The Verve Pipe

Verve Pipe is a small, fuzzy rodent that usually lives under the porch.

VERVE PIPE Hey this is AJ!

obscured How's are you AJ?

VERVE PIPE I just spent the day moving and I am beat! I don't want to miss

The Nanny tonight!

Alison What was it like opening for KISS this summer?

VERVE PIPE We loved opening for KISS. It was great. It was a learning experience.

obscured Where can we e-mail you?

VERVE PIPE You can contact anyone of us at

obscured The song writing on Villains is more introspective than your past work. What changed?

VERVE PIPE Brian's writing changed. We are trying to be more direct with this record. Pop Smear was a bit eclectic.

V Why did you guys record 2 XTC songs?

VERVE PIPE We were asked to participate on a tribute record (for XTC). The one track that didn't make it onto the album was released on a East Lansing disc.

CyberBob Could someone tell me who Verve Pipe is? I'm not American, and have no idea.

VERVE PIPE Verve Pipe is a small, fuzzy rodent that usually lives under the porch.

Alison What version of "The Freshmen" do you like best?

VERVE PIPE I like the newest version best.

Yooper The very first version of "The Freshman" was the best. Did you guys have to change it?

VERVE PIPE No, we wanted to change it. No one was particularly happy with the initial pressing.

obscured What have you been listening to lately.

VERVE PIPE I have been listening to Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite and although it is not new, Jeff Buckley's Grace.

RanDob Were you as disappointed as I about the lack of success of "Cup of

Tea?" It's my favorite.

VERVE PIPE RanDob, we expected it to do better than it did, but it is sour

grapes now. We are onto bigger and better.

ford Did you guys like Jenny McCarthy?

VERVE PIPE She was very much down to earth. A lovable polish gal!

Moderator What do you think of MTV finally showing one of your videos when the album has been out for a year?

VERVE PIPE They played "Photograph," but they did put "Freshman" into heavy rotation. They have been supportive whenever they can be. We appreciate it.

Alison What do you like best about touring?

VERVE PIPE I like getting up on stage. That is what I like to do.