Humble Gods

I invented Prozac.

Moderator: Are you guys ready to chat with

the Humble Gods?

HumblGods: Hey, this is Doug from the Humble

Gods - I am ready for your questions.

zack: Hey, I'm not really familiar with the

new band, but I was a big Dag Nasty fan and also

a fan of Doggy Style.

HumblGods: Drop the 9.50 and buy the record-

better yet steal the record and if you don't like it, sell it

back to the store so that you can profit money wise!

HumblGods: I am in Los Angeles, standing in

shorts watching my dog sleep.

Moderator: How's the smog out there treating


jesusdontsurf: Now you live in Los Angeles.

Is it cool there?

HumblGods: Well let's see, I don't think that

the smog really effects my lungs 'cause I smoke 2 packs of

cigarettes a day, well - the up thing is in LA you always get

good weather and there is never a shortage of any type of

entertainment. The downsize is that there is no transportation

system so you need a car- LA is a fine place to live.

zack: When I first saw Dag Nasty

I was 13 and asked Brain Baker if Minor Threat was going to get

back together. He told me to get lost.

HumblGods: Well Brian always had a way with


Moderator: LA is so PLASTIC. Plastic people,

plastic personalities. Humble ever worry that the plastic people

in the record business will make ya' plastic?

HumblGods: Not really mod. I don't think that

I am influenced by that stuff- we are so much on the fringe- I

don't think that the entertainment industry knows who the Humble

Gods are-we just kind of push on- we are very internally


Gore: Humble Gods...have you

ever heard of the band The Melvins?

jesusdontsurf: I would like to move to Santa

Cruz. Ever been there?

HumblGods: Yes, I have seen and heard the

Melvins. Yes, I have been to Santa Cruz- I think that Santa Cruz

is a great surfing place. Didn't they shoot the Lost Boys

in Santa Cruz?

zack: Doug, is this your first experience

with a major label? Wasn't Dag Nasty on a major

towards the end?

HumblGods: Zack- No not at all- it's not my

first with a major-- it's my second- Dag Nasty put

out records on Dutch East India and Dischord- The Indian name was

purchased by a major label called Giant.

Moderator: You guys have a SHAMAN aura to

your lyrics etc.. Any belief in the unknown? What's your

compositional influences guys?

HumblGods: Coffee, AC/DC, Black Flag, The

Adolescents, Surfing, Face to Face, Gang Of Four, Bad Brains


Moderator: Any PROZAC in

that mix guys?

HumblGods: Nope- I invented Prozac.

Moderator: Then I'll order a case full...

zack: Have you gotten a copy of the Bad

Brains Black Dot sessions yet? It's wild. The Bad Brains are

inventing hardcore and they don't even realize it. They sound

like this crazy mod rock punk mess.

HumblGods: I agree with you Zack- when did

you see the Bad Brains? Which era?

zack: I didn't get a chance to see the Bad

Brains in proper form until the Quickness tour in '88.

HumblGods: That was a good record.

Moderator: Will you guys be playing in NYC

anytime soon?

HumblGods: We were just in NYC, at Coney

Island High. Where were you?

zack: Do you find that there is something

lacking in shows and scenes today? I don't know if it is because

I am older but it seems that the real network has gotten weaker

in the past few years.

HumblGods: Well I think it depends on the

person you are. The changes have been that it's not as violent,

its more of a high school dance, when before it was for freaks of

nature and these really different bills. It has really crossed

over, as far as unity, it's up to who ever wants to participate

and who doesn't want to participate.

Moderator: I was playing your CD recently,

and a co-worker thought you guys were Presidents Of The United

States Of America.....Offended?

HumblGods: Mod- No not at all. As far as that

band goes, I dont buy their records, but I like how he does

those high kicks in the video. I appreciate aerobic rock.

zack: What happened to the Punk Rock Trivia?

HumblGods: I dont know what happened? I was

waiting for takers- You know "hi this is Stiffy I want to

participate in the Punk rock trivia."

Moderator: Where will Humble Gods

be 10 years from now? Rolling like the Stones, 50-80 something?

HumblGods: Mod- Hardly- I will be running an

amusement park in the West Indies called "Punk Rock Trivia

for 200" Or maybe do big band punk tunes in Vegas or run for

Mayor- depends on my time. Maybe I will quit smoking so I can do

all the things I need to do.

Moderator: Smoking is as addictive as Heroin!

Good luck!

zack: Smoking is a bitch aint it? Real love

hate relationship.

Moderator: I heard that you guys have a TV

pilot lined up? Please don't tell me......HUMBLE GODS

is the MONKEES for the 90's?

HumblGods: Mod- I guess I am the right size

as Davey Jones, but it's not gonna happen!

Gore: So when are the Humble Gods

gonna tour with the Melvins?

HumblGods: Gore- whenever they call. We just

played shows with The Supersuckers, nice group of fellows.

zack: Do you like the Supersuckers new

country stuff?

HumblGods: I only heard one or two songs but

I thought that it was cool.

zack: They are a fun band. Did you do the

whole tour with them?

HumblGods: No- just a few shows- we played a

party for Rage Magazine and they played also- so

we partied- Rage is a Playboy

type magazine. Very racy.

Moderator: Humble, is your dog awake yet?

HumblGods: Moderator- no, he's still out

asleep in front of the fan. It's time for me to walk the dog- put

the surfboard in the car and head to the beach before the sun

sets - to give me enough time to get home and take a shower and

hit the bars.