Electric Sky Church

Electronic music was just a natural progression from acoustics. It's still music, just different instruments!

sascha How are things going with the folks at Moonshine these days anyway?

SKYCHURCH - ROX We're not with Moonshine anymore.

spacegrrl What label are you guys with now?

SKYCHURCH None right now, but we'll see what happens next!

spacegrrl How did you get involved with electronic music?

SKYCHURCH Electronic music was just a natural progression from acoustics. It's still music, just different instruments!

jr Who were your influences as a kid?

SKYCHURCH - ROX I grew up listening to R&B, soul, hip hop -- that was my neighborhood. I got into Gospel music in college.

SKYCHURCH - JAMES Brian Eno, Devo, Cocteau Twins, Black Flag, Stevie Wonder...

jr How educated are you on other types of electronic music?

SKYCHURCH - JAMES Well enough to avoid that topic in polite conversation.

sascha Since you all have long hair... can you recommend any good hair care products?

SKYCHURCH - JAMES I like Nexxus and Sebastian. No more Vaseline, please!

sascha Does lumpiness bring happiness?

SKYCHURCH - JAMES On Lumpiness: There is no happiness, quite like lumpiness 'cause lumpiness creates happiness.

Chinaski Is lump a new drug or something?

SKYCHURCH - JAMES Lump is not a drug, fashion trend, material possession, etc.

Lump! is a state of mind. Lump is the perfection achieved through seeking a perfect state of Lump-E-Ness.

spacegrrl What do you think of the sudden success of bands like the Prodigy and Chemical Brothers?

SKYCHURCH - JAMES Well, Prodigy's been around at least 6 years, so the success seems less than sudden to me.

SKYCHURCH - ROX I think it's fantastic that the music is getting out there. I

just hope it doesn't wind up in a Disney movie.

spacegrrl Where do you think electronica will progress to in the next 5 years?

SKYCHURCH - JAMES Electronica has always been around, at least since the 60's. We keep renaming it, though. Plenty of Americans make electronic music, maybe no one hears most of it, but it always gets made.

SKYCHURCH Electronica may never get as big here as in Europe, but that's OK. The underground stuff is better anyway!

spacegrrl Gary Numan is the Demi god. Do you guys dig him?

SKYCHURCH - JAMES Gary Newman is a transcendental figure from my distant

musical past.

jr What bands do you guys like?

SKYCHURCH - JAMES I love the Orb. The Orb easily falls into the "lumpy" category.

SKYCHURCH - Rox I just got the new Morcheeba CD and I love it. Of course, I'm more partial to vocals. But if you want something cool and mellow and funky, check it out.

SKYCHURCH - JAMES Who out there likes the Carpenters?

SKYCHURCH - JAMES OK, who likes the carpenters if you feed the entire song through a vintage phaser, drop out the high end, and play it back on a 160db sound system?

jr Uh-huh.

sascha Do you all have significant others? Does being a star help?

SKYCHURCH - JAMES I'm hitched.

SKYCHURCH - ROX I have a hard time meeting boys over 21.

Chinaski Are you all blips an' bleeps, or do you like melodic grooves?

SKYCHURCH - ROX I think our music is very melodic, but it also has a high blip/bleep factor. No, more of a waaa waa ...

SKYCHURCH - JAMES I just LOVE those squidgy noises!

Eduardo : What is Electric Skychurch?

SKYCHURCH - JAMES Electric Skychurch was a name coined by Jimi Hendrix for a project with Miles Davis that never happened. When you went to a Hendrix gig, you were participating in the Electric Skychurch.

bambi Do you love Miles?

SKYCHURCH - Alex: Miles kicks ass! Miles is Junglier than jungle sometimes.

bambi Did you ever sampled his?

SKYCHURCH - JAMES Nope, we don't sample anymore. Really. We don't. Nope.

bambi What do you think about Metalheadz?

SKYCHURCH - JAMES I really like it. Particularly Photek. Were going to tour

with Metalheadz in Japan.

Chinaski What kind of places do you play?

SKYCHURCH Raves, Clubs, Deserts... just about anywhere!

SKYCHURCH - JAMES We play everything from Sports Arenas (really) to cafe's.

Mostly larger clubs and festivals.

bambi Your age?


SKYCHURCH OK, we're outta here! See ya!