Duran Duran

Warren is here wearing something shiny and black. Simonsays never explain and never complain and always mix your drinks.

DURAN DURAN - NICK Warren is here wearing something shiny and black. Simon

says never explain and never complain and always mix your drinks.

CapeCodDuranFan Found a drummer yet?

DURAN DURAN - WARREN We don't need one and we use Steve Alexander for studio work and UK appearances. The way we have been working lately Anthony Rusta does most of the drumming and drum programming during the mixing stage and it works out very well.

TraceyR When will the album be released?

DURAN DURAN - NICK Our new album is scheduled to be released in August this year. We are not planning to tour with this album because we want to stay in the studio and complete the next album which we have already started work on.

DuranFan What are a few of the books that Simon, Nick & Warren have read, or have meant to read recently?

DURAN DURAN - NICK I have read the Michael Talbot book The Holographic Universe, and some of it is amazing and fascinating. It's difficult to decide what's true and what's fiction. But then it is with everything I think.

Oktober Why has the single for OOMM been delayed? Is it still going to be released as a single in the US?

DURAN DURAN - WARREN Since it had to do with the film's timing the film was delayed by 3 weeks. It must have something to do with Paramount.

SisterMoon Does Tessa Niles do the back up vocals again?

DURAN DURAN - SIMON No, Tessa didn't sing any of the vocals. A girl named Sally Stapleton did back up vocals on one track.

David Who is going to play bass now?

DURAN DURAN - WARREN I play bass on a lot of the tracks. Live shows we will just hire some good looking bass player.

Setsuko Simon, what did you do in Tokyo last week?

DURAN DURAN - SIMON I was working with my production company.

Israel What's up with TV Mania?

DURAN DURAN - WARREN TV Mania is a Nick and Warren thing.

Femme How important a role does theory play in your creative process?

DURAN DURAN - WARREN God lives in the details.

Ladyj Do you feel pressure to conform to current musical trends?

DURAN DURAN - WARREN We don't do anything like any other bands. There is a great

new sound coming from London. We seem to have gone back to the essence of what we are about.

David Who do you see as the competition?

DURAN DURAN - NICK I think that there are other acts, out there who are producing great music, but there is room from everyone. I like Beck from America. Actually, we all like Beck. We think that he is leading the pack.

DURAN DURAN - NICK We would like to say good-bye to everyone on SonicNet chat. You will be hearing from us in this cybernet world.

DURAN DURAN - WARREN Thanks for your questions. We are glad that you are looking forward to the next album. There will be may more and we won't let you down!

DURAN DURAN - SIMON Mummy taught me never talk with my mouth full, but we will be putting up our own site and it will be duranduran.com or something like that.