p: Do you guys read fans letters?ALEX-BLUR: We read some of them. The fan club sends some of the interesting ones. You know, "dear alex, i am pregnant". That kind of stuff.

BBandMira Alex, why did you chose not to have lyrics in the Blur album?

ALEX-BLUR Because the lyrics are fairly Avant Garde. They don't make sense on their own. They are more of an integral part of the music.

Jack What do you think of the Post MOdeRniSt movement?

ALEX-BLUR The Post Modernist movement is hip.

BBandMira Alex, are you going to make more Me Me Me stuff?

ALEX-BLUR Yeah, a lot more and it's going to be even stupider and more embarrassing!

Jeremy What do you think about the Stone Roses splitting up last year?

ALEX-BLUR Stone Roses? Yawn. They are a bunch of stupid assholes with very bad manners.

likkle Are you lads heading to Australia?

ALEX-BLUR We are going to Australia in June. I am bringing my grandmother-in-law. She is 88.

Nick Will you be touring in the U.S.?

ALEX-BLUR There are 2 shows left in San Francisco and LA, then I am going to Iceland with Damon for his birthday. Then, I am going to London and getting drunk for a week at this club. After that we go to Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Italy, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Then we come back to the USA.

alicia Alex, what wine were you drinking at the end of Showtime?

ALEX-BLUR I think I was drinking Champagne.

DAVE-BLUR Hi Everyone!

poohbear Have you ever been inclined to cover Menudo, Vanilla Ice, or Barry Manilow?

ALEX-BLUR Yeah. When I am drunk "Copacabana" comes to mind.

Thomas What is your fave mixed drink?

DAVE-BLUR Tea is my favorite drink.

Jeremy Dave, what drummers influenced you?

DAVE-BLUR Bill Bruford and Keith Moon.

p Do you guys read fans letters?

ALEX-BLUR We read some of them. The fan club sends some of the interesting ones. You know, dear alex, i am pregnant. That kind of stuff.

alicia What's the best spot in London to drink?

ALEX-BLUR Park benches.

TheSprite Are you guys semi-jealous of Damon's dabbling in the acting biz? Any of you thinking of pursuing it?

ALEX-BLUR No. You get more money being a pop star.

Stereolab Alex, do you like food?

ALEX-BLUR I am vegetarian. I like cheese.

Kenikie Did you really do acid at the cheese counter at Tescos?

ALEX-BLUR Yes, I did do acid there. It was very scary.

Teresa What's your favorite city to visit in the U.S.?


Jeremy What do you think about the upcoming election?

ALEX-BLUR I think nothing about the election.

SHELLEY If you weren't in a band, what would you be doing?

BLUR-DAVE Washing up.

ALEX-BLUR Thank you for coming. Fare you well. Thank you and good night.

nina What are some of your favorite bands?

BLUR-DAVE Run DMC, King Crimson, Talking Heads.

BowieGrrl Are you antisocial Dave? I have met a lot of strange drummers.

BLUR-DAVE It's the noise. Make us a bit strange.

Ragman Does Blur ever plan to visit South Africa?

BLUR-DAVE Not at the moment.

SHELLEY Dave, what would you do if you weren't in music?


alicia Anyone famous people you want to meet that you haven't?

BLUR-DAVE Not really. I'm not into celebrity.

rubie Are there any bands that you hate?

BLUR-DAVE I'm 32. My days of hating bands are over.

TheSprite What do you think of American music in general? The mainstream crap?

BLUR-DAVE Mainstream crap is crap the world over.

alicia What's the best things to throw up onto stage?

BLUR-DAVE Carrots.Listen, I've got to go and get ready. Good to talk to you all. Bye.