My name is Killa Sin because I kill the negative within my cipher, and my self.

KILLARMY Peace. This Wu-Tang's Killarmy. This is Born


Sofie Do you believe in God?


Marshall-Yo Yo, who's the white son in the group?

KILLARMY Yo, he's not white.

Marshall-Yo What is he? What's his name?

KILLARMY Dom Pachino. He's Puerto Rican.

shakinah What artists do you listen to besides the Wu?

KILLARMY Old school, Rakim, EPMD, you know....

fullback What is Madman's other name?

KILLARMY 9th Prince aka North Star.

MaThEmAtIcS Who is that cat who was on Souljahs Of Darkness, the first person flowin'?

KILLARMY That was me.

Sofie How old are you?

KILLARMY We are all 20.

FLiPMoDe Yo, who are all the members names of your group?

KILLARMY Killarmy consists of: Killa Sin, Showgun, 9th Prince, Beretta 9, Dom Pachino, and Is Lord.

MaThEmAtIcS How many songs y'all gonna do when y'all


KILLARMY 7. The 7 represents God.

Marshall-Yo G is the 7th letter of the alphabet. God, yo.

KILLARMY Right. You're smart.

shakinah Why is your name Killa Sin?

KILLARMY My name is Killa Sin because I kill the negative within my cipher, and my self.

Sofie What's your goal?

KILLARMY Our goal is to unite all of our people. United we stand, divided we fall.

Verbal Hip hop is culture, _not_ entertainment.

KILLARMY Every thing is culture, because

culture is one's way of life.

Sofie What is love?

KILLARMY Love is the highest form of understanding.

Monch Do you think that with the image you have created of yourselves (many people view you as Wu clones) that you can get out of the Wu-Tang Clan shadow?

KILLARMY No one views us as Wu clones. They already see us as Killarmy and as individual lyricists.

You could either get down down shut the fuck up or catch an upper cut ruff enuff to muffle up ya jaw when we nuckle up. Peace and love... we outy.