Only if I tie a rubber band around my balls.

HELMET: Ask away, It's Henry the bass player,

backstage at Irving Plaza.

Zax0n: OK, Henry... when one of those little

boxes pops up on your screen and says "HAVE GAY SEX WITH

ME!" just close it and ignore it.

HELMET: Okay, thanks Zaxon.

Zax0n: That ain't Henry.

HELMET: It's me! It's really me.

Zax0n: For one thing, Henry doesn't talk :)

HELMET: I don't talk much. I also need

someone to spell for me.

Zax0n: Hey Henry, name 5 songs you played in

Philadelphia on Friday.

HELMET: I can't remember Philly, much less

the songs we performed.

Zax0n: You can't even spell your own name?

HELMET: Like I said, I can't spell.

Brent: Helmet, why did you cancel tomorrow

night's show in NYC?

HELMET: We didn't sell enough tickets here,


Nucs94: Come to Florida, please.

HELMET: We have been to Florida, we have

actually been there twice this year. Unfortunately opening up for

two really lame bands.

gigantor: Why was the Ottawa show canceled?

HELMET: Gig, I don't know.

Peacock: Who from the band is on this


HELMET: Peacock, Henry and Page.

Zax0n: Henry, how long did it take you to

write "Sam Hell" off Betty?

HELMET: I didn't write Sam Hell.

Brent: Hey guys, MATACOOTI,

what does it mean?

HELMET: Some kind of round pasta, right


Peacock: Hey, remember us? Joe and Mike from

Atlanta? We bothered you after the Masquerade show on Tues.!

HELMET: Yes, we remember.

RITGIGANTOR: Okay, if the real band members

of Helmet are here right now, tell me what city

did you play on Saturday?

HELMET: Saturday our show was in Rochester.

Zax0n: Page & Henry, do you guys approve

of fans recording your shows?

HELMET: Zaxon- sure, as long as they don't

sell them and make bootleg records and rip us off.

OsNo: You guys going play Buffalo?

HELMET: No, we aren't playing Buffalo.

Brent: Hey Henry, have you picked up any cool

techno CDs lately?

HELMET: Brent, no, not a techno fan.

silvia: Do you remember which cities have you

played in Brazil?

HELMET: San Palo, Florinapolis, and somewhere


Zax0n: Who was that old fat guy videotaping

you at the Philadelphia show? He was right in front of Page, in

front of the barrier.

HELMET: That was my dad (Henry).

Chris-PA: Mr. Bogdan, do you remember a

frantic dude wearing a white T-shirt in front of you at the

Metropol show in Pittsburgh?

HELMET: I do remember that guy, do you have a


Hater: Question for Henry, I'm a bassist, I'm

wondering what equipment you use?

HELMET: Hater, I use a bass and an amplifier.

Brent: How 'bout country? Any of y'all into


HELMET: Brent- I am into country (Henry).

sonicmod: Henry is into Hawaiian music played

on a steel guitar right?

HELMET: Sonic, yes.

OsNo: Do you guys care if people take

pictures at shows?

HELMET: Osno, no we don't.

Zax0n: You like George Jones? Buck Owens?


HELMET: Buck and George.

silvia: Do you pretend to play in Rio De

Janeiro? I'm from Rio. And I would like to see a show from your


HELMET: We played in San Paulo, Florinapolis

and somewhere else- we may play in Rio in January.

Brent: What is the concept behind the burning

oil fields on the album artwork for AFTERTASTE?

And, someone mentioned George Jones. What's it like being on the

same label as Tom Jones?

HELMET: The oil field picture was a nice

picture and Tom Jones sucks (Page).

arnoud: Hey guys, why didn't you play at Pukkelpop

Festival in Belgium last month?

HELMET: Arnourd, we were on tour in the US.

OsNo: Why do clubs freak out if the bands

don't mind pictures being taken then?

Zax0n: Page and Henry, why in the name of

holy jehosuphat did you tour with the horrible Marilyn Manson?

HELMET: The label wanted us to.

Brent: When is your next headlining tour with

The Hooters & the Georgia Satellites?

HELMET: Soon, we hope Brent.

Hater: Page, what is being screamed at the

end of 'Renovation'?

HELMET: Hater- "Kill your parents."

NightGoat: Hey Helmet, are

you guys friends with the Melvins?

HELMET: Nightgoat, yes.

silvia: Do you like Fugazi?

HELMET: Silvia, yes.

Zax0n: Which member of Helmet

has the most love affairs with animals?

HELMET: Don't know. We don't talk about it.

Too personal.

FBLA_II: Page, saw the show in Toronto with

Korn in March. Are you coming back soon?


Chris-PA: Mr. Hamilton, I noticed your

microphone kept messing up in Pittsburgh, is that why you weren't

screaming as much?

HELMET: Chris, I don't remember.

HELMET: One last question for Henry 'cause we

have to go home to our houses where we have spent no time (we

would like to relax and eat before the gig).

elt1: If you were to play any cover songs

during a performance, which would you play?

HELMET: We would like to cover Celion Dion's

cover of Eric Carmen's bad song "All By Myself."

silvia: I've heard that you enjoy jazz ? Is

it true?

HELMET: Yes, I do enjoy jazz.

josh453: So, when does the show start?

HELMET: We play at 11:15.

Unruled: Who came up with "Like I


HELMET: I did.

OsNo: Favorite musicians currently?

HELMET: That's tough. Currently, Elvis

Costello is my favorite.

Zax0n: Did you make a video for "Like I


HELMET: No we didn't make a video.

Nucs94: Did you make any videos for any of

the songs on Aftertaste?

HELMET: We made a video for "Exactly

What You Wanted."

Marigold: Come to Indianapolis.

HELMET: We were just in Indianapolis.

Zax0n: Page, do you have a computer, and if

so are you ever going to make a "Page page"?

HELMET: Zaxon, no I don't have a computer and

I dont know if I will.

Nucs94: MTV never plays any

of your videos, I think that sucks.

HELMET: I think that sucks too.

Chris-PA: Guys, did you enjoy playing in

Pittsburgh. I was in front and I want to say that was the best

show Iive ever been to, ever. It was great.

HELMET: I love Pittsburgh, especially the

Primanti Bros.

Hater: Guys, would you please play 'Diet

Aftertaste' tonight, or next week in Cambridge MA pleeeeeease?

HELMET: Not tonight. Maybe at the show next


Freak83: What is your favorite song to play


HELMET: Wilma's Rainbow.

Unruled: How many more albums you expect to


HELMET: Don't know, at least one more album.

Hater: Will it be for Interscope?

HELMET: Yes, we just found out that the

record will be for Interscope.

Unruled: Can you sing soprano?

HELMET: Only if I tie a rubber band around my


Freak83: Page, Why did you start using ESP? I

heard you used to use PRS's, but you gave it to Daniel Johns of


HELMET: I have always used ESP's. PRS's came

later. I still use PRS and ESP's in the studio.

b-b-b-raden: Hey Helmet, do you know the band


HELMET: We know the band Tad very well.

RITGIGANTOR: Do you have an email address?

HELMET: The email address is on the back of Aftertaste.

HELMET: I have to go, I am going to eat.

Thanks for coming by.