We are obsessed with hooks and pop melody.

Moderator Do you worry that some people may find your

connection with Clock Work Orange offensive? It was a violent flick.

MOLOKO No, not at all. Clock Work Orange is a moral film.

Look at the end and what happens to him.

bambi What do you think of all this electronica hype in the

US right now?

MOLOKO I think it can only be a good thing. I can't

really comment on it because I don't live there. I think kids in the

America really like the rocky electronica like The Chemical Brothers, who

were the same kind of people who were making rock music. It's quite

separated from Disco. It's the hard dance beats. I think it's a shame

that Disco never took off in the US the way it did here. It never really

got mainstream in the US. Jungle is kind of punky too. Jungle has a

better chance of breaking deep house then garage ever did in America

Moderator Do you think you'll have a bigger buzz than

Tricky? I am a Tricky fan, but I don't think he came across as big as he

should have.

MOLOKO I have no idea. Perhaps we are slightly more up than

Tricky. We are obsessed with hooks and pop melody. There is a dark side

to Moloko, but then people really trust Tricky cause he is militantly

defiant. Moloko's conviction comes from disco.

lyd What's Moloko? Some religious or spiritual thing?

MOLOKO I consider myself neither spiritual or religious. I

live for the moment.

Hemp On the track "Who Shot the Go Go Dancer" there is this

period of silence (or my CD is messed up). Is there any special idea

behind it?

MOLOKO No. Well, I guess it's self explanatory. It's a

small track that could never be longer than 30 seconds. It's kind of noir.

Bubonic iconic traunic/ my style is symphonic/ move on/ I am the

strong one/ you want to take me on/ to fast to blast kinetic energy/

can't erase the memory/ I the double indemnity!