Meat Puppets

Muzak is less addictive than caffeine.

(UnclSonic) How does it feel to be playing a Rolling Stone party?

(Puppets) A gig's a gig.

(MikeMyers) You type very fast!

(RotnLung) Rolling Stone has the edge of a butter knife.

(Puppets) Thanks, I get a lot of practice.

(MikeMyers) Hehe.

(UnclSonic) How long have you been working on the Puppet's homepage?

(Puppets) Since about a month before it came out, on August 9th, Jerry's death day.

(MikeMyers) I haven't seen it yet, I'll have to check it out. I've been busy making a Halloween page.

(RotnLung) What's the address?

(MikeMyers) Yeah.

(Puppets) It was fun to do. It took about two days to cheat my way though HTML.

(Puppets) Then another three weeks to find all the crap to put on it.

(UnclSonic) HTMSmell....

(Puppets) I believe there's a link to it from the SonicNet pages.

(MikeMyers) Yes, there is; I noticed it today.


(CheezWhiz) Why did you call the new album 'No Joke?'

(Puppets) The album title came from the drawing on the cover.

(RotnLung) Do they think you're a nerd?

(Puppets) They have always considered me a nerd.

(MikeMyers) Do you actually read and reply to the e-mail you are sent?

(Puppets) Not usually the stuff from fans. There's too much of it and they all want to pull me into a long-term correspondence. And I never reply to people asking for information that's readily available on the w3 page.

(CheezWhiz) Do you ever play stuff from 'In a Car' at concerts?

(Puppets) I don't really do this for attention. I'm very self-involved. Consequently, fan adoration seems more like an intrusion than a gift.

(MikeMyers) That's cool.

(Puppets) Thank you, sir.

(HeatherQ) I'm just self-absorbed.

(Puppets) And not an artist?

(CheezWhiz) How about 'In a Car,' do you play that stuff live? I love that record!

(Puppets) I don't think Curt could play it anymore.

(MikeMyers) Bad news: I gotta go!

(Puppets) Mike! No way!

(HeatherQ) No, don't Mike.

(MikeMyers) O.K. I won't.

(CheezWhiz) How about 'Up on the Sun,' do you like that record still?

(Puppets) Sure. It's okay. I like 'II' better.

(CheezWhiz) Why is that?

(Puppets) It has more diverse arrangements and songs. "Sun" sounds all the same to me. We knocked it out in three days, and I think it shows. Whereas we worked for months on 'II'.

(CheezWhiz) Did you really record that stuff on acid?

(Puppets) I don't think it was acid. Acid was used for the first twelve-inch.

(MikeMyers) What bands do you like?

(Puppets) Elastica, Oribital, Vapourspace...

(MikeMyers) Cool! I love Elastica!

(Puppets) Elastica is my fave.

(Gavin) Greetings.

(Puppets) Gavin!

(UnclSonic) Hey Gavin.

(Gavin) Elastica rocks.

(UnclSonic) Didn't the bassist quit recently?

(Puppets) I heard she couldn't leave the radius of her dealer.

(Gavin) Is it true that you could be touring with Primus sometime in the future, Puppets?

(Puppets) Primus and Puppets - Nov 9 thru Dec 10. The tour starts in St. Louis.

(UnclSonic) How do you think the new record expands on the last one?

(Puppets) The new record expands by us being able to call more of the shots, thanks to the success of the last one.

(UnclSonic) So how did that change the music in your opinion?

(Puppets) Dunno about the music. We got a better engineer, got to record in Phx, didn't have to f*ck around with as great a level of label approval...

(Puppets) We were generally left more to our own devices. AND BOY DID WE PRODUCE!

(MikeMyers) Didn't you used to do stuff with Nirvana?

(Puppets) What sort of stuff, Mike?

(MikeMyers) Make an album? Someone told me that you did.

(Puppets) Cris and Curt did three songs on "Unplugged."

(MikeMyers) That's right! That's what I was thinking of.

(BostonJo) I have a question: Can you really smoke cactus?

(Puppets) You can probably smoke anything that you can light. You can eat peyote.

(UnclSonic) We have one computer for 5 people...I'm transcribing their questions....It's making me dizzy...

(Puppets) Can't they type?

(UnclSonic) Only one keyboard.

(Puppets) Well then, don't be a hog!

(MikeMyers) I'm on my own computer!

(Puppets) BTW: Anyone ever use 'i-phone?'

(BostonJo) BostonJo here thinks it's overrated.

(MikeMyers) How can you get pictures off a chat channel?

(HeatherQ) Chat channels are not yet with pictures.

(UnclSonic) What do you think about CUCME?

(Puppets) Never used it.

(Gavin) CUCME is cool, but you need a fast connection, something better than my 28.8.

(Puppets) Does it work with just audio? Don't you have to connect to special CUCME channels?

(UnclSonic) It works with video and/or audio, but the audio is choppy crap.

(MikeMyers) The audio doesn't work very well though.

(Puppets) Right, and it's not really an irc client is it?

(Gavin) Yeah, you need CUCME channels, a video camera, and the fastest connection on the face of the earth.

(Puppets) BJo! Let 'er rip!

(BostonJo) I want to know if you called the last record 'Too High To Die' to be ironic?

(Puppets) Our soundman named a live tape that, and label got wind of it and forced the title down our throats.

(MikeMyers) Is it okay if I go now?

(Puppets) Yes, you may go.

(MikeMyers) Otay, bye.

(BostonJo) Bye Mike.

(Puppets) Bye.

(BostonJo) What drummers do you like?

(Puppets) I always liked Hal Blaine. I also like a lot of studio hacks like Ed Greene, Earl Young, Allan Schwartzberg. Oh yeah, and my current number one favorite: Lauren Rinder!

(Gavin) My modem almost fell apart. Thank goodness for duct tape.

(Puppets) Gotta love duct tape.

(Gavin) All recording studios, darkrooms, and buildings that are still standing require duct tape. The handyman's secret weapon.

(Puppets) And it works great on ducts too!

(Gavin) Oh yeah, that too. And ducks, too!

(Puppets) That's pushing a good thing too far, I think.

(BostonJo) And dicks.

(Puppets) Now I'm pissed.

(BostonJo) My boyfriend likes me to rip off his thigh hair with tape. It's very erotic.

(Gavin) Way to go, BostonJo.

(Puppets) So, no one's ever heard of my favorite drummers, eh?

(Gavin) Can't say I have, Puppets.

(Puppets) One day, I'm gonna do a w3 page about obscure shit I listen to. It seems that a drummer defeats his own purpose if you've ever heard of him.

(Gavin) Obscure bands are pretty cool too, like Queen Sarah Saturday.

(BostonJo) Was 'Huervos' inspired by George Bataille?

(Puppets) How so?

(BostonJo) Eggs and head trips.

(Puppets) I guarantee that neither of the Kirkwoods (members of the band) have ever heard of him, whereas I have read one or two of his books.

(BostonJo) Why, are you the only one that reads?

(Puppets) Three, actually.

(BostonJo) What's the last book you read?

(Puppets) I'm reading the elevator music book right now. Before that, I read Strip Tease, by Carl Hiassen.

(UnclSonic) 'Muzak' is evil.

(Puppets) No, no. I like it. I'm a huge Nelson Riddle [Muzak superstar] fan. And Percy Faith did a fantastic disco album.

(Gavin) I've heard a Muzak version of 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' in a grocery store before. No joke!

(UnclSonic) They use a process called Stimulus Progression that is supposed to keep employees stimulated during low performance periods.

(Puppets) That's so they don't press the atomic bomb launch button when a sparrow flies overhead.

(Gavin) Ever hear of Stiltskin? They're from England. Never heard them on the radio, though.

(UnclSonic) Muzak is based on varying the tempo, meter, and instrumentation--very weird--I have one of their business brochures.

(Puppets) I Love it. It is a good idea. Muzak is less addictive than caffeine.

(UnclSonic) If you could turn a Meat Puppets song into Muzak, which one would it be?

(Puppets) "Backwater," of course.