New 50 Music Hits Airwaves; MC Admits That He Too Was Once A Window Shopper

'But I was a kid then,' rapper says, adding that he's 'too old to be a window shopper these days.'

As the release dates of 50 Cent's new film, "Get Rich or Die Tryin'," and its accompanying soundtrack draw closer, the rapper is in full hype mode, with a host of appearances and new music.

Last weekend, a record called "I Don't Know, Officer" — which Fif's "Get Rich" character, Marcus, actually raps part of in the movie — aired and hit the Internet. The song features 50, Lloyd Banks, Prodigy, Spider Loc and Mase, the latter of whom takes a jab at Loon and Fabolous — "I don't know why Loon and Fabby won't just call me their daddy" — as well as "CB4 gangstas in Harlem" who keep coming at him. They all rap from the perspective of men who are being interrogated by the police but are unwilling to cooperate.

50's current single from the soundtrack, of course, is "Hustler's Ambition" (see "50 Says He's No 'Super Actor' — And Tells Em He's Not A Sucker"). If it weren't for another MTV film starring his "Get Rich or Die Tryin' " co-star Terrence Howard, Fif said the single's title would have been the name of the movie as well.

" 'Hustle & Flow' was coming [out]," he said about the title change. "My initial title for ['Get Rich'] early on was 'Hustler's Ambition.' I wrote the song during a break [in filming]. We cut, and I went back to the trailer and wrote the record."

Naturally, filming the movie motivated 50 to write other songs for his soundtrack.

"A lot of songs," he insisted. " 'Window Shopper' is inspired by a scene where a young version of my character is looking through a [store] window at shoes, right before he decides to start hustling. I kind of took it and made it relevant to 50 Cent because I know that the general public isn't going to expect less than the best material from 50 Cent. They're not going to understand that I wrote that in character if I'm saying things away from what they've already assumed I am and what they already used to."

Keeping in step with his m.o., in the chorus of one version of "Window Shopper" that's playing on the radio, 50 calls out his rivals Ja Rule, Nas, Fat Joe and Jadakiss as window shoppers. (Another version doesn't mention their names at all.)

"Yeah, yeah, it makes [the song] more relevant to 50 Cent when I start mentioning Ja, Jadakiss, Joe and Nas," he explained.

"It's weird because at [one] point in my life, I was a window shopper," he added. "But I was a kid then. It's time for me to grow up and move on. You too old to be a window shopper these days, man."

Check out the video for "Window Shopper" here.

The soundtrack to "Get Rich or Die Tryin' " comes out November 8, and the film drops the next day.