Atari Teenage Riot

I never tried any drugs (alcohol, cigarettes, etc.). I eat meat and sugar.

ATARI TEENAGE RIOT Start the riot... Start it now!

Flex What do you think about hardcore techno like Fischkopf or Praxis?

ATARI TEENAGE RIOT Cool stuff -- I use it.

SiKBoY Are there any plans for Grand Royal to release ATR's older stuff?

ATARI TEENAGE RIOT Ask the Beasties.

CCAROL Do you prefer blondes or brunettes?

ATARI TEENAGE RIOT I eat everything that has SOUL!

tabloid What do you think of other artists on Grand Royal like Luscious Jackson or Ben Lee?

ATARI TEENAGE RIOT Ben Lee is cool, man . I don't know these Luscious Jacksons.

destinie Do you take drugs?

ATARI TEENAGE RIOT I never tried any drugs (alcohol, cigarettes, etc.). I eat meat and sugar.

Khaleb I have a sampler and a Doepfer A100. What would you recommend next for producing hardcore breakbeats -- drum machine, synth, effects?

ATARI TEENAGE RIOT Get a sampler. No drum machine!

Flex What do you think about the Prodigy or Chemical Brothers?

ATARI TEENAGE RIOT Fake idiots with changing haircuts.

CCAROL What do you think about Bikini Kill and Huggy Bear?

ATARI TEENAGE RIOT Huggy Bear is great. Bikini Kill too.

Flex Do you think you will produce riots with your music?

ATARI TEENAGE RIOT Yes, we do. We did already.

mrfett Are there personal reasons for pushing legalization, or is your opinion based philosophical?

ATARI TEENAGE RIOT Get the right stuff through and let everyone decide.

Dunebuggy What was the inspiration for your solo project, Star Wars Generation?

ATARI TEENAGE RIOT The dying European techno scene.

SiKBoY Do you think what ATR "says" in your music, applies in every country?

ATARI TEENAGE RIOT No. But in every country people can project it, and start. That's what is happening all over.

Khaleb If you have to decide whether you like something or not, do you look if its cool and not mainstream or do you decide "with you stomach"?

ATARI TEENAGE RIOT I decide everything by emotions.

LiveSiDog Do you listen to mostly electronic music or do you listen to other genres as well?

ATARI TEENAGE RIOT I listen to a lot of different things.

Khaleb Where do you get your records?

ATARI TEENAGE RIOT I don't buy records, I make them.

LiveSiDog What's your favorite album right now?

ATARI TEENAGE RIOT Shizuo vs. Shizor.

Dunebuggy Would you suggest anyone interested in electronic music to get an Amiga?

ATARI TEENAGE RIOT Get an Amiga and try to be better than Patrick of Ec8or. Good luck.

Khaleb Is it true that you are going to be a Calvin Klein model?

ATARI TEENAGE RIOT They asked me, but I said no.

Flex What do you think about the hardcore techno scene?

ATARI TEENAGE RIOT I am the hardcore scene.

Dunebuggy What kind of turntables do you use to spin?


Dunebuggy Do you use actual guitars on your albums or are they digital?

ATARI TEENAGE RIOT We play all the guitars into the sampler.

MELMOTH I've heard you say you're an anarchist. Is that for shock value

or do you really think anarchy is the right way to go?

ATARI TEENAGE RIOT No power structures, no police.

Flex What are your plans for the future?

ATARI TEENAGE RIOT The future is war.

LiveSiDog What artists would you like to see do remixes of your work?


Aphextwin Have you ever physically bashed a raver?

ATARI TEENAGE RIOT Yes. I stop now. Bye.