The computer is stolen and its hard to type.

Moderator: We are on with Anders of Varnaline.

Varnaline: Hello.

Meatman: What is the "Iron Horse"


Varnaline: The "Iron Horse" is

about many things.

Moderator: How long has Varnaline

been together?

Varnaline: Varnaline has

been together 2 years.

Moderator: How do you like Zero Hour?

Varnaline: Zero Hour has been OK.

killingtime: Varnaline, where are you typing


Varnaline: Kill, NYC, Broadway above Houston.

killingtime: And is it a rented, borrowed,

bought, or stolen computer?

Varnaline: Computer is stolen and its hard to


killingtime: What are the ages of your


Varnaline: Older than 10, younger than 50.

Moderator: When is your new album coming out?

Varnaline: Out now, and in (?) stores.

killingtime: Is this your first irc


Varnaline: Can't type so well, I am of the

two finger school.

killingtime: IRC is like the chat thing you

are on right now, Internet relay chat.

Varnaline: Oh , I think I've done a couple of

these things before.

killingtime: Varnaline, this is a good

server. The people are great.

Varnaline: Wow, that's sweet.

Meathead: What kind of music did you play

before you were in Varnaline?

Varnaline: All kinds. I used to play drums,

acoustic and electric guitars, singing in a car, folk songs.

killingtime: Varnaline, what

do you think of Robert Smith from the Cure?

Varnaline: Robert Smith? Head On The Door was

an album that I liked a lot years ago.

killingtime: Varnaline, if

you could double-bill with ANY one group who would it be?

Varnaline: Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, Hank

Williams, John Coltrane, Captain Beefheart, Richard Thompson.

hellyeah: What albums do you have out?

Varnaline: Man Of Sin, Varnaline,

couple of singles and an e.p. coming out in September.

Killme: Let's talk about alcohol.

Varnaline: Ok, how about something called

"a shot and a beer?" What do you like to drink?

jewlzLkHvn: Bourbon, excellent choice of

libations. White Russians.

Varnaline: White Russians? No, thanks.

killingtime: Varnaline, what

do you drink other than beer?

Varnaline: Cough medicine, mescal, Jim Beam,

J&T, mockingbirds.

Moderator: Take away the White Russian and

you'll have a Martini almost.

upskate: Brass Monkey for me.

Varnaline: Cranberry & Tequilla.

killingtime: Moderator, how would you most

accurately describe the appearance of our guests?

Moderator: I'll give you a description.

Anders has medium length hair and a kind gentle face.

Varnaline: I have to go soon. In 4 mins I get

on a bus heading north.

MrDent: Wow.. So, Varnaline,

can we expect to see you in the future?

Meathead: When are you guys touring again?

Varnaline: Late July, August.

Meathead: Will Space Needle be touring again?

Varnaline: No plans.

killingtime: Hey, Varnaline,

how do you feel about fans making bootlegs?

Varnaline: My feelings are mixed. I like

bootlegs but don't want the bad stuff to rip folks off.

Meathead: I heard you guys played here in

Arkansas three times.

Varnaline: Space Needle played twice. I have

to leave to catch my bus, So see you later! Thanks.