Wyclef Jean

Michael Jackson gave me a call and I said "show me the money".

WYCLEF: Hey mother fuckers out

there hitting your buttons! This is Wyclef Jean pushing

on his buttons, and if there is any moms out there, sorry for the


Nick : How's it going Clef?

WYCLEF: Nick- I am doing fine-

just sitting back here drinking coffee to wake up from a long

session in the studio.

Orock: Yo Clef,

is Lauryn racist?

WYCLEF: Orock - Wyclef

is not down with racism, and don't hang with racist people. So

no, she is not.

GoldenArmz: Your CD kicks ass


WYCLEF: Golden- yeah The

Carnival has been out for 2 weeks, and it gets mad love

all over. So good looking.

Ghostface: Hey Clef,

what do you think of the Wu Tang Clan?

WYCLEF: The Wu Tang

Clan is one of my favorite rap groups.

Ghostface: I will definitely

get any CD with Method Man and Wyclef

on it.

WYCLEF: Yo! Ghostface, you

showing me mad love. If you ever come to BKNY you definitely can

walk the streets- Ha Ha Ha!

Sonicmod: Brian Friedman is a

good friend of mine, he did a great job with The Score

artwork. Did he do the art direction for your album also?

WYCLEF: Mod- No he didn't - he

is excellent though.

Semwen: I have a feeling this

not Wyclef. Please write something in Creole so

I can check.

WYCLEF: Sak pa se. Sak pa se

means: "what's going on" in Creole.

orock : Yo Clef,

how’d you hook up with Flex on 60

Minutes Volume 1?

WYCLEF: Orock- Flex gave

me a call and I hooked up with him.

GoldenArmz: Hey Wyclef,

isn't your CD in the top 5?

WYCLEF: My CD is the # 1 CD in

NY. My album is in the top 20 for 2 1/2 weeks ... I want my album

to start off in the bottom, so the messages do not get over

looked. Then climb straight to the top.

Ghostface: Are you ever going

to do a song with the Wu Tang Clan?

WYCLEF: Ghost, I might do a

song with anybody, anything can happen.

Ghostface: No offense but I

like the new Wu Tang album a little better.

WYCLEF: Ghost- no offense

taken as long as you like mine ...

Ase: Why did you choose to use

"Stayin’ Alive"? I can't front, that was kind of


WYCLEF: Ase- "Tryin To

Stay Alive" was a loop that as a DJ, at the age of 18 when I

used to play in the clubs, used to get the crowd amped. I am a

big disco fan, Nick.

Ase : I can get with that but

how do you feel about hip-hop production now? Everybody samples a

famous loop- no creativity anymore.

WYCLEF: Ase, when I do my

album I try to make it a collage of different things that I grew

up in listening to in the projects.

miller31: Clef,

you cut rug in the "Tryin To Stay Alive" video,

where’d you find the "worm dance" guy?

WYCLEF: Miller- The worm guy

is from a group called the Rock Steady Crew.

Nick: When did Jacko ask you

to mix "Bad" and "Blood On The Dance Floor"?

WYCLEF: Michael

Jackson gave me a call and I said "show me the


Ase: Do you still have 1200's

at home and do you check for underground hip hop like Saukrates,

J-Live, Company Flow?

WYCLEF: Ase- I check for

underground hip-hop everyday, that's why I use the collage of


Orock: Yo Clef,

how’d you hook up with John Forte?

WYCLEF: John Forte I met

through Lauryn 6 years ago.

Ase: I know you like

incorporating live instruments in your music like the

Roots, but what samplers do you use? MPC-2000, SP-1200?

WYCLEF: Ase- MPC and SP.

Semwen: Please tell me how was

it like to play in front of all your old-time friends in Haiti.

WYCLEF: Sewen- The experience

in Haiti was a spiritual and cultural moment that I will never


Sonicmod: Wyclef,

do you like Tricky?

WYCLEF: Can’t get with

Tricky - it's too fast for me- but I respect all forms of music.

Semwen: I heard you were in

Miami last week, in Lakay restaurant with Miki.

WYCLEF: Semwen- Yes I was with

Miki eating mad Haitian food!

Whitemike: Wyclef

- Who does the voice of "Down Lo Ho" on your album?

WYCLEF: The voice for

"Down Lo Ho" was Talent from Def Comedy Jam.

Semwen: You know I am a

Haitian, I can tell you that these guys just eat up that money,

it's sad.

WYCLEF: All we can do about

the situation in Haiti is do another concert and Montreal, Miami

and try to control the money ourselves.

Semwen: Please come back to


WYCLEF: I was just in Tampa

and did a party in the club.

Ase: Guess you don't really

want to comment on the friction that arose between you guys and the

Roots on tour.

WYCLEF: Don't believe the hype

. . I got mad love for the Roots.

Nick: Are you gonna be at Smokin'

Grooves this year?

WYCLEF: Nope, won't be at the Smokin'

Grooves, but I will be touring The Carnival

in underground clubs.

Compromise: What about Lauryn?

WYCLEF: Lauryn is working on

her album now.

Brian: Wyclef

is it true that there was a interview on MTV

where L said she would kill herself if a white guy ever enjoyed

her music?

WYCLEF: Brian, once again

Lauryn is not a racist, she has mad love in her heart for all of


Ase: Does negative reviews in

the press faze you? I remember once Keith Murray talked about

beating up reporters for giving him bad press.

WYCLEF: No , I don't let bad

press get to me, I'm from the hood and all I try to do is show my

homies a positive way with no violence.

Whitemike: I'm white myself,

but I believe Wyclef makes music for everyone

and I hope it's true.

WYCLEF: Whitemike, I grew up

around whites, blacks, Latinos, greens, yellows and its not about

the color, its about Universal Love.

Snoop: Why did ya call it The


WYCLEF: I called it The

Carnival because it's hip hop music with a twist of the

Island Flavor and the streets are Carnival-anything can happen.

Ghostface: WYCLEF-

What happened at that performance in Harlem (I think it was)?

WYCLEF: It was a peaceful

event in Harlem, until an asshole at the end of the day decided

he was going to fire a gun from a phone booth, but luckily no one

got hurt and the person that fired the gun had no rapport with

the concert.

Ghostface: Were you in that Tibetan

Freedom Concert?

WYCLEF: Yes, we did the Tibetan

Concert last year.


Hello? Um, I don't know if I you can see me, I am new at this

chat thing, but are you looking forward to SummerJam'97?

WYCLEF : Cat, what state are

you talking' about?

Brian: Say, uh, Wyclef,

2 days after your album The Carnival came out I

received it in the mail. The return address was COLUMBIA I didn't

get any bill or nothing. Were you giving' out free albums?

WYCLEF : Brian, you were

probably on the mailing list from the website, keep coming . . .

Brian: Thanks!

Ase: What's the most

influential medium in hip-hop? For instance, do you think a bad

review in Source (which fell off) affects sales?

WYCLEF: At the end of the day,

the music will creep into your ear lobes and you will eventually

make your own decision.

Whitemike: Wyclef,

I know you're mad busy but if I give you the web address for my

on-line guestbook, will you sign it? It's okay if you don't.

WYCLEF: Whitemike, I'll do

that, no question.

GoldenArmz: Wyclef

are you going to do anything with Bone?





WYCLEF: Cat, your wack and you

lack, you need a slap and suck the crack in my ass- Ha! Ha! Ha!

Cat: As if you are from The

Fugees buddy, The Fugees would never

says something like that, your a liar, you ain't Wyclef!

WYCLEF: Cat, not only are you

WACK, but if I could see you right now, you would even be worth a

SLAP. So CAT don't fuck with the BIG DOGZ.

Ase: Clef-

You hip to this net thing? You got a connection at home? You

should. It's mad informative, not just hip-hop but news sites

like CNN.

WYCLEF: Ase, my sister put me

up on the net and it's cool to talk to muthafuckas you can't even

see and say anything you want to and get away with it, like the

nigga CAT talking' shit and if he see me in person, just from the

look in my eyes, he will shit bricks.

Brian: What's your middle name


WYCLEF: My middle name is Wyclef

. . .

Ase: If you're hip, then check

out www.igb.com. I'm a writer at that site and there's a chatroom

with a healthy community of hip hop inclined people.

WYCLEF: Yo Ase, say what's up

to my boy Clay for me at the IGB.

Ase: What's your favorite

breakbeat? Mine is Herman Kelly's "Dance to the Drummer's


WYCLEF: My favorite breakbeat

is "Impeach the President."

miller31: WYCLEF

give more info on Lauryn's new solo album.

WYCLEF: Miller, it's still in

the works . .

miller31 : WYCLEF what

is your favorite song, all time?

WYCLEF: Miller, "The

Sweetest Thing" is on the Love Jones


Ghostface: Was the "Hip

Hopera" on a CD single? or just Bounty' Killer's


WYCLEF: No, Ghost . Just on

the album

Semwen: Yo Clef, Bonjou. mwen

mande ki le wa-p vinn ba nou yon chek nan University of South FL?

WYCLEF: I'm coming back to Fl.

this Friday, but I'll be in Miami playing in a small club called

Ruckus Island and I'll be performing at the Miami Arena, a

charity show for kids.

Ghostface: WYCLEF, I want to

see you do something with Method Man all right?

WYCLEF: Ghost, cause Anything

Can Happen, say what? say what?

JesusFreak50: I am going to

the Chillout lounge.

WYCLEF: JesusFreak50, is there

drinks in the Chillout Lounge, if there is pick me up a Amaretto

Sour, Good Looking!

miller31: Clef, tell me what

is up with the "Killing Me Softly" video, I don't get

it, is it you in the fight? You get up, people run, smash into a

wall, then you're back in the theater and they break through the

screen, then it says you go on to become a minister, is that


WYCLEF: Miller31, in the

"Killing Me Softly" video, I never knew what was going

on, I just showed up . .

Ghostface: What's the next

video Clef?

WYCLEF: Ghost,

"Guantanamera" is the next video.

Brian : Wyclef, was that your

for real girl on the we "Tryin' To Stay Alive" video?

WYCLEF: Brian, no it was not

my girl, don't believe everything you see on TV.

miller31: That was the chic

from Prince Of Bel-Air right? She's hot! Sizzle!

WYCLEF: Miller, no it was a

chick who I thought looked good in the streets, and I called her

and asked her to be in the video . . .

miller31: She looks just like


WYCLEF: If you thought she was

hot, wait till you see the girl I have in the

"Guantanamera" video.

Ghostface: Is there really a Refugee

Camp for kids?

WYCLEF: Ghost, no doubt, we

send kids to camp every summer to give back.

Billy: WYCLEF:


WYCLEF: Billy, peace and love

and I'll keep it coming, I gotta go take a shit now, but it's

been real and if you press the S button, you can smell my shit on

the computer, Ha! Ha! Ha!

GoldenArmz : stardirt!!!!

WYCLEF: Golden, the whole

office is bathing' in my shit right now. People drowning, but I

just won't stop shittin'.

Ghostface: Talking 'bout shit

with Wyclef!

WYCLEF: All right, we getting'

carried away with this shit thing, let's talk about WOMEN now.

Billy: Wyclef

if you were a real man you would be able to recognize a rich

pussy when you saw one!

WYCLEF: Billy, first mistake

is there is no such thing as a rich pussy, it don't have diamonds

in it, so a pussy is a pussy.

Ase: Oh, I thought that you

were gonna bounce.

WYCLEF: Ase, I was going to

bounce, but this shit is dope . . .


WYCLEF: Billy, I don't know, I

don't eat pussy.

WYCLEF: Wyclef

leaves, John 3:16.