Powerman 5000

Compared to Pantera we are a pop band. And much better looking.

PM5K Hey this Spider. Let's get down to business.

patagonia I have never heard of you before. What kind of music do you play?

PM5K We combine a lot of different vibes and music. We want it to sound like Powerman. We all love so many different kinds of music, and we all show our influences sometimes.

patagonia Are you like Pantera?

PM5K We are not like Pantera at all. We are not drunk and from Texas. We are much groovier. Compared to Pantera we are a pop band. And much better looking.

Moderator Are you happy with the major label situation?

PM5K Yes. If you are smart and know what you want to do, you can function as a band. It's the same as being on an indie, we have done the same things we have always done. It's good that the record is getting to more stores.

quackerz I heard the story behind "File Under Action." Did you guys lay out a time for each member to record?

PM5K We each went into the studio separately not knowing what anyone else had done. I was kind of aware because I was orchestrating the whole thing.

patagonia How many members in the band?

PM5K There are 5000 people in the band.

Moderator I heard that you were on 90210? True?

PM5K What can I say. I needed the money! I was at Jason Preistly's new years party. I had to buy a used Tuxedo.

Moderator What is he like?

PM5K Jason is a really, really nice guy, super-friendly but kind of loud. He has always been very nice to me. He smokes too. He is not as clean cut as you would think. He is really into punk. We went to NOFX show at The Whisky together.

Moderator What does your name mean?

PM5K It doesn't really mean anything. It sounded like a super hero team. We were keeping with the vibe of the band.

quackerz What do the little blurbs on the insert mean (if anything)?

PM5K They really don't mean anything. I just wanted to make artwork that you would look at over and over. If you find meaning in it than great!

quackerz Where does the name "Adam 12" come from?

PM5K I started calling him that and it just stuck.

gummibear What do you like most about being on tour?

PM5K Meeting the wonderful people in each city. Actually, the performance.

Too anyone who has bought the record or seen us live... thanks. Buy the

record. You won't be disappointed.