Teenage Fanclub

Reading 95, I was out of my mind on acid. Crack open the Carlsberg!

TFC: Hello!

FizzWizzz3: Are the four of you there?

TFC: The four of us are here.

jdaglish: Are you looking forward to touring

in the UK?

TFC: Yes, we are Jdaglish.

gingerclare: How's George?

TFC: George is fine.

drcaligari32535: Are you coming to Germany


TFC: We have been told that we are going to

Germany in January. But we are planning on going sooner than

that, maybe October.

Becky: Do you usually remember people you

meet at gigs?

TFC: How are you doing, Becky?

Jose: Hello, what bands are you guys into at

the moment?

TFC: Jose, we like James, Last, Bauhaus,

Kajagoogoo and Flock Of Seagulls.

Yasmin: Are you guys going be touring with

Radiohead when they play Brixton in September?

TFC: No, we won't, but we are playing some

shows with them in November.

willist: I was hoping you'd swing through the

States again on your own.

TFC: Yes, we will be returning to the States.

jdaglish: Do you know about the mailing list

run by Chris Bray?

TFC: We know about the web page, but not the

mailing list.

TFC: Jdaglish, are you related to Kenny


jdaglish: I'm not related unfortunately.

drcaligari32535: I heard that you will be

doing a split single with the excellent Buffalo Tom. Is that true


TFC: Yes, we are doing a split single with

Buffalo Tom.

Jose: What is Buffalo contributing?

TFC: We are doing Buffalo Tom's songs and

they are doing our songs.

FizzWizzz3: Why didn't you guys do the Benicassim


TFC: We had to blow out the Benicassim

Festival 'cause we are touring over here.

FizzWizzz3: We knew, did you hear about the

Yatsura's accident?

TFC: We didn't hear about the accident. What


FizzWizzz3: Well, the upper part of the stage

sunk on them. Because of a great storm.

TFC : Was anyone hurt?

FizzWizzz3: No, but almost.

sonicmod: That's cool. Who is putting out the


TFC: Beggars Banquet is putting out the


drcaligari32535: Which Buffalo Tom song will

you be doing ? Which of your songs will Buffalo Tom be playing ?

TFC: See, we don't know what songs we are

going to do. They did "Guiding Star" and the other we

can't remember.

jdaglish: Norman, I'm holding in my hand the

can of Carlsberg you gave me at Reading


TFC: Has it gone flat yet? Reading

95, I was out of my mind on acid. Crack open the


gingerclare: Any UK release dates for the

single ?

TFC: UK, we just had one come out 2 weeks

ago. The next single will be late October.

jdaglish: Norman, how's Rowan?

TFC: Rowan is doing well and she is talking

lots. For anyone who doesn't know who Rowan is, she is a baby.

sonicmod: Are you guys happier with your new


TFC: Yes, they are fine.

Jose: What do you think about The Verve?

TFC: I met Richard a few times and he is a

nice guy. Their last single was great.

FizzWizzz3: Who's gonna be your supporting

band in the European tour?

TFC: Our support band in the UK is Gorky's

Zygotic Mynci and Cornershop. If you haven't heard Gorky's, go

out and buy their latest disc.

willist: Seen any good movies lately?

TFC: We saw Donnie Brasco,

and Secrets and Lies

was brilliant.

willist: How about Austin Powers,

International Man of

Mystery (shagadelic).

TFC: Haven't seen Austin Powers.

Mary_Hill: Has it started yet? I was watching

Some Like It Hot

on the telly.

TFC: MaryHill, are you from MaryHill?

Mary_Hill: TFC: Yes, well, nearer Queen

Margaret Drive, so if you are an estate agent it's North Kelvin.

TFC: Mary Hill, I used to live on Wilton


jdaglish: Any forthcoming Shoeshine projects?

TFC: Possibly a Shoeshine project in January.

Pookeye: Aren't you guys playing with

Radiohead in NYC on the 27?

TFC: The show is the 26th at Hammerstien

Ballroom and a free in-store at Other Music

in NYC on the 27th at 7:30.

Becky: Norman, did you find the JAMC record

you were looking for?

TFC: It was the first JAMC album Psychocandy,

yes I did find that.

Mary_Hill: I bought Psychocandy on the first

day it was out from A1(now Fopp) in Renfield Street.

TFC: There are some great songs on the first

Mary Chain Record.

Yasmin: So, are you still going to support


TFC: We are playing some more dates with

Radiohead this year, but we will also be playing on our own. Have

I said that they are nice guys?

Mary_Hill: Do you recall the interview the

Boy Hairdressers did for a fanzine called Coca Cola


TFC: We do remember the Coca

Cola Cowboy interview, I can't

imagine any of it would be making any sense.

Mary_Hill: I think you had been drinking.

TFC: Yeah Mary, we were.

jdaglish: I saw the video for

"Control" today, looks like great fun. Did you make it

while you were doing the album/singles covers?

TFC: No, it was afterwards, it was separate.

FizzWizzz3: Hey TFC! Where

did you get that giant tea-maker in your latest video?

TFC: The kettle? Is in a place called


willist: Any videos being aired in the US?

TFC: We have no idea if our videos are being

aired in the US, check M2.

Pookeye: In Chris's site, do you think the

tabs there are kinda close to your songs?

TFC: Yes ,they are close, maybe we can send

him some copies of the chords.

banana: Are you coming to Australia?

TFC: Yes, and I can't wait! Australia is a

fine country and Raymond's uncle Miles lives in Perth.

drcaligari32535: Are you going to perform on Alternative

Nation (MTV Europe) soon?

TFC: I think probably.

Mary_Hill: Do you still feel in-touch with

the new and happening groovy bands in your hometown? Do you think

that is something you need to lose to become successful

everywhere else?

TFC: hmmmmmmmmmm.

banana: Whoooohooooooooooooo, which Teenage

members are here?

TFC: Paul, Raymond, Norman and Finley.

Becky: Ahh, where's Gerry?

TFC: Gerry has gone for a walk.

banana: Hey, did you get our letter with the

lollipops in it? And who is Finley?

TFC: Lollipops? Hmmmm. Finely is a

fantastically beautiful and talented keyboard player.

willist: Is this Finley's first time here?

TFC: Yes, it is.

jdaglish: Who was the guy who appeared

(maniacally) on stage at Reading 95?

TFC: That's guitar George, he knows all the

chords. He is our guitar tech and used to be a roadie-Meatloaf,

Blackie Lawless and Black Francis.

FizzWizzz3: He's aware of his attractive

charm with women?

TFC: Who is that Finley? Gerry?

jdaglish: Raymond, got any new guitars, or

still with the Brian May model?

TFC: Yes and yes.

Spacey: I am going to Glasgow on vacation,

any thing I should check out?

Mary_Hill: Have a veggie burger and go to the

Sound City thing at the 13th Note.

TFC: I will second the veggie burger and the

13th Note.

jdaglish: My bands hoping to play at Sound

City, will you guys be there?

TFC: Yes, we will be at Sound City.

gingerclare: Get George to do his harmonica

solo at your next UK gig, he's sorely missed by the way, George

looks like my dad!

TFC: So your dad must be a good looking guy!

sonicmod: Where is Sound City?

TFC: It's right in the center of town, ask a


banana: When are you coming to Ozzie land?

TFC: Probably late November, early December.

FizzWizzz3: And to Spain?

TFC: Hopefully we will be in Spain soon.

FizzWizzz3: We have heard on the radio by

October/ November?

TFC: You have heard correctly.

Becky: Did someone already ask when you'll be

back in the US?

TFC: We will be back in the US tomorrow, and

the day after, then we go home.

Mary_Hill: Have you ever stayed at 1

Devonshire Gardens?

TFC: It's very expensive and Michael Jackson

stayed there once. We have not stayed there. Frances from the

Vaselines used top work at 1 Devenshire Gardens.

Mary_Hill: I cycle past it looking for famous

people, Billy Connelly was there a few weeks ago.

TFC: We have met Billy Connelly and he was a

nice guy. He thinks that Wet Wet Wet are rubbish and so do we.

Mary_Hill: I think Wet Wet Wet are rubbish

too, coming back from my holidays the taxi driver from the

airport told me a slanderous story about Marty but I can't repeat

it here.

TFC: Mary Hill Go on - tell us and we will

tell you one about Cliff Richard

Mary_Hill: Well, he doesn't tip, which

probably explains the reason the taxi driver was spreading

stories about him, but he went to some ladies house who wasn't

his wives, erm that's it, it could have been his sister.

Yasmin: Let's hear the one about Cliff


TFC: It involves, it's truly scurrilous.

sonicmod: So the Radiohead tour is almost


TFC: Radiohead tour finishes tomorrow.

Becky: No!!! When are you doing another tour

so I can see you again?

banana: Did they like our lollipops? Why did

no one reply? It was such a fantastic letter that smacked with

ironic humor Alanis style.

TFC: When did you send your letter?

gingerclare: Norm, are you wearing your


TFC: Yes, he is and they are called Birkenstocks.

willist: When is the song with Donna from due


jdaglish: Are you actually in the film?

TFC: The song that we recorded with Donna is

for a movie called Velvet Goldmine

and we aren't in it, but Donna is. She plays Susie Quatro.

gingerclare: Does Gerry have a relative who

works in a sandwich shop in Islington, London, UK?

TFC: Not as far as I know, Ginger.

jdaglish: Liam Gallagher once offered me some

dodgy looking white pills!

TFC: Did you take them?

banana: Do any of you eat haggis?

TFC: We eat vegetarian haggis.

Becky: Isn't vegetarian haggis an oxymoron?

TFC: Lentils, barley, Becky.

jdaglish: How do you fancy Scotland's chances

for France 98?

TFC: We are going to win it.

jdaglish: Do you think they'll pick up on

"Kick About" again?

TFC: Parts of "Kick About", were

sampled from an American Spring

LP, it was used for the Glastonbury highlights

on TV.

willist: So it wasn't you singing, just a


TFC: We sang along with the Sample, the

sample is very short and most of the record was us playing.

drcaligari32535: How was your tour with

Weezer last year ?

TFC: We met Rivers from Weezer in Boston 2

nights ago. And gave him a glass of whisky and he fell into the

harbor. I saved his life and I think that he owes me one. We sang

"We Are The World" us Buffalo Tom, Rivers, and Juliana

Hattfield, Tanya Donnelley and all of Radiohead.

FizzWizzz3: There's a picture of Norman and

one of the Spice Girls together in a Spanish tabloid. Not long


TFC: Which Spice Girl was it?

gingerclare: Ginger Spice of course!

jdaglish: On the Columbia web site, it

mentioned Big Country as an influence, is this true, or do they

mean BIG STAR?

TFC: That confused the hell out of us as


willist: Do you ever get sick of people

mentioning the Big Star, Bryds influences?

TFC: Willist, no not really we don't care. It

doesn't matter.

banana: Do you think Alex Chilton or Chris

Bell is the better songwriter? Not that it really matters.

TFC: Alex has written more than Chris Bell.

TFC: We are over here working for the Yankee


jdaglish: Did you see the Neighbors

From Hell program featuring

Richard Jobson living next door to a pig farm?

TFC: Yes.

Mary_Hill: TFC, You could always liven up

your shows by dancing like Richard Jobson.

TFC: Norman knows someone who has slept with

Richard Jobson who said that he was rubbish.

Mary_Hill: My sister once got off with Jock

Jobson. His brother, who played for Meadowbank Thistle, she

didn't mention his sexual prowess though.

ChrisBray: Any chance of a headlining tour

after the Radiohead tour?

TFC: Hi Chris B, have you tried to email me?

From Norman. Chris, we will get in contact with you soon. We need

to go now, nice to speak with you all. Becky, cheers! See you in

Glasgow Mary Hill.

sonicmod: Thanks for coming Teenage

Fanclub. Thanks for coming everyone.