Bloodhound Gang

I don't have any style and I don't have any serious things to say. I leave that up to Dishwalla.

BLOODHOUND GANG - JIMMY Hi this Jimmy Pop. Why are you sitting in front of your computer on such a nice day? Get outside and make some friends!

spacegrrl Where did you grow up, and where do you live now?

BLOODHOUND GANG - JIMMY I grew up, and still live outside of Philly.

sean Which video was the most fun to make?

BLOODHOUND GANG - JIMMY Probably "Why's Everybody Always Pickin' On Me" because there were lots of young teenage girls on the video shoot.

L-Howlett What are your favorite bands?

BLOODHOUND GANG - JIMMY Currently, Weezer.

jrw97 Any plans to make a "serious" song, or would that cramp your style?

BLOODHOUND GANG - JIMMY I don't have any style and I don't have any serious things to say. I leave that up to Dishwalla.

L-Howlett What would you call your music style?

BLOODHOUND GANG - JIMMY Stolen from other bands.

GREG Do you do all the chicks that want you after the shows?

BLOODHOUND GANG - JIMMY No, because I can't get wheelchairs on the bus.

PEGgrL What's your fave food?

BLOODHOUND GANG - JIMMY Soft Taco Supremes are definitely in the top ten. Number one would be a Philly Cheese steak with fried onions and extra cheese and ketchup. That is the only good thing that ever came out of Philly.

L-Howlett Do they ever put you on MTV Europe?

BLOODHOUND GANG - JIMMY Yes, and MTV Canada too. In fact, in Canada MTV is called Musique Plus. The other day -- the first time in history -- evil Jarred pulled his balls out on live TV.

spacegrrl Who are your musical influences, and why?

BLOODHOUND GANG - JIMMY Depeche Mode, because they can make neat-o noises with their synthesizers.

BLOODHOUND GANG - LUPUS Hey, what's up? This is Lupus, and I am sitting in a really weird gas station.

L-Howlett What are your favorite bands?

BLOODHOUND GANG - LUPUS Nerf Herder is on the top. Weezer, NOFX, and a lot of smaller bands.

jrw97 Are you guys tempted to cash in and become techno, or are you going to earn money the hard way?

BLOODHOUND GANG - LUPUS No, we are not trying to be techno at all.

spacegrrl Where do you see Bloodhound Gang in 5 years?

BLOODHOUND GANG - LUPUS Probably dead somewhere. There is only so long something lasts in the music biz. Jim has his eyes on movies. I would like to stay in the music world.

weepeel What kind of movies are you into?

BLOODHOUND GANG - LUPUS There is a lot of porn floating on the bus, good action/adventure (12 Monkeys), thrillers... We also have the Star Wars trilogy on the bus.

L-Howlett Do you listen to Hip-Hop? DJ Muggs? And Wu-tang?

BLOODHOUND GANG - LUPUS Haven't heard the new Muggs. We all like the Wu. I like Tribe, and Souls of Mischief. It takes a lot for me to be impressed.

twiggy What's your favorite shoe?

BLOODHOUND GANG - LUPUS Puma. Anyone work for Puma? Send me some.

Freak What's your favorite song on your CD?

BLOODHOUND GANG - LUPUS I would say "Your Only Friends are Make Believe," but there is a really good cut of the song that didn't make it to the album.

twiggy Do you guys always carry a lap top?

BLOODHOUND GANG - LUPUS Yeah, there are four computers on the bus: two Macs, and two IBM.

twiggy Have you seen Marilyn Manson in concert, or met him?

BLOODHOUND GANG - LUPUS When we were in Seattle we were doing promotion and they were playing in town, so we went to the show. I am not a big Manson fan at all, and it was amazing -- blew my mind. I am a fan now just because of the live show. Our booking agent brought him over and introduced us, and Manson is topless and still has his contacts in and his chest was all scratched up because he was beating himself with thorns and he looks all creepy and when he puts his arms around us for a picture, he looks at both of us and says, "Bloodhound Gang., I just love your songs."

sean Why did you choose Lupus as your name?

BLOODHOUND GANG - LUPUS I was actually given it before I was in the band. Some guy called me Lupus, and it stuck.

BLOODHOUND GANG - LUPUS Thanks for hanging out.

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