Foo Fighters

Besides his association with NAMBLA, we've found him to be a very good addition to the band.

Winnebago: How's it going with Franz Stahl??

FOOFIGHTERS: Besides his association with

NAMBLA, we've found him to be a very good addition to the band.

WindUp: Do you guys ever collect bootlegs of


FOOFIGHTERS: Bootleg porn, yes.

Sizye: When are you coming to Latin America?

FOOFIGHTERS: Taylor: Hopefully soon. Probably

early '98.

Ivana19: When are you coming to play in

Croatia? You are so huge here! Everyone loves you! You have tons

of fans, like little old me.

FOOFIGHTERS: It's not on our next tour, but

maybe during our spring tour.

ThePod: Do you have any Fender Guitars, or

just Gibsons?

FOOFIGHTERS: Just Gibson guitars, but I

prefer the P-bass.

Foo_Fighter: Nate. are you dropping the band

and going back to Sunny Day Real Estate?

FOOFIGHTERS: I already have. This is actually

an impostor.

Ivana19: What do you think of Blur?

FOOFIGHTERS: "Wonderwall" rocks,

and the singer is cute.

Sizye: Do you read the Foo Fighters

official mailing list?

FOOFIGHTERS: Not often enough.

Foo_Fighter I've been hearing all these

rumors and I want to know what is the relationship between Bush

and you!

FOOFIGHTERS: Mutual respect as musicians.

Foo_Fighter: Taylor, you are awesome but do

you always dress in drag or was that just for

"Everlong" and Drum magazine?

FOOFIGHTERS: Only at home with my girlfriend.

marigold: What going to be the next single?

FOOFIGHTERS: I don't know, what should it be?

Bruise-Pristine: Why'd Dave and Shelly get

divorced? Just wondering. I don't listen to media BS, I'd rather

here things from the person themselves.

FOOFIGHTERS: Because they found out they were

actually married to the wrong person.

LadyBird_J: If you could dine with any

historical figure, dead or alive, who would it be?

FOOFIGHTERS: Freddy Mercury.

ThePod: How come you never play

"Exhausted" live anymore? It's my favorite song.

FOOFIGHTERS: We sort of played it out on the

last tour, and you can only really end with it and that spot is

sort of perfect for "New Way Home."

Foo_Fighter: Taylor can you give us some

background info?

FOOFIGHTERS: He's taking the 5th.

Winnebago: What drum kit did Dave use for


FOOFIGHTERS: The green one.

ThePod: Why are you so loud?

FOOFIGHTERS: So that we can justify the truck

we take on tour.

Ivana19: What's your favorite spot in London?

It can be anything!

FOOFIGHTERS: Thanks for the freedom, I think

it'll have to be Brown's.

one_girl: Anyone romantically involved?

FOOFIGHTERS: We're romantically invalid.

nitelyte: Do you guys mind if my band covers



ThePod: What do you think of Marv Albert?

FOOFIGHTERS: I think that its not really


Foo_Fighter: When is your tour going to end,

next spring?

FOOFIGHTERS: This part ends around November


Skeeter_tom: Any thoughts about releasing a

live album?

FOOFIGHTERS: I think you're supposed to do

that after you've run out of ideas. Somewhere after the 4th album

or so.

ThePod: What was the Mike Watt Tour like? I

saw it 's stop at the Black Cat, it kicked.


WindUp: Do you guys ever check out pages on

the Internet?

FOOFIGHTERS: No, we're too primitive.

marigold: Why did you guys put an extra song

on the Japanese CD?

FOOFIGHTERS: Domestic Japanese CDs are very

expensive and its the only way buying a CD there can be justified

compared to an import.

Dementia: If you could have 1 wish, what

would it be?

FOOFIGHTERS: To live next to a Taco Bell.

KHOLEO: What made you decide to tour with the

Rolling Stones?

FOOFIGHTERS: Truthfully, they asked and I

don't think you can really turn down the Rolling Stones.

marigold: Do you think POT should be


FOOFIGHTERS: And everything else.

FOOFIGHTERS: Thanks for hanging around, and

for the questions. See you next time. Bye.

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