Fountains of Wayne

I'd like to act in a Fellini movie -- as a clown or something.

Gama Do you remember your Jacksonville concert?

FOW-ADAM I believe we rocked Jacksonville real, real hard.

buzznut What are you drinking?

FOW-CHRIS Warm piss.

Rivers Do you like Weezer?

FOW-ADAM No way.

HardCore Adam, were you disappointed you lost the Oscar?

FOW-ADAM I was happy to lose... I didn't have to talk.

FOW-CHRIS I would have loved to win, so I could go up, accept the award,

and then throw it over my shoulder and walk off.

Lisa Adam, when did you start playing bass?

FOW-ADAM I started playing bass in high school.

HardCore "Leave the Biker" sounds little like TMBG, is this true or am I just hearing things?

FOW-ADAM It sounds more like TCBY.

SuedeStars Was it cool playing with the Smashing Pumpkins?

FOW-CHRIS The SP tour was OK, but it was really long and it made me tired.

buzznut Is Billy Corgan really way too happy all of the time?

FOW-CHRIS He's way too bald.

Moderator What would be the ultimate project for you to work on? Music, or


FOW-CHRIS I'd like to act in a Fellini movie -- as a clown or something. Or, I'd like to write with Shawn Colvin. I think she's one of the best.

FOW-ADAM I would like to write a song that the whole world could sing together and forget their troubles... if only for one brief moment.

Rivers You guys are cool. I thought you guys would be uptight and stiff,

but you don't give a shit about anything.

FOW-ADAM Rivers, you should join our band.

Headboard Do you guys play video games?

FOW-CHRIS No, I like to play Scrabble.

FOW-ADAM I like that game "Drothar The Omniscient."

Rivers Are you guys smart?

FOW-ADAM I am but Chris is a dumbass.

FOW-CHRIS I was a national merit scholar and I won the National Greek

Award. Now I mostly just sit around and watch B movies.

cha-cha Which one of you is cuter? Single?

FOW-ADAM I'm single, but my face was horribly mangled in a bizarre copy machine accident.

Moderator What do you think of the whole "Cocktail Revolution?" Dig it?

FOW-ADAM I like that Combustible Edison song.

Moderator What's your favorite TV show?

FOW-CHRIS I like The Simpsons and Beavis and Butthead and that local access show where they blow shit up.

Moderator What's your favorite Beach Boys song?

FOW-CHRIS "Don't Worry Baby" or "Caroline No."

sugarbomb Do you support a straight edge stance?

FOW-CHRIS My stance is not to preach to anyone about anything, except that they shouldn't listen to crappy music.

Olav Do you guys like any punk music?

FOW-CHRIS I don't know any punk music except the Clash. And the Ramones. Oh yeah, and the Buzzcocks.

FOW-ADAM I was Peaches in Peaches and Herb.

FOW-CHRIS I used to be a jet pilot in World War II. I was shot down in the

same squadron as George Bush.

FOW-ADAM I was Speed in Mother Juggs and Speed.

FOW-CHRIS I used to be one of the Solid Gold Dancers.

FOW-ADAM I was one of the stunt spiders in Arachnophobia.

FOW-CHRIS I used to be Lorne Greene.

FOW-ADAM Thanks y'all...I've got to go to my Lamaze class

FOW-CHRIS They're making us stop now. If anyone wants to e-mail the band,

you can reach us at Bye!