Polar Bear

I just tried to listen to the radio again the other day. Awful. Just one long loud Weenie roast commercial with musical interludes.

Moderator: Hello, we are talking with Eric

Avery from ">Polar Bear .

Bill: Eric-- How is the

weather out West?

POLARBEAR: Perfect today. Kind of East Coast

actually. Just enough gray and blustery.

Dita: Where about in LA are you Eric???

POLARBEAR: Santa Monica. West side.

Dita: Near the beach?

POLARBEAR: 10 streets from the beach.

Bill: Is Biff Sanders in the chat room?

POLARBEAR: No, Biff isn't here.

Dita: Did you enjoy playing at SXSW?

Was it a good crowd?

POLARBEAR: I fucking hated playing SXSW.

Industry, industry, industry.

Bill: Eric-- Where do you see the future of

music heading?

POLARBEAR: Music is heading nowhere fast

right now because I think everyone is afraid and unsure what to


spacegrrl: Eric! I got your Mans Ruin

12" -it's really good Are you going to put out another cool

piece of vinyl?

POLARBEAR: We don't have vinyl plans right

now but Kozik's records sure are cool.

spacegrrl: Are you guys going to sign with a

big label?

POLARBEAR: We are going to sign to a bigger

label but I'm not sure how big. It depends on all the usual

factors. I think too many people get caught up in the label du

jour thing though. They are all good and evil.

Dita: So, when is ">Polar Bear

going to grace the east coast?? I know you don't particularly

like it over here... but we would like to see you play........

POLARBEAR: PB would love to

grace the east coast if you fly us there.

Bill: Any touring plans this summer/fall?

POLARBEAR: Just some local club dates.

Bill: If I can't find your EP at the local

store, how would I get it?

POLARBEAR: You can call my managers and order

anything directly from them: 213-883-0360.

Dita: I don't know mod, too many people are

trying to fill quotas of band signings..... they're going for the

first thing that hits them in the mouth... and most of that is

pretty bad....

Moderator: The industry is a industry,. How

could you expect anything else? Real art cannot be judged by

sales alone.

POLARBEAR: I would also like to see some more

clarity between alternative spirits and alternative marketing


Dita: Who would you like to do a remix of Polar

Bear for you?


to do a remix of our stuff.

Moderator: Everyone is running across the

street from alternative to Electronic. Good let them. There was

only one Nirvana. How many Prodigy

clones do you think the industry can produce successfully?

Bill: Eric-- do you feel that people today

are just trying to be 'different' because they think that is what

is acceptable as opposed to who they are?

POLARBEAR: What IS up with Prodigy?

What is new about them, I really don't know. Very early eighties

to me.

Dita: They shout alot and use manic panic.

Beyond that......???

spacegrrl: I saw them the other night- I was

VERY disappointed. I saw Rick Rubin raving with Jerry

Seinfeld and Cameron Diaz at the Prodigy


POLARBEAR: Sounds scary.

Bill: Eric-- do you listen to the radio at

all, and if you do what do you think of the stuff that is on the


POLARBEAR: I just tried to listen to the

radio again the other day. Awful. Just one long loud Weenie

roast commercial with musical interludes.

POLARBEAR: Bill, you are a wise man. You do

get it don't you. The only difference is absolute individualism.

Dita: Is that possible though?? Absolute


Moderator: I wasn't a raver so I kind of

missed the whole thing. But I am sure the mainstream is getting a

very watered down version of the whole thing. Very similar to

what happened with the Punk/Indie scene in this country a few

years back.

Bill: Eric-- I'm good friends with Phil Hayes

and I went to a concert with him last October. He showed me a

picture that was taken with you and Dave N. last summer. Have you

heard from him recently?

POLARBEAR: Just got an "e" from

Phil a day or two ago.

spacegrrl: Eric, do you listen to any hip


POLARBEAR: I liked a lot of the DC hip hop in

the late eighties and I will always love PE but

I don't listen to much of that right now.

Bill: I think that the 'techno' craze is a

phase, just like 'grunge' was in the early 90's...

Moderator: Personally, I prefer Rocket

from the Crypt but radio was too busy promoting crap.

Dita: Raves have been going on

since........back in the eighties with the whole acceded Ibiza

thing.....it's just taken a bit of time to work its way over to

the states.

POLARBEAR: I don't think techno will do the

same thing as grunge. I can't picture the Midwest shaving their

mustaches in favor of a binky, a whistle, and some bicycle


Moderator: The industry is really going to

fall on their face with the Techno thing, I agree.

Dita: No!! But it has hit a much younger

audience. That's why I think it will last for a bit. You go to

any rave and the average age is 16.

POLARBEAR: I think trends are going away.

Bill: Eric-- right on about the techno

comment. What ever happened with American Recordings?

POLARBEAR: What did happen to American

Recordings? The entire industry wants know.

Bill: Eric-- do you do anything like mountain

biking, surfing, rollerblading?

POLARBEAR: I play ice hockey in a local

league but that's it for the sports department.

Bill: Question for everybody.. what band(s)

do you see emerging as being individualistic?

spacegrrl: I see Primal Scream

and Hal.

Dita: Lamb.

spacegrrl: Lamb are VERY


POLARBEAR: I don't see alot of individuals. I

see more posturing.

Dita: Most of them seem to be anagrams of

previous acts.

POLARBEAR: What are Lamb


Dita: Interesting.

Bill: I feel that there needs to be another

or for that matter "real music station" on TV besides MTV.


POLARBEAR: I don't believe TV is a rock


spacegrrl: Eric, I suggest you get the new Wu

Tang record, I think that you would like it. That and

the new KRS-one - he does a rock song.

Moderator: Wu Tang are


POLARBEAR: I like what I've heard of WuTang.

spacegrrl: The CD ROM part is pretty boss as


lisa: I have a hard time describing your

music, how would you go about it?

POLARBEAR: I have a hard time as well. I

don't know. I'd like to hear you all describe it.

Bill: Do you have a computer of your own?

POLARBEAR: I'm on the computer of my own.

lisa: Who's your guitarist? What other bands

has he been in?

POLARBEAR: Our guitarist hasn't been in any

other real band. He is a real find.

Moderator: Eric, are you playing bass in the

new project?

POLARBEAR: Yes, I still play bass but I get

to do lots of other stuff as well.

spacegrrl: Eric, what do you think of that

whole Heaven's Gate mess? Are you still into


POLARBEAR: I think it is funny that everyone

thinks those people are crazy but fail to see that all the worlds

religions are based on the same silly assumptions but just older.

Moderator: I play bass also. You still using

a P Bass?

POLARBEAR: Always the P bass.

Moderator: I agree. With Ampeg SVT.

POLARBEAR: We don't do any direct to disk

stuff yet but when we sign we will eagerly. Now we just sample

and sequence.

Lisa: Who writes most of the songs?

POLARBEAR: We all write the songs. I write

the lyrics.

lisa: You use alot of samples, any

possibility of running out of them?

POLARBEAR: I like vintage gear to blend with

all the tech stuff. It's richer that way.

Bill: Eric-- would you rather have your songs

played on the radio or more of an underground following?

POLARBEAR: Once the songs are done, I don't

really care where the audience comes from or who the audience is.

My job is done.

POLARBEAR: I was just at the library

yesterday looking for new samples to make. Our well is running

low right now.

Moderator: Eric is gone

everyone. His computer crashed. He is not coming back on. My

mistake. He is gone. He called and asked us to say goodbye.