I think it is good to get in and out. Wham bam thank you mam.

Fluke: This is Mike from Fluke.

Keyboard player and programmer.

Negativland: Hi Fluke!

Dafunkster: Fluke, do you

like the Crystal Method? They are cool bastards! I saw them live

last Halloween!

Fluke: Yeah, I managed to see them for the

first time. I enjoyed them.

Luis: Hi, first I have to say that loved your

shows in Portugal!

Fluke: Portugal was a really good gig for us.

pin4: Mike, how is America?

Fluke: So far America is good. It has been

quite strange. It is our 3rd day in NY. Yet too short for proper


Luis: What is your favorite piece of studio


Fluke: At the moment it is a eventide H 4000

a effects processor.

Luis: What do you think of Clavia Nord lead

and the jp8000 in comparison?

Fluke: I've got a Nord lead. I was working

with a DJ named Sasha. I liked it. I like the Nord best. I use it

on stage.

Coffi: Fluke, where are you


Fluke: I am from North West London.

Coffi: Would you consider yourself good at

what you do?

Fluke: That's for others to say, really. It

has been a long slow process. I think we are getting better.

Taking electronic music live is hard. Everything is so different

over here.

Luis: When will Risoto come


Fluke: It should be out in the end of

September. September 23rd.

pin4: What are you guys working on at the

moment apart from the album and single?

Fluke: The album and the single have been

finished for quite a while. We are just touring here. Then we go

to Scandinavia.

Dafunkster: Will you be back to Boston, or

did I miss my only chance?

Fluke: Hopefully we will try to repeat the

show in the States as soon as we can. We are booked 'till


Coffi: Have you ever met any really famous on

your travels?

Fluke: David Bowie, Bjork, Tom Jones.

pin4: How has your live set changed since the

early days? I saw you at the Rocket in London in '94 with the

Drum Club and Underworld. That was awesome!

Fluke: Way back then. That was a good gig. We

were coming off a tour. I remember that gig. Our live show is

more dynamic. We learned from past mistakes. We have a new

member: Rachel.

Gog665: Fluke, how long will the show be


Fluke: We play for only 35 minutes. I think

it is good to get in and out. Wham bam thank you mam.

pin4: What is her role in the group?

Fluke: She just joined. She has been with us

since March. Norway was her first show. She works the audience

and messes with their heads, Rachel stares, she makes contact in

quite a big way. People react well to that.

Coffi: Have you ever broken the law? (not

just for something like dropping litter).

Fluke: Everyone breaks the law everyday.

pin4: How did Fluke become

Lucky Monkeys?

Fluke: The Lucky Monkeys is interesting.

Years ago we released All Aboard. Later on there

was a project called Bjango. On the release was a Fluke

remix as well. Kind of Glam Rock Style. Gary Glitter.

Coffi: How long do you think you'll last in

the music business? And how long do you think you'll all live to?

Fluke: We have been making records for 8

years now. We try to avoid scenes. Scenes come and go. We hope Fluke

will be able to exist in some form.

Negativland: Who plays the real Arial in the

"Atom Bomb" video?

Fluke: The "Atom Bomb" was just a

model, it was not Rachel. Rachel will appear in the new

"Absurd" video.

pin4: I found a record which dates back from

1990, Island Life. What is this

record all about? Is this how you guys start off the process of

making a track?

Fluke: Island Life

is our very first attempt ever to make a record. We were a more

conventional band. I am surprised people come across that. There

were only a couple hundred pressed. Deep history.

Luis: If who had to go to desert island,

which synthesizer would you would take with you?

Fluke: I wouldn't take a synth. I would take

a sampler. A EMU- E4.

Negativland: Who are you guys gonna do

remixes for next?

Fluke: We haven't been doing remixing lately.

The last one we did was Smashing Pumpkins. Helmet wanted us to do

one but we haven't had time.

Luis: Thanks Fluke, hope to

see you soon in Portugal and keep making some of the best dance

music for me!

Fluke: We try our best.

pin4: Are you guys going to doing anymore

live dates in the UK this year?

Fluke: That is difficult to say. We will,

don't know yet.

Negativland: Whose idea is it to release

those singles as 2 CDs instead of 1?

Fluke: Generally that is the way we do


pin4: How is the US taking Fluke

at the moment?

Fluke: Well I think the audiences react well.

Every time we have done a show. We get a lot of people coming up

saying they enjoyed it.

Fluke: One more question.

Negativland: Are you guys interested in doing

movie soundtracks?

Fluke: In the future. Fluke

would like to try doing many different things. Yeah.

Fluke: If people want to ask us questions

fluke@fluke.demon.co.uk is our email address. We are on tour but

we try to write back to everyone. Bye everyone!