They weren't actually the real people at the show in NY. They were doubles that we hired to create media hype.

sonicmod: Radiohead should

be arriving any moment, now. They are HERE!!!!!!!

Kevin: Has it been hard for you guys to get

along while on the road and during the course of making the


RADIOHEAD: I mean, we have been together 11

years. Our friendship has grown a lot stronger over time. We have

a lot of history, these things help fill this common bond. We are

also touring with Teenage Fanclub. They get along very well. The

best bands have friendship.

synapse: What are your favorite bands of the


RADIOHEAD: Teenage Fanclub, Tricky, Laika,

Supergrass, Sparklehorse.

synapse: Do you guys feel OK

Computer is different from your previous albums?

RADIOHEAD: I hope so! There is a real sense

that this is a band that has developed quite a bit from making Pablo

Honey and The Bends.

In some ways we were unrecognizable as the same band. But between

The Bends and OK

Computer there is more of a line of development.

lil_boy: What time is the David

Letterman show on at with Radiohead


RADIOHEAD: We are doing Letterman

next Thursday, but I am unsure of the time that it will air.

Dew: Has the tour been fulfilling?

RADIOHEAD: This tour has been brilliant. The

audiences have responded to the new material and the old material

really well. It's been a sold out tour and it's been very

exciting. It's our first tour for the album. And it started in

North America.

rubbersoul: Radiohead, do

you guys have favorite albums?

RADIOHEAD: We are listening to Al Green and

Burning Spear on the bus. Personally I have been listening to PreMillennium

Tension by Tricky and In It

for The Money by


synapse: How do you feel about bands like


RADIOHEAD: They kept us off the singles chart

in the #1 spot in the UK! There has always been a demand for this

bubble gum pop.

Spoonman: Is Pablo Honey

an album you'd rather forget about or are you proud of it still?

RADIOHEAD: I think now that there are 4-5

years between it, we can now be proud of it. It's a good debut

album, and shows that there is promise in the band. Towards the

end of touring, it was the only benchmark of the band. Now that

we have further benchmarks with The Bends

and Ok Computer, they probably

represent the band in a much better light. We can have some

affection for Pablo Honey


Aoif: Who's Temm Betts?

RADIOHEAD: I haven't got a clue.

Claire: What is your favorite novel?

RADIOHEAD: Waterland by

Graham Swift.

Kevin: Do you plan to do any more remixes for

songs from OK Computer like you

did for "Climbing Up The Walls"?

RADIOHEAD: There was talk at one point of

Massive Attack remixing the whole album, but no solid plans of

that yet.

Kevin: The Bends

is dedicated to the late Bill Hicks. Why? Did his work give you

any ideas for songs or lyrics?

RADIOHEAD: At the time I think that Thom felt

that Bill Hicks was saying a lot of things that Thom was feeling

at the time.

guccipiggy: OK Computer

is very technology oriented. Have your thoughts on the Internet,

etc. changed since the album's release?

RADIOHEAD: Computers, we all had them when we

were recording the album around us. We haven't been able to log

onto the Internet as much since we have been tour. To be in a

chat room with people where people believe it's us is quite novel

and fun.

Kevin: Why do you think most critics have

mistaken OK Computer for a

concept album?

RADIOHEAD: I think critics are looking for

the next Pink Floyd of the moment. When we were getting into

music Pink Floyd was a very dirty word. Looking at the album, it

is a cohesive album. The art work was put together the same time

as the tracks. Everything in the album seems quite related to

each other. The people thinking that there was a concept came at

the end since we organized the tracks and artwork together.

Vampirella: Hello loves, are you going to

make a stand against moshing?

RADIOHEAD: It's something that Thom has been

very keen to get kids to stop doing on this tour. We are not a

band that that is appropriate for. It spoils the gig for people

who just want to listen to the music. It also lets people down

front get hurt. And Thom is very against it. So don't mosh at our

gigs or you will incur the wrath of Thom.

TheCure: Who came up with the idea for the

"Karma Police" video?

RADIOHEAD: Jonathan Glazer, who directed the

video for "Street Spirit" had the idea for the video.

It gained quite widespread support from the band since 4 of us

didn't have to appear in it, which is always a bonus.

Dollydaydream: How does it feel to have

attracted interest from Madonna??

RADIOHEAD: They weren't actually the real

people at the show in NY. They were doubles that we hired to

create media hype.

twyg-: Will you give credit to your soprano

during the first verse of "Airbag"? Her voice is

priceless. Was it sampled? Was she with you in the studio?

RADIOHEAD: Thom was there all the time and

he's got a lovely voice. We had to hold him in some very peculiar

grips to get him to sing that high!

synapse: If you could tour with anybody, who

would you tour with?

RADIOHEAD: We are touring with Laika in the

UK, later in the year we are doing some shows with DJ Shadow,

which will be amazing.

itai: Are you guys feeling more self

confident about yourselves now than you were before OK


RADIOHEAD: We are great.

Tourist: Did you enjoy yourselves at the Tibetan

Freedom Concert, and if you

have the chance, would you like to return next year?

RADIOHEAD: The whole weekend was an amazingly

organized event and was a very important concert for us to be

involved in. If Milarepa would like us to play

again next year we would only be too happy, if the situation

continues in Tibet. If we can lend any weight that we can to Milarepa

, we would consider this an honor.

elia: VOX Magazine

presented you as the first album of the next century? What do you

say about that? If at all?

RADIOHEAD: Jumping the gun there, really, we

still have another 2 years to live out. Maybe we will be the last

band of this century.

synapse: Do you guys feel overwhelmed at your


RADIOHEAD: I think when "Creep" was

a hit we were shit scared, because it seemed to be rapidly

running out of our grasp. But any level of success that has come

with OK Computer has come with

a more gradual process of people listening to The

Bends, seeing live shows and the diversity that

is in the band. I think that we feel much more in control of this

response now.

RADIOHEAD: Well I have to go, I am off. Bye

Bye. See us on the highway, be it virtual or real.