Cam'ron Recuperating At Home After Being Shot

Rapper shot once in each arm early Sunday morning.

Cam'ron is back at home resting after being shot twice during a failed carjacking attempt early Sunday morning. Although his fans were shaken up after reading of the news, the leader of the Diplomats seems to be just fine.

"People are foolish if they think I'm going to lose my head and give up anything to anyone just because someone threatens me," Cam'ron said of the incident in a statement released Monday morning (October 24). "I'm doing OK. It takes more than a botched carjacking to keep me down."

Cam'ron was driving away from the popular Washington, D.C., nightclub H2O around 2:10 a.m. on Sunday in his blue Lamborghini when an unknown number of men tried to carjack him at a stoplight. They pulled up in their own vehicle and demanded Cam turn over his car.

(Click here for photos of Cam'ron's car.)

When Cam'ron did not cooperate, they fired multiple shots inside the car, shattering glass and hitting Cam'ron once in each arm.

The Harlem, New York, native drove himself to nearby Howard University hospital and was treated for his wounds. Fellow Diplomats, including Juelz Santana and Jim Jones, joined him. His manager described Cam's demeanor in the hospital as jovial, and said Cam even asked for his nurse's phone number.

No arrests have been made. Police say the matter is being investigated but have not released any suspects' names.

Cam'ron has generally avoided keeping a team of security guards around him. He can often be spotted in New York by himself or with a few friends, cruising in one of his vehicles, shopping or signing autographs.

The rapper was in D.C. participating in the festivities surrounding Howard University's homecoming this weekend. He's promoting his new movie and album, both called "Killa Season" and due in February.

[This story was originally published at 10:47 am ET on 10.23.2005]