We're all fighting over the keyboard

BIS Hello everybody in Internet land!

Moderator Where in the UK are you guys from?

BIS Glasgow.

scifitom Who runs Bis Nation?

BIS Andy B. runs the Nation.

Gregory Who does your awesome anime artwork?

BIS Amanda.

zoo-brain Is the drum machine still a band member? He (Roland?) is never mentioned anymore. Not even in the album.

BIS We have 4 drum machines with us. Yes, a Roland R5.

zoo-brain Do you think you'll ever get a real drummer?

BIS No. We will NEVER get a real drummer.

Gregory Is Grand Royal doing anything about trying to get Bis any airplay in the US?

BIS We are doing a lot of College radio.

zoo-brain Is the song "Pop-Star Kill" aimed at anyone in particular?

BIS Yeah, the stereo-type pop star.

zoo-brain How about "Photo-shop"? Is that a song about homosexuality or male bonding?

BIS It's about role reversal.

Gregory Who's the announcer in the first track of New Transistor Heroes?

BIS Marky P.

phoebe I like your cover version of The Smiths.

BIS I hate The Smiths.

zoo-brain Didn't you do a song on a Smiths compilation? How come, if you hate them?

BIS We got $4000 for it.

Moderator What bands do Bis like?

BIS I love Ash.

stereolab Who is speaking? John? Steven? Manda?

BIS We're all fighting over the keyboard.

zoo-brain How come you signed to Wiiija? Didn't you have loads of labels wanting to sign you?

BIS Wiiija gave us everything we wanted.

zoo-brain What did you want?

BIS Total control over artwork, singles, formats, etc.

zoo-brain Were you disappointed with the reviews of the album?

BIS Yes. The album reviews in Britain are shite.

zoo-brain Do you still make your own fanzines?

BIS Yeah. I just finished number 5 of Funky Spunk. (Manda)

stereolab Do you like the B-52's?

BIS We do, but em... we're getting told to go to the next interview now. Sorry. Bye everyone, this was a great conversation. Email please!