?


www.da-illest.simplenet.com/ditc ----word!!

Mush: I will look at it after the chat.

HARLEMWORLD1: How's your album doing in


Mush: I am not paying attention to the sales.

PhatKat: Mush...we have a site called Liquid

Verse that gives shine to underground hip hop from all over the


Mush: I will check it out Phat-I don't get to

surf the web much. But after the chat I will look at all the

sites you all told me about.

guest49: How You livin' O.C.?

Mush: I am maintaining , and I have a bad

backache though. Other than that I am just chillin.

DITCSite_Rep: Yo O.C., what

do you have to say for the cats that slept on WORD LIFE?

Mush: Small minds think alike so they will

never get it.

BeAsT: Are you doing any touring for the


Mush: B, I am about to go overseas and then

come back to the States.

hooj: OC ,did you ever get

to have sex with Yvette Michele?

Mush: No, Yvette is like my sister. That

would be like incest.

hoojtwit: But wait Omar , you didn't even try

to get close to Yvette Michele? Why didn't you lick that clit?

Mush: She is peoples, Hooj. We don't get down

like that.

DITCSite_Rep: Where was "Far From

Yours" filmed?

Mush: "Far From Yours" was filmed

in St. Lucia.

BeAsT: You should head up to the Cold North


Mush: I am going to hit Canada on my tour.

DITCSite_Rep: What is the next single?

Mush: The next single is "Dangerous / It

Can't Go Wrong".

Hristo: Who were the other rappers in with

you on the Crooklyn soundtrack? It was you Chubb

Rock and who?

Mush: Histro- Jeru.

Hristo: Who are your musical influences,

either from inside or outside of hip hop?

Mush: Hristo- Rakim, Slick Rick, G rap, KRS,

Chuck D, LL, Kane and anyone from 82-88. Run DMC of course.

Dialog: Mush: who takes care of your


Mush: Rockafella /Payday does the promotions.

BeAsT: What are your feelings on the Internet

and its effect on hip-hop culture???

Mush: Everything has to evolve. It's not a

park jam anymore.

onE87: Will you ever do a project with

Organized Konfusion?

Mush: Yeah, we are working on one for the


onE87: Why do hip hop artist as yourself

price CD 's so much?

Mush: My CD is 12 bucks at HMV in NYC.

Dialog: Are y'all gonna have Beatminerz up on

the DITC album?

Mush: Beatminerz is working on their own

album. They got their own groups.

DITCSite_Rep: O.C., can you

hook me up with the DITC RECORDS #?

Mush: 212-603-7677 that's where you can get

the DITC.

hoojtwit: Do you picture yourself garnering a

rep on freestyle underground tapes, possessing a crafty ability

to spark compelling dialogue. Like how you started off. And what

about Pharohe? Are you still in touch with that bloke?

Mush: Hooj- as far as the freestyle shit, my

days are over. There are too many dope kids coming up with that

shit. Gotta leave it to them.

BeAsT: What are your feelings on the Internet

and its effect on hip-hop culture?

Mush: My publicist is down with the web.

ANON: You are well respected by heads that

check for hip hop culture. I was wondering if you used to b-boy

or write graff?

Mush: I did neither.

BeAsT: Were you ever into writing graffiti or

down with any writers? Anyone you particularly like?

Mush: I was a fan. I couldn't write. I

admired the work and craft. I didn't pay attention to the


hoojtwit: And why do you tend to suck up to

Organized Konfusion oh so much. Like how you talk about their

"ill" unfluence on you. I didn't even like their lame

LP. I didn't even like the equinox EPMD LP. I did like yours


Mush: You are crazy Hooj. We are not here to

talk about the Organized Konfusion album.

ANON: "The Crow" that's an ill

song. What was behind that?

Mush: Anon- Imagination.

hoojtwit: Do you think you will ever team up

with J-live? And do something together?

Mush: Hooj- we have been talking about it.

Actually we talked about it a couple of hours ago.

Hristo: What do you think of DJ Shadow?

Mush: Hr- Shadow's shit is dope.

PhatKat: How does a struggling producer with

mellow jazz grooves and hard hitting beats, but with too few

connections get his demo heard?

Mush: Phat, are you close to a major city?

PhatKat: NYC.

Mush: You shouldn't have a problem man. Take

your tapes personally and ask the security people at clubs who

are the label people are in attendance.

hoojtwit: Why did you give up the DJ element?

And when did you make that drastic change?

Mush: Hooj- I gave up the DJ element cause I

wanted to pursue the mic more.

BeAsT: Is it looking like your gonna sell

more units then Word Life? Like you were hoping

so you could finally get paid?

Mush: I was paid before this. I don't throw

all my eggs in the rap basket.

Hristo: Are you gonna be performing at any

clubs in NYC any time soon?

Mush: Hr, yeah I am doing the Tunnel Sunday,

me and Diggin In The Crates.

cris: Do you still rhyme off the head on a

regular bases?

Mush: Cris, nah.

Dialog: Are you in college? What kinds of

jobs did you end up doing before?

Mush: Dialog, keep your day job if you try to

be rappers.

Hristo: What do you think rappers who

continuously rap off beat like Missy and her friends?

Mush: Missy is whack.

cris: Speaking of EPMD, what did everybody

think of the album?

Mush: I am not feelin' the EPMD record. It

might grow on me.

kasone: How do you feel about people like

Puffy messing up hip hop as a culture?

Mush: You can't say Puffy is messing it up.

To each his own. He is doing what works for him.

kasone: I disagree, to go on cable TV and say

that you are making a new element of hip hop is wack, especially

for Puffy. I bet you bought the Puffy album, didn't you?

Mush: I didn't buy the Puffy album. I hear it

too much to buy it.

Hristo: If you live in the NYC metro area you

don't need to buy the album, you can just tape it off the radio

or hear it being played in someones car.

Mush: Straight up Hristo!

cris: What records have you bought lately?

Mush: I bought MOP Equinots,

Great Adventures of Slick Rick, Nas illmatic

Busta (I had to buy it).

kasone: You just got illmatic?

Or did you loose it?

Mush: I just bought it again. People are

thieves, someone stole it.

cris: You bought Equinox?

Didn't Prince or Pharahoe hit you off with a copy?

Mush: I don't see them. They do their thing,

I do mine, real fans support other people's music.

hoojtwit: Not once tonight did you answer one

of my diminutive yet very important mock-type questions.

Mush: Hooj, I did answer one of your wack


ipsta: What the hell did you mean when you

said. . "cause in a minute, I'm going to making 10 g's times

10"? What's so significant about 60,000 dollars that you

felt it would be a good line?

Mush: If you are a real head you would know

that Mc Shan said that shit to LL Cool J.

ipsta: I'm not a real head because I don't

memorize all of MC Shan's lyrics? What emcee said "sitting

under a tree reciting biblical verses"? Huh? You don't know?

You're no real head!

Mush: I don't know tell me.

kasone: What religion are you?

Mush: I am a humanist.

Dialog: You down with the Zulu Nation?

Mush: No, I am not down with the Zulu Nation,

no disrespect.

kasone: Then how come you talk about Allah

and Jesus Christ?

Mush: Kas, because you gotta look at a

supreme being. The names don't mean shit. You gotta look at

something as a creator, I could say shit is my god.

cris: What did you think about Rakim's latest


Mush: Cris, It's cool.

ipsta: I think "it's been a long

time" is kind of weak for Rakim.

Dialog: Ip stop being so critical!

ipsta: If I'm putting money in someones

pocket, I should be allowed to be critical.

Mush: No doubt dialog you can't be a yes man.

Just cause your friend like the shit doesnt mean you got to

like it.

cris: Is the album close to gold?

Mush: I don't know, I don't check on the

stats, I think that's taboo.

Mush: I gotta go, peace and love thanks for

all the mother fuckers who supported my shit and for the rest of

y'all fuck you.